Unscentable PDF (20 Chapters Summary)

Unscentable pdf

Unscentable by Jennifer Francis revolves around Piper Harper, a wolf shifter who rejected her Mate at a young age and moved away from her pack to live as a human. Unable to handle the pains of betrayal, Piper knew she was unscentable to her own kind and had been alone in her pack since she was 10 years old.

Years later, Piper is living independently in the human world but continues to face threats from other wolf shifters. When her Mate, Bradley Drake, discovers her whereabouts and scents her, Piper believes he has found another mate. After fleeing the country to escape an alpha, Piper wakes up marked by Bradley inside his pack – the same pack she swore never to return to. The story follows whether Piper can learn to trust Bradley again and discover why she is unscentable, while Bradley tries to win back his mate and bring her into the pack.

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Book TitleUnscentable
AuthorJennifer Francis
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresBillionaire, Drama, Werewolf
TagsAlpha, Love, Mate

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Unscentable PDF

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Unscentable Chapter 1

Piper leaving in unscentable

Piper rejects Bradley as her mate. She had suffered for three years, feeling his betrayals whenever he was with another. On the night before she planned to leave, Bradley returns to his room and mistakes Piper for another in his bed. They have s$x, but still he does not recognize her. Hearing him say he just enjoyed being with her is the final pain. She rejects him as her mate and flees the pack in great anguish, severing all ties. At the border, she declares herself a rogue to the patrol and escapes into the human world, resolving to live only as a human from now on.

Piper books a flight and hotel in a distant city, planning to start a new life and fashion business there. However, Bradley unexpectedly returns home that night. In the dark, he mistakes Piper for another and they have passionate s$x. But even during their intimacy, he fails to recognize her as his mate.

On the verge of dawn, Piper painfully rejects Bradley as her mate and flees the pack in agony. At the border, she announces to the patrol that she rejects Bradley and the Black Haven pack, declaring herself a rogue. In deep pain from the rejection, Piper resolves to live only as a human from that point on and begins her new life in the distant city as planned.

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Unscentable Chapter 2

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Piper was designing a dress in her bridal shop when she smelled werewolves entering. It was Cooper, the beta of her old pack, and a young woman named Hadley who wanted a custom dress for her ceremony with Piper’s former mate Bradley. Piper refused to help them and angrily sent them away. Cooper confronted Piper aggressively in her office but she was not intimidated. When Hadley showed Piper the sketch of the dress she wanted, Piper tore it up, knowing it was the same dress she made for herself for Bradley. This caused Hadley to cry and the two wolves to leave angrily.

Piper went to pick up her son Brandon from the bus stop. She saw Cooper and the other wolves across the street comforting Hadley. Piper decided to take Brandon on a holiday to get away from it all. She told Brandon they would leave on Friday and let him pick their destination to go snowboarding for the long weekend to relax.

At the end of the day, Piper just wanted to get away from the wolves from her old pack that had come into her store. She decided to take Brandon on a trip to snowboard somewhere over the long weekend to relax and get her mind off what happened that day with Cooper and Hadley coming into her shop.

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Unscentable Chapter 3

Piper and Brandon are preparing for their getaway to Whistler, has been created, showing them packing and looking forward to their trip.

Piper was packing for a weekend getaway to Whistler with her son Brandon. They planned to snowboard and relax. At her studio, Bradley Drake unexpectedly arrived, demanding Piper make a dress for his new mate Hadley. Seeing Bradley with another caused Piper immense pain, as he was her former mate. She fled and broke down in the courtyard. Despite moving away, her past had caught up to her.

At the hotel bar, Piper encountered another pack. Their scent ruined her mood. When an excited young woman recognized her, Piper hoped to leave quickly. But the woman was with her alpha father. It seemed the hotel was full of wolves attending some alpha meeting, though they now knew who Piper was.

