Nanny And The Alpha Daddy Chapter Summary

Nanny And The Alpha Daddy

Nanny And The Alpha Daddy by Eve Above story is a romantic werewolf story. The story revolves around a young human woman who is a new graduate, burdened with significant debt, and recently cheated on by her Omega boyfriend. After a night of drinking in a bar, she has an unexpected one-night stand which turns out to be the best s$$$$l experience of her life. The next morning, she discovers that her one-night stand was with her ex-boyfriend’s Alpha billionaire boss.

Things take a more complicated turn when she becomes the live-in nanny for the billionaire’s five-year-old daughter. The story explores the dynamics between the main characters, delving into themes of unexpected relationships, power dynamics, and emotional rollercoasters. The novel is the first in a series of four books and has garnered positive reviews for its intriguing storyline and character development.

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Book TitleNanny And The Alpha Daddy
AuthorEve Above Story
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresBillionaire, Romance, Werewolf
TagsAlpha, Boss, Omega, S$x

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Nanny And The Alpha Daddy PDF

Nanny And The Alpha Daddy PDF

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Nanny And The Alpha Daddy Chapter 1

Moana finds herself on a hot summer evening without a job, facing eviction in a week. She tries to find work as a human in a world dominated by werewolves but is rejected because landlords consider worthless human education and experience.

Her boyfriend, Sam, who is a werewolf, also has a job, albeit it is not well-paying. They have been together for three years, but their relationship is at risk when Moana sees Sam cheating on her with another woman, who is a Beta. Edrick Morgan, CEO of WereCorp, the biggest corporation in the world, comes to her rescue when she is nearly hit by his car.

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Nanny And The Alpha Daddy Chapter 2

In this chapter, the protagonist, a human woman technically turned to Edrick Morgan, CEO of WereCorp, for help. They have an interesting encounter at the beginning of the chapter with the bouncer at his club, which leads to Edrick helping her get inside the bar and attending a function at the club with him.

The protagonist discovers that Edrick has had a positive influence on those around him even after their initial altercation. Edrick even pays for her to attend the function and ensures she has a good time.

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Nanny And The Alpha Daddy Chapter 3

Nanny And The Alpha Daddy PDF

Moana is woken up by sunlight and a cool breeze blowing through her room. She realizes with horror that she is not in her bed and that she was accosted by a man with sinister intentions the previous night.

She remembers drunkenly making out with a handsome man in the hotel room. When she looks over at her side of the bed, she is horrified to see that Edrick Morgan, her ex-boyfriend’s new employer, is still asleep. She gets up to look for her underwear and accidentally knocks over a water bottle.

Edrick notices her movements and gets up to walk over to her. He dismisses her angry outburst with a shrug and then goes back to sleep. Moana slams the door behind her as she leaves the house.

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Nanny And The Alpha Daddy Chapter 4

Nanny And The Alpha Daddy Chapter 4

The protagonist arrives for her job interview at a wealthy werewolf’s mansion, where women are lining up. However, they leave with defeated expressions, and Moana is shocked by the devastating scene.

She realizes that the employer is cruel to job candidates and it breaks her heart; the lump she felt rising in her throat reduces her confidence. Furthermore, she was torn between respecting his privacy and exposing his behavior.

Ultimately, Moana gets an opportunity to interview Ella, the daughter of the werewolf, as she considers her lack of love for humans, her past, and her rejection of Moana’s charms. The story is rich in details about the lavish mansion, the emotional responses of the characters, and their motivations, which showcases the depth of character development.

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Nanny And The Alpha Daddy Chapter 5

Moana woke up early on the first day of her new job, spent time getting ready, and then took a taxi to the address provided by Selina. She was picked up by a lawyer who escorted her to their office where she signed a contract and then to her new apartment.

She was taken aback by the issues discussed in the contract such as not being allowed to have romantic relationships with her employer and not being allowed to become pregnant with his child without his permission.

She spent several hours with Ella, who was her roommate and maid and got to know more about her mysterious father. That evening, she finally met her employer and was spoken to in a familiar tone, as if they had met before.

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Nanny And The Alpha Daddy Chapter 6

Miss Moana stands frozen in the living room of her new employer, Edrick Morgan, as he approaches her. She is unsure of how she became employed by the wealthy werewolf CEO, whom she had just slept with two nights before. As Edrick confirms that he is the person she interviewed for the job, Moana struggles to understand the motivations behind his actions.

