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Secretary’s Secret Lover PDF

Secretary’s Secret Lover by Zayla Quinn is a gripping tale of love, betrayal, and redemption. The story revolves around Yvette Thiel, who, in her second year of marriage, finds herself pregnant and overjoyed. However, her happiness is short-lived as she receives a divorce agreement. In a tragic turn of events, Yvette is involved in a car accident.

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As she lies in a pool of blood, she pleads with her husband, Lance Wolseley, to save their unborn child. Heartbreakingly, Lance abandons her for his sweetheart. Yvette, losing hope, slowly succumbs to her injuries. The story then takes a dramatic turn at a wedding, where Lance, now a taboo figure in New York, confronts a cruel woman, questioning her about the child she is carrying.

NameSecretary’s Secret Lover
AuthorZayla Quinn
Where to ReadWebnovel
TagsUrban, Romance, Betrayal, Redemption

Secretary’s Secret Lover PDF

Secretary’s Secret Lover PDF

Secretary’s Secret Lover Chapter 1

Yvette Thiel Secretary’s Secret Lover

Yvette Thiel‘s world is turned upside down when she discovers she is pregnant. Her mind is clouded with thoughts of the doctor’s words, confirming her unexpected condition. Yvette’s relationship with her husband, Lance Wolseley, is complex and fraught with emotional distance. Lance, the president of the Wolseley Group, is also Yvette’s superior at work. Their marriage, a secret kept for two years, originated from a fake arrangement intended to fulfill the dying wish of Lance’s grandfather.

Yvette’s feelings for Lance are deep-rooted, stretching back eight years, long before their serendipitous union. The news of her pregnancy was a shock, especially since they had always been careful. However, Yvette remembers a particular night when caution was thrown to the wind, leading to her current predicament.

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As Yvette grapples with the reality of her situation and contemplates sharing the news with Lance, her plans are interrupted by his sudden late-night phone call and hasty departure. Her suspicions lead her to a disturbing discovery: a news article featuring Lance’s ex-girlfriend, Yazmin Myers, who has recently returned to town. The article includes a photo of Yazmin with a man whom Yvette heartbreakingly identifies as Lance.

Later, Yvette’s heartbreak deepens when she overhears a conversation between Lance and his friend Marvin. In this conversation, Lance casually discusses Yvette as if she were a mere acquaintance, even suggesting Marvin could pursue her. This conversation reveals the painful truth of Lance’s indifference and lack of emotional attachment to their relationship, leaving Yvette shattered and questioning the foundation of their marriage.

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Secretary’s Secret Lover Chapter 2

Lance Secretary’s Secret Lover

In Chapter 2 of “Secretary’s Secret Lover,” Yvette Thiel faces a tumultuous day at work. After overhearing her colleagues gossiping about Lance’s ex-girlfriend Yazmin and her own rumored affair with Lance, Yvette encounters Emilie Thackeray, Lance’s cousin, who mocks her mercilessly.

The confrontation escalates, leading to Emilie splashing hot coffee on Yvette and Yvette retaliating with a slap. Lance arrives at the scene, and instead of defending Yvette, he reprimands her for her behavior, deepening her sense of isolation and despair.

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Secretary’s Secret Lover Chapter 3

Chapter 3 reveals Yvette’s heartache and decision to divorce Lance. After witnessing Lance caring for Yazmin at the hospital, Yvette is convinced that their marriage is over. She confronts Lance at her apartment, declaring her intention to divorce.

Lance, surprised and cold, questions her decision. Yvette, struggling with her feelings and the secret of her pregnancy, stands firm in her resolve to end their relationship.

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Secretary’s Secret Lover Chapter 4

In Chapter 4, Yvette, feeling unwell, tries to avoid going to the hospital with Lance, fearing the loss of her unborn child. Lance, showing a rare moment of tenderness, helps Yvette bathe and dry her hair.