In her room, Brandon reminded Piper not to work on their vacation. She laughed and agreed, though remained stressed about her son’s first shift and how to explain their world to him. Returning to the bar, more wolves had arrived, and Piper openly insulted their scent before leaving. Her peaceful getaway was interrupted by her former life.

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Unscentable Chapter 4

Unscentable Chapter 4

Piper Harper felt intense pain upon seeing Bradley for the first time in her store. His presence caused her physical anguish and her heart rate increased dramatically. She rejected his demand to make Hadley a dress, defying his authority. When Bradley stepped closer, Piper fled the room in wolf form at incredible speed.

Hadley noticed Piper’s reaction, suggesting she acted as if Bradley was her mate. Her pain intensified further when Hadley touched Bradley. Bradley was certain he had never met Piper before, yet she clearly recognized and was deeply affected by him. This reaction mirrored the unexplained agony Bradley felt years prior that nearly killed him, bringing back unsettled memories.

Piper remained an enigma. Her scent was fully masked and she vanished without a trace, leaving Bradley with more questions than answers about what had transpired. Her rare white wolf eyes and mysterious past and origins only added to the strangeness of their encounter.

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Unscentable Chapter 5

Piper wakes from a dream about Bradley Drake and is distressed. She had not dreamed of him in years.

Piper reflects on seeing Bradley again after so long. Though she lived in his pack for years and he was her Alpha, he did not recognize her at all. They had lost him long ago.

Piper orders breakfast for herself and Brandon. Brandon is the one joy in their lives and the reason they have continued on after being rejected by Bradley. He was unexpected but brought them happiness. She worries how she will remain hidden among humans as she stops aging but Brandon keeps her going.

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Unscentable Chapter 6

Brandon confronts an Alpha wolf who bumped into Piper without looking. He insults the wolf, angering him. Later, a female wolf intentionally bumps into Piper and calls her a b$$$h. Brandon kicks the she-wolf in retaliation. Piper diffuses the situation and takes Brandon away.

Piper and Brandon have a conversation in the hotel elevator about the large size of the Alpha wolf they saw earlier. Piper admits to Brandon that she and he are werewolves. She explains that she is one and that he will get his wolf later in life. When they get to their room, Piper introduces Brandon to her wolf Harper, who is able to come forward and talk to Brandon through Piper.

Brandon asks Piper questions about werewolves and packs. She explains that most live in packs but that she chose to live alone with Brandon for personal reasons. Piper says she will explain more when Brandon is older. Brandon seems accepting of living just with Piper and says they will always be together.

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Unscentable Chapter 7

Bradley visits Piper’s store to confront her about rejecting him as her mate. However, Piper is away for the long weekend. Her assistant manager Izzy is hostile to Bradley and denies him seeing Piper. Izzy refuses to make an appointment for Bradley to see Piper when she returns, claiming Piper’s schedule is full for six months. Bradley searches Piper’s office and studio but finds no sign she has been there recently. He leaves his card for Piper but Izzy throws it in the trash.

On the drive back, Bradley discusses with Cooper that Piper may have thought his sister Hadley was his mate when she saw them together. This could explain Piper’s pain and rejection. Bradley is not ready to give up on finding Piper. He realizes his words to her after their mating were hurtful, and may have caused her rejection if their roles were reversed. Bradley needs more information to confirm if Piper is the same woman who was in his bed that night and rejected him from his pack.

Bradley recalls mating with the woman intensely that night due to his loss of control and his wolf’s involvement. He hates how he treated her afterwards. Bradley now wants to apologize and get answers from Piper about why she rejected and hid from him, in case it was a misunderstanding. But with Piper away and avoiding him, catching her will be difficult with her constantly scent masked.

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Unscentable Chapter 8

Piper and Brandon were having breakfast in the hotel restaurant when an Alpha woman approached Piper asking for her time, which Piper refused as she was on holiday with her son. This upset the woman who grabbed Piper’s arm, leading to a confrontation where Piper told the woman to find a husband before a dress.

