Sold To The Alpha Chapter Summary

Sold To The Alpha

Sold To The Alpha by Astrostorm follows 18-year-old Charity, living with an unloving step-family, who is sold to become the wife of her new family’s son. Upon arrival, she discovers an inexplicable attraction to him but he shows no interest in her.

Unknown to everyone, Charity has secrets lurking in her past that cause her to question her own identity. As she unravels these truths, she struggles to find her place in this world.

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Book TitleSold To The Alpha
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresSupernatural, Werewolf
TagsAlpha, Family, Love, Wife, alpha, possessive, s$x, fated, arranged marriage, d$$$$$$t, luna, bxg, werewolves, supernatural

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Sold To The Alpha Chapter 1

In this chapter, Charity finds herself in a dire situation after her cruel stepmother, Aurora, informs her that she must leave home to be married off to Prince Aaron of the feared Silver Cross Pack.

As Charity’s life has been marked by abuse and pain at the hands of her stepmother and stepsiblings, she anxiously faces the unknown future with her heart racing. Despite her pleas to stay, Aurora dismisses her and encourages the driver to take her away from everything she’s ever known, leaving her with a sense of dread and uncertainty.

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Sold To The Alpha Chapter 2

In this chapter, Aaron discovers his father has arranged his marriage to a woman, despite his reluctance to meet any potential mates. Enraged, Aaron storms off and confides in Justin, his best friend and Beta.

They decide to go for a run to help Aaron clear his head, but he remains frustrated about his upcoming nuptials. Later, they overhear the arrival of the bride’s car, and Justin urges Aaron to return to the pack house to meet her.

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Sold To The Alpha Chapter 3

Aaron and Justin arrived at the pack house, shortly followed by a luxurious car carrying a mysterious woman known as Charity. Intrigued, Aaron watches from his window as Charity emerges, captivated by her beauty despite knowing she was sold off by her family.

Charity steps into the Silver Cross pack house, guided by Jared, the pack’s Beta. He informs her that she’s there to marry the future heir and assures her that they do not have servants, contrary to her initial assumption. Despite her confusion, Charity meets her roommate, Chloe, beginning their journey together in the pack.

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Sold To The Alpha Chapter 4

Charity reluctantly shares her tragic background with Chloe, concealing the horror of her life. Chloe, excited to meet a human, embraces Charity and inquires about her experiences. Charity expresses her gratitude for Chloe’s kindness and admits her fear of being different among the werewolves. Unfortunately, their heartfelt moment is interrupted by the sudden entrance of Kimmy, causing both girls to be startled.

Chloe introduces Charity to her siblings and explains their family dynamics. Afterward, they are interrupted by a surprising visitor who captures Charity’s attention. Their interaction leaves Charity’s heart racing and her skin prickling with goosebumps. She hears the word “MATE” echo within her mind, signaling a connection between her and the mysterious stranger.

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Sold To The Alpha Chapter 5

In a Silver Cross Pack territory, Aaron and his father, Alpha Alistair, are informed about a strong, mistreated young human girl named Charity. Alpha Alistair decides to bring Charity to the pack instead of teaching her family a lesson. Charity arrives and meets Aaron, who had previously seen her in a vision.

Aaron and Charity are betrothed, but he is reluctant and unhappy about the situation. During their meeting, Charity and Aaron feel an inexplicable attraction, and Alistair assigns them to spend time together to learn about each other.

Charity expresses gratitude to Alistair for her new life, while Aaron continues to grapple with his reluctance and confusion regarding the bond with her.

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Sold To The Alpha Chapter 6

Aaron’s overwhelming desire for a mysterious woman consumes his thoughts, as her scent of sandalwood and lilies haunts him. His wolf urges him to find their mate, but he refuses to force himself upon her. Instead, he decides to take control and head to the bathroom for a cold shower to regain his composure.

Chloe shows Charity around a grand mansion, leading her to a large dining hall filled with delicious food. Charity is confused and overwhelmed by the quantity of food available. When Aaron arrives, he comments on her eating, raising her anxiety levels. Later, the arrival of Gemma complicates the situation, as Aaron’s past interactions reveal her jealousy towards Charity.

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Sold To The Alpha Chapter 7

The story showcases a sparring match between Aaron and the young lad. Aaron is frustrated and snaps when Justin mentions his mate Charity. Aaron’s emotions escalate when Justin discloses that Charity is his mate, and he expresses his aversion to having a mate.

Weeks pass, and Charity adapts to her new life with the pack. She encounters Aaron’s avoidance and becomes hurt but resists the urge to seek him out. Charity and Chloe share laughter over Gemma’s overt advances on Aaron, inadvertently provoking Gemma’s anger. Back in their room, Charity begins to reveal her painful past to Chloe, laying the groundwork for the longer story to unfold.

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Sold To The Alpha Chapter 8

Charity recalls the struggles she faced after her mother’s death, as her father remarried and brought a new family into their home. Her father’s attempt to provide Charity with a mother backfired, as her stepmother took over and started controlling her life, tearing down her memories of her mother. Despite their father’s efforts to maintain a normal family life, Charity’s stepmother’s actions took a toll on her.

Charity shares the difficulties she faced as her father retired and was home more often, only to find her stepmother manipulating situations against her. When her father passed away under mysterious circumstances, Charity was left feeling betrayed and lost. Her stepmother then attempted to take control of all the assets, leaving Charity feeling like she had lost everything once again.

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Sold To The Alpha Chapter 9

In a moment of anger and frustration, Chloe vented her rage about a terrible woman who had tormented Charity in the past. Charity shared her story of living in a stepmother’s attic, being treated like a s$$$e, and the physical abuse she endured. Her life took a turn when her stepmother sold her to a werewolf pack as a s$$$e.

She found herself among the Silver Cross pack members, who welcomed her and treated her with kindness. Charity confessed her fear of being sent away from the pack, but Chloe reassured her that she was now one of them. Aaron, a pack member, eavesdropped on Charity’s story and was enraged by her treatment.

He confronted his father, Alistair, in his office, expressing his desire to protect Charity and even marry her, while Alistair suggested that Justin should get to know her as a possible future beta’s wife.

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Sold To The Alpha Chapter 10

Aaron is upset and frustrated by his father’s handling of a situation involving Charity, a girl he’s attracted to. He struggles to control his emotions and his inner wolf, who urges him to act on his feelings. Aaron decides to go see Charity, dressing up and preparing himself mentally for the encounter.

Charity is taken aback by Aaron’s sudden entrance at her doorstep but is grateful for his help in procuring her college supplies. Her attraction to Aaron is undeniable, but she tries to push her feelings aside, convincing herself that he’s only around her due to his father’s commands. She leaves to meet Aaron, wrestling with her emotions and the reality of her situation.

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