Despite her gut instinct that his hiring her was a ploy to get money from her, she cannot deny that her application was rejected initially before Edrick gave her a second chance. Moana begins to question her self-worth and the reason behind her sudden fall from grace. When Ella, Edrick’s daughter, enters and confronts Moana about her relationship with her father, Moana explodes with anger and storms out of Edrick’s office.

She calls out Selina, the landlord, and tears up an eviction notice on her apartment door. Realizing that she has nowhere to go, she starts to walk down the street in the hopes of finding shelter. As she does, she feels the unwelcome presence of two men who seem to be following her. Their intent remains unclear, but Moana has a feeling of danger and anxiety as she continues on her journey.

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Nanny And The Alpha Daddy Chapter 7

In this chapter, Moana runs for her life, being chased by two werewolves. She screams for help, but no one comes intending to help her. Moana eventually collides with a corner of a brick building and is knocked out cold. When Moana wakes up, she is in the back of Edrick Morgan’s car, and the two werewolves are carrying her towards her penthouse.

When they reach the penthouse, Edrick carries her inside and sits her down on a couch. He then calls Selina, the housekeeper, to bring him some Advil for Moana’s head injury. After Selina leaves, Edrick tries to talk to Moana and understand why she ran away. Moana is weak and in pain, and does not want to talk to Edrick.

She groans in pain and forgets about everything else, including the fact that she is running away from Edrick. Edrick calls Ella, who has been disappointed in Moana before, but now forgives her, and allows Moana to stay in the penthouse for her friendship with Ella, which Edrick had also disapproved of before.

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Nanny And The Alpha Daddy Chapter 8

Nanny And The Alpha Daddy Chapter 8

Selina was being rushed by her daughter Ella, and the maid Lily was still upset at her boss Kirk for help. Ella missed Molly Langley terribly, and while trying to distract her symptoms, Selina was frantically cleaning around the penthouse. Meanwhile, Ella’s brother Edrick was at home, assuming that he was alone.

After catching a glimpse of a mysterious paper bag and Selina’s sudden departure, our narrator-nanny took the initiative to translate the drawer in the kitchen and discovered that her employer had several sleep-aid medications. She was appalled by the idea of Selina having sleeping trouble and asked Selina about it later that evening, only to learn that her husband had been unable to sleep for years, and now was on stronger doses.

Lily also expressed her concerns about the pills, fearing that they will lead to addiction. However, Selina was too quick to dismiss her concerns. That night, our story shifts to using another character as an anchor point. The narrator overlooked Selina’s reaction to her mother Abby Langley’s death and her efforts to keep Edrick at bay.

We learn that Ella needs care for her violin lessons and the narrator takes that as an opportunity to help Selina around the penthouse, scrubbing floors and cooking meals as well as doing grocery shopping. This action made the maids and Selina’s life easier as she didn’t

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Nanny And The Alpha Daddy Chapter 9

Moana is a young woman who works as a pen-testing manager at a software company. One day, she discovers that her billionaire boss, Edrick, had slept in her bed while drunk. Confused, Moana confronts him and he explains that he got sentimental over their one-night stand and couldn’t sleep afterward.

Edrick then offers to pay Moana for her to sleep with him until he can get back into a normal sleep schedule, on the condition that nothing s$$$$l happens between them. Moana is hesitant but decides to agree to the offer, feeling tempted by the thought of a salary increase.

As the night progresses, Moana begins to relax around Edrick and begins to sleep comfortably in his bed. However, she can’t help but wonder if this was a bad idea and wonders if they can stick to their agreement. Meanwhile, Moana struggles with keeping their new living arrangement a secret from her roommate and girlfriend.

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Nanny And The Alpha Daddy Chapter 10

Moana wakes up to find herself cuddled up with Edrick in his bed but soon realizes that getting involved with him would be a violation of their contract. Despite the rush of chemistry that Moana feels towards Edrick, she quickly pulls away and slips out of his room, aware of the consequences of their actions.

Moana bumps into Ella while trying to leave the room, fueling suspicion in the young girl about Moana’s intentions with her father. Trying to convince Ella that nothing inappropriate has occurred, Moana comes up with a lie about having breakfast with her father, and Ella happily agrees.

During breakfast, Moana begins to have an internal conversation with her wolf, which is awakened by her connection to Edrick. Mina’s voice fades in and out, and she reveals to Moana that someone close to her has become her wolf and that they have been awakened by this new connection. This revelation sparks a curiosity in Moana about her family, as she begins to wonder if she could somehow be related to anyone in her past.

With Ella at her weekly werewolf training, Moana has a few hours to herself and decides to make another visit to the orphanage.

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