Later while skiing, the Alpha father of the woman confronted Piper angrily for insulting his daughter. When Brandon tried to defend his mother with his snowboard, his Alpha wolf emerged for the first time, challenging the other Alpha. Piper was able to calm Brandon down but the Alpha said they should chat, clearing out the cafe. He revealed he knew Piper was more than human and threatened to report her to the council if she didn’t design a dress for his daughter.

With no other choice, Piper agreed to design the dress. The Alpha told her to come to his hotel suite in an hour with Brandon, giving her his room number. Piper and Harper were worried about being separated from Brandon if reported to the council as they had no one else.

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Unscentable Chapter 9

Piper Whitlock was Bradley’s mate, though he did not know this. She had scent masked herself from him for 3 years after turning 18 and realizing he was her mate. During this time, she experienced immense pain from Bradley being with other women. By the time she was 21 and ready to leave the pack, she had become thin and frail from the prolonged rejection from her mate.

Bradley’s investigation revealed that Piper Harper was actually Piper Whitlock from his own pack. Her parents had died when she was young, but the records did not clearly state her guardians after. She had lived alone it seemed and worked for Renee for years. Realizing the timeline, Bradley understood why Piper had rejected him – she had experienced years of pain from his relationships without his knowledge of their bond.

Harry recognized Piper when they described her. He recalled Jewel Whitlock’s name, who was Piper’s deceased mother. This new information connected Piper firmly to Bradley’s own pack, even though he strangely did not remember her from his time as Alpha. Bradley now sought to understand why Piper had hidden from him for so long and ultimately rejected her mate.

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Unscentable Chapter 10

Piper sat with Brandon in their hotel suite questioning how he felt after the confrontation with Alpha Aspen earlier. Brandon revealed that Aspen had been communicating with him for the past 6 months and told him about Piper and Harper’s abilities.

Piper felt guilty for not informing Brandon sooner of his wolf heritage. Alpha Timothy then forced Piper to design a dress for his daughter Celeste, keeping a close eye on Brandon the entire time. Piper struggled with Celeste’s poor sketches but eventually created a design the girl was happy with.

Alpha Timothy unsettled Piper by revealing he knew her last name was Whitlock, showing he had learned more about her than she wanted. Piper decided to drive herself and Brandon home the next day instead of their scheduled flight, wanting to get away from Alpha Timothy as soon as possible.

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Unscentable Chapter 11

Hadley had left her father’s pack in the middle of the night and driven to Portland in search of Piper Harper. Bradley was able to track her down to a hotel with the help of his unit. He confronted Hadley and put her on a video call with her angry father. Hadley took the tongue lashing from her father while Bradley watched.

Bradley laid down strict rules for Hadley, instructing her that she must stay in his hotel suite at all times and could not go anywhere alone for her safety. If she left the suite without permission, she would face time in the pack cells back home proportional to how long she was gone. Hadley was visibly horrified by this threat and agreed to Bradley’s demands. She would be sleeping on the couch for the duration of her stay.

One of Bradley’s main goals was finding Piper Harper, who had been hiding from the pack for years. However, Piper’s store was now closed whenever they checked. Bradley discussed his concerns about Piper’s safety on her own with his father, who urged him to bring her back into the pack.

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Unscentable Chapter 12

Brandon was back to his normal self at school, showing his friends photos from his snowboarding trip. Piper was working from home but had appointments at the store that week. While there, her friend Izzy informed her that Drake Industries men had been doing walk-bys of the store every couple hours.

In an alley near the store, Piper came across four rogue wolves assaulting another she-wolf named Hadley. Piper intervened and fought off the rogues, seriously injuring one. Hadley had also wounded her attacker but was still dazed. Piper stopped a taxi and ensured the injured Hadley made it to the hospital, then went home to tend to her own wounds before Brandon returned from school.