Despite the intimate moments, Yvette remains determined to keep her distance, aware of their impending divorce. The chapter ends with Lance receiving a call and leaving Yvette alone, her emotions in turmoil as she contemplates her future without him.

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Secretary’s Secret Lover Chapter 5

Secretary’s Secret Lover Chapter 5

Chapter 5 of “Secretary’s Secret Lover” unfolds with Yvette encountering Max, Ellen’s new boyfriend, who reveals his true, despicable nature. He boasts about his plans to drug Ellen and takes advantage of her, unaware that Yvette overhears him.

When confronted, Max tries to manipulate the situation, but Ellen sees through his lies and ends their relationship with a well-placed knee. The chapter highlights Yvette’s growing disillusionment and her friend Ellen’s support, as they navigate the treacherous waters of deceit and betrayal.

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Secretary’s Secret Lover Chapter 6

In Chapter 6, Yvette and Ellen discuss Yvette’s future plans to leave the Wolseley Group and pursue a career in broadcasting, fulfilling her grandmother’s wish to hear her voice. The chapter delves into Yvette’s past and her friendship with Ellen, revealing the depth of their bond.

Ellen encourages Yvette to move on from her painful relationship with Lance, hinting at a potential match with Charlie Raison, a former university acquaintance. The chapter ends with a chance encounter between Yvette and Emilie, Lance’s cousin, who spitefully introduces Yvette to Yazmin, Lance’s ex-girlfriend.

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Secretary’s Secret Lover Chapter 7

image 8

Chapter 7 brings a dramatic turn as Yazmin manipulates a situation to make it appear as if Yvette has caused her harm. Lance, witnessing the scene, instinctively blames Yvette, deepening her sense of betrayal and heartache.

Despite Yazmin’s later confession that it was an accident, Lance’s cold treatment leaves Yvette devastated. The chapter poignantly captures Yvette’s emotional turmoil and the complexities of her relationship with Lance, as she grapples with the pain of unrequited love and the realization that she was never close to his heart.

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Secretary’s Secret Lover Chapter 8

Chapter 8 begins with Yvette waking up in a hospital, realizing that her fears of losing her baby were just a nightmare. She is surprised to find Charlie, an old university friend, at her bedside. Charlie informs her that the baby is fine, and they reconnect, with Yvette adding him on Line. Yvette’s relief is palpable, yet her heart is heavy with the burden of her secret pregnancy and the complexities of her relationship with Lance.

Back at her apartment, Yvette encounters Lance, who confronts her about her health. The tension between them escalates when Lance tends to her wounds, leading to an unexpected and intense kiss. The moment is shattered by a call from Yazmin, reminding Yvette of Lance’s divided affections. Yvette’s emotional turmoil deepens as she realizes the futility of her hopes and desires in the face of Lance’s commitment to Yazmin.

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Secretary’s Secret Lover Chapter 9

In Chapter 9, the emotional rollercoaster continues for Yvette. After Lance leaves to tend to Yazmin, Yvette is left alone, grappling with the realization that she is just a temporary fixture in Lance’s life.

Her pain is compounded by the knowledge that Lance is planning to marry Yazmin, making her feel even more isolated and heartbroken. Yvette’s struggle with her feelings for Lance and her impending motherhood paints a poignant picture of a woman caught in a web of unrequited love and societal expectations.

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Secretary’s Secret Lover Chapter 10

Chapter 10 delves deeper into the complexities of Lance’s relationships with Yvette and Yazmin. Lance’s conversation with Marvin at the bar reveals his internal conflict. Despite his impending divorce from Yvette and his commitment to marry Yazmin, Lance is unable to let go of his possessive feelings for Yvette.

This chapter highlights the dichotomy of Lance’s character – a man torn between duty and desire, struggling to reconcile his feelings with his actions. The chapter ends with Lance’s stern warning to Marvin’s friend about pursuing Yvette, indicating that despite his intentions to marry Yazmin, he is not ready to completely release his hold on Yvette.

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