That evening, Piper’s wounds had stopped bleeding but her broken ribs would take more time to heal. She covered her injuries with clothing to hide them from Brandon, as her face had already healed through her enhanced abilities. But the encounter brought Piper into contact with Hadley and her mate again, despite wanting to avoid any further involvement with them.

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Unscentable Chapter 13

Piper helps Hadley after she is attacked by rogues in an alley. Hadley is injured and taken to the hospital by a cab driver. There Piper fights off three of the rogues to save Hadley, but is injured herself. Bradley’s pack searches for Hadley and finds her at the hospital. Hadley tells them what happened and that Piper is still out there injured from fighting the rogues. Bradley is concerned for Piper’s safety since she is alone and injured, as well as realizing she still trains in hand to hand combat. He puts a call into Cooper to have the fourth rogue dealt with for information on the other three escaped rogues, not wanting them to come after Hadley or Piper again.

Bradley’s pack works to track down the rogues that attacked Hadley while she questions what Piper’s involvement means for their relationship. Hadley reveals to Bradley that the rogues intended to sell her but Piper told them she was a better choice instead. This angers Bradley and his pack further towards the rogues.

Bradley worries for Piper still being out there injured alone after saving Hadley from the rogues. He wonders if Piper could truly be his mate, as his father and Eddie have indicated, since she was willing to risk herself to protect another she-wolf.

Piper saves Hadley from the rogues by fighting off three of the men alone, getting injured in the process. Though injured, she ensures Hadley makes it safely to the

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Unscentable Chapter 14

Piper went for her usual morning run with Brandon and Aspen in the woods. Aspen challenged Harper to a race but was unable to keep up with her experience. Harper let him win the first lap but then took off, laughing as she left him behind. This annoyed Aspen and Brandon, though Piper reassured them Aspen would grow stronger with time.

That evening, Piper finished a wedding dress she had been working on late into the night. She was pleased with how it turned out, knowing the bride would love it. The dress was a luxury for the young medical student bride, as her parents had saved to provide her dream dress. Piper had given them a discount to help with wedding costs, touched by their support of their daughter.

The next morning, Piper dropped Brandon off at a friend’s birthday party before heading to her store. She still felt like she was being watched or followed, a feeling that had grown over the past couple days. Both she and Harper were on high alert, sensing whatever or whoever had been watching them could not mean anything good.

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Unscentable Chapter 15

Bradley’s beta Cooper reported that he was unable to get any information from Izzy, the assistant manager at Piper’s workplace, despite using his charm. Izzy was completely immune to Cooper’s abilities and told him bluntly not to come back.

Cooper then revealed that during his surveillance he learned Piper has a son named Brandon. He tailed Piper after her shift and confirmed she took Brandon home, suggesting she lives with and cares for the child. Cooper did not share any other details about Piper or Brandon’s living situation.

That night, Cooper unexpectedly left the hotel without informing Bradley. When confronted the next morning, Cooper refused to share more information and shut himself in the bathroom. He claimed to need a shower after spending the night watching Piper, and said he obtained a photo of Brandon. Bradley was furious at being kept in the dark and challenged by his own beta.

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Unscentable Chapter 16

Bradley learns from his beta Cooper that Piper has a son named Brandon who is around 7 years old. Cooper shows Bradley photos of Brandon, and Bradley recognizes his own eyes staring back at him. It becomes clear that Brandon is his son. Bradley is shocked, as he had no idea Piper had gotten pregnant after they were together. He also realizes Piper has been living as a rogue all this time with their son, without telling Bradley about him.

Cooper and Bradley go to Piper’s house to get a look at Brandon and see how Bradley reacts to being close to his son. They find that Piper keeps her home very basic, with few personal touches or decorations. Brandon’s room is full of toys and sports equipment, showing he wants for nothing, but Piper’s room gives little indication of her personality. Bradley becomes concerned about how isolated Piper has been living on her own with just Brandon.

Bradley watches Brandon play with the other kids at a birthday party from a distance. Though he feels happy seeing his son, neither he nor his wolf Benson can sense any connection to Brandon. Bradley decides he must find a way to approach Piper gently and convince her to return to his pack with Brandon, so they will both be safe and protected living among the pack.

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Unscentable Chapter 17

Piper heard Timothy Avery, a Canadian Alpha, demand to see her at her store. When she tried to escape out the back door, he warned her that his men were waiting outside, showing he had been listening with his enhanced hearing. She was forced to return to her office to confront him. Timothy insisted that Piper and her son Brandon needed to be protected in his pack in Canada. When Piper refused, he threatened to make her life uncomfortable until she complied. He also hinted that Brandon was being watched, frightening Piper.

Piper managed to escape Timothy by driving off with Brandon while Timothy was distracted outside the car. She fled to her friend Izzy’s house to hide with Brandon. However, Izzy was currently out of town. Piper called Izzy to inform her of the situation, admitting she didn’t know where to go now for safety. Izzy questioned who Timothy was and why he was demanding Piper join his pack. Piper realized she knew nothing of her family origins or relatives besides her deceased parents. She was unsure who she could trust.

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Unscentable Chapter 18

Bradley and Cooper watched as Piper arrived at her house with another man. When Piper and the man interacted with Brandon, Bradley grew aggressive upon sensing the man was another Alpha. Piper then quickly drove away while the man searched for her.

The man was revealed to be Alpha Timothy Avery of Piper’s mother’s former pack. Timothy told Bradley he wanted to bring Piper to her grandmother to discuss her lineage and past, which usually resulted in young women of her bloodline being killed. Bradley refused to allow Timothy take Piper and Brandon without understanding more.

Timothy agreed to capture Piper himself and keep Bradley informed. He suspected Piper was Bradley’s mate due to Bradley’s strong reaction. However, Timothy noted Piper would need to be in Bradley’s pack for their bond to be fully realized. Bradley decided to begin moving Piper and Brandon’s belongings to his pack in preparation for their arrival.

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Unscentable Chapter 19

Bradley searches Piper’s home but finds no clues as to her whereabouts. He calls Eddie to charm information out of Izzy in Maine, believing she knows where Piper has gone. Hadley reveals to Bradley that the ruined dress was actually Piper’s own design for her Luna ceremony, meant for Bradley. This helps Bradley understand better why Piper refused to make it for Hadley. With no leads, they decide to wait for Eddie to contact Izzy before searching Piper’s store.

Bradley logs into the pack database and finds an alliance contract between his father and the Whitlock clan regarding Piper and her mother Jewel. The contract states that the women must always wear a special pendant for protection. It implies the women face danger from male wolves if the pendant is removed. This raises more questions for Bradley about the situation. He realizes the pendant must also be how Piper hides her scent, and removing it could endanger her life. He will need to learn more about the issues with her bloodline.

Hadley surprises Bradley and Cooper with her bold suggestion that Cooper seduce the store employee to get access for their search. Though her words were polite, it reveals a new assertiveness in Hadley. Cooper agrees her idea was more tactful than his own past methods. Bradley remains uncomfortable with Hadley’s behavior and language changing from her usual sweet self.

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Unscentable Chapter 20

Cordelia, the eldest sister, had worked for their father’s company for 15 years and was next in line to take over, but their stubborn father refused to relinquish control until she was married. While Cordelia had proven herself capable of running the company, their father was disappointed she hadn’t married a man of his choosing.

Izzy had caught her ex-boyfriend Phillip, who her father wanted her to marry, feeling up another woman at the office. Though Izzy broke things off, her father still tried to convince her to take Phillip back. At Joanie’s wedding, Phillip grabbed Izzy’s hands tightly and refused to let go as he insisted she marry him, according to the deal their fathers made.

During the wedding, Izzy spotted the two attractive men she had seen during the walkthrough of her new store in Australia. Their presence reminded her of the fresh start awaiting her overseas, away from her manipulative father and ex-boyfriend who refused to accept her rejection.

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