Goddess’s Design His Fated Mate by Pooja Chapter Summary

Goddess’s Design His Fated Mate by Pooja

Goddess’s Design His Fated Mate by Pooja revolves around Willow’s unexpected pregnancy, which her mate Reuben initially rejects, accusing her of infidelity. Willow tries to remind Reuben of their intimate night two months ago when he was in rut, but he remains skeptical and bitter, questioning her responsibility in the situation.

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Book TitleGoddess’s Design His Fated Mate by Pooja
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TagsRomance, Pooja, Reuben

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Goddess’s Design His Fated Mate by Pooja PDF

Goddess’s Design His Fated Mate by Pooja PDF

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Goddess’s Design His Fated Mate by Pooja Chapter 1

Reuben, the son of the Alpha, angrily rejects Willow’s pregnancy, accusing her of using it to manipulate him into marriage. Willow tries to convince him that the child is a result of their mating, but Reuben refuses to accept it, as it would expose their secret mate bond.

Hurt and confused, Willow learns that Reuben is engaged to another woman, crushing her hopes of a future with him. Devastated, Willow leaves the pack, having lost both her soulmate and her place in the pack. The chapter portrays the emotional turmoil of Willow as she faces Reuben’s rejection and the harsh reality of their impossible relationship.

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Goddess’s Design His Fated Mate by Pooja Chapter 2

Willow, a fashion designer, is shocked to learn that she is pregnant with twins after leaving the Emerald Bright Pack’s territory. Alone and unsure of where to go, she encounters a car accident and helps the injured Alpha, who recognizes her as Willow Rathbone.

Six years later, Willow is living in Britain, raising her twins, Wyatt and Lori, who are Alpha werewolves. The children’s exceptional abilities have caused trouble at their previous kindergartens, leading Willow to change schools frequently. When Willow’s helper, Lola, informs her that the twins have been sent home from kindergarten again, Willow learns that the teachers have been resigning due to the children’s behavior.

Alpha Benjamin, Willow’s adoptive father, visits and informs her that it is time for her to return to America to attend an Alpha ball on his behalf.

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Goddess’s Design His Fated Mate by Pooja Chapter 3

Six years ago, when Willow expressed her desire to go to Britain, Alpha Benjamin was displeased. However, he eventually allowed her to pursue her studies there. Now, the Alpha has asked Willow to attend an Alpha Ball on his behalf to secure a peace treaty with the Shine Moon Pack, as he is unable to attend due to a heart surgery.

Willow, an Omega, is hesitant, but the Alpha’s plea convinces her. Willow and her twins, Wyatt and Lori, return to America, where they are greeted by Beta Ken. On her way to the hotel, Willow encounters her past, Reuben, an intense and obsessive Alpha.

Willow quickly hides her scent and escapes from Reuben, who desperately calls out her name. Willow is left wondering why Reuben is searching for her after six years.

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Goddess’s Design His Fated Mate by Pooja Chapter 4

Reuben Emerald, the billionaire owner of Emerald Airline, was caught on video angrily shouting a woman’s name at the airport. The CCTV footage was quickly hacked and deleted, leaving Reuben’s security team in a panic. Reuben discovered that the woman he was looking for was Willow, someone from his past.

Willow, a member of the Wade Moon Pack, had returned to the country after six years. She was trying to avoid Reuben and keep her children, Wyatt and Lori, a secret from him. Willow sought help from Beta Ken to erase the CCTV footage, fearing Reuben would find her.

As Willow prepared for the upcoming Alpha Ball, she reviewed the peace treaty documents and learned about the powerful Shine Moon Pack and its notorious Alpha, who harbored animosity towards the Wade Moon Pack. Willow’s children, Wyatt and Lori, were concerned about the “strange man” from the airport and warned Willow to be careful at the ball.

Willow realized that Wyatt and Lori had sensed a connection with Reuben, and she was determined to keep them hidden from him.

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Goddess’s Design His Fated Mate by Pooja Chapter 5

Willow, dressed in black, attended the Alpha Ball at the shifter hotel where she was staying. At the entrance, a man in a gray suit inquired about her pack affiliation, and Willow explained that she was representing her adoptive father, Alpha Benjamin.

The man escorted her to the Alpha of the Shine Moon Pack, Alpha Alex, with whom Willow had a meeting to discuss a peace treaty. Meanwhile, Willow’s children, Wyatt and Lori, had woken up and discovered the invitation Willow had accidentally dropped.

Determined to deliver it to their mother, they left the hotel room and encountered a tall man in black who helped them call the elevator. During the ride, the man questioned the children about their mother and pack. On the balcony, Willow and Alpha Alex discussed the peace treaty, but their conversation took an unexpected turn when Alpha Alex proposed that Willow date him.

Suddenly, a deep, heavy voice interrupted them, revealing the presence of Alpha Reuben, Willow’s mate. Wyatt and Lori then raced to Willow, calling her “mommy,” much to Reuben’s surprise. Willow denied Reuben’s connection to the children, but he refused to let her go, leading to a tense confrontation.

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Goddess’s Design His Fated Mate by Pooja Chapter 6

Willow whispered “Nothing” to Reuben, which angered him. He called his Beta, Oran, to take Willow’s children, Wyatt and Lori, away. Willow desperately tried to stop Oran, but Reuben’s grip on her was too strong. Willow accused Reuben of betraying and rejecting her and their children, which left her deeply wounded.

Reuben claimed the children as his own and refused to let Willow go. He pinned her against the wall, declaring he would do anything to reclaim her as his mate. Willow rejected him and left the ball, reuniting with Wyatt and Lori.

Determined to get away, Willow decided to leave the hotel immediately and go to her father’s pack. As she was leaving, she noticed a dark figure on the terrace watching her, but she chose to ignore it and left with her children.

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Goddess’s Design His Fated Mate by Pooja Chapter 7

Reuben is shocked to discover that Wyatt and Lori, the children he believed Willow had run away with, are actually his own children. He realizes his strong bond with them is a parental one and tries to embrace them, but Willow leaves with the children before he can.

Oran is surprised that Reuben let Willow go, knowing Reuben’s obsession with her. Willow returns to the Wade Moon Pack territory with her children. She speaks with Beta Ken, avoiding mentioning Reuben and assuring him she will finalize the peace treaty with the Shine Moon Pack the next day.

Willow hears Ceri’s voice in her mind for the first time in six years, and she realizes Ceri also sensed Reuben’s darker side. Early the next morning, Beta Ken urgently informs Willow that Alpha Alex is there to meet with her.

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Goddess’s Design His Fated Mate by Pooja Chapter 8

Alpha Alex unexpectedly visits Willow, having already signed the peace treaty with the Wade Moon Pack. He reveals that he avoided making advances towards Willow due to his fear of incurring Alpha Reuben’s wrath. Willow then prepares breakfast for her children, Wyatt and Lori, but plans to return to Britain that night.

However, Willow’s assistant informs her that her flight tickets have been canceled, and she is unable to book a new flight. Suddenly, a commotion arises as a lone intruder breaches the Wade Moon Pack’s borders, and Willow recognizes the intruder as Alpha Reuben, who is calling out her name.

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Goddess’s Design His Fated Mate by Pooja Chapter 9

Willow, a young werewolf, finds herself trapped in a cage with other captive children, victims of a human trafficking ring targeting young werewolves. Amid the horrors, she encounters a severely beaten boy around sixteen years old, who clings to Willow’s promise to take him home.

As the traffickers taunt and abuse the prisoners, Willow tries to protect the boy, even going so far as to lie about her ability to free him. Suddenly, a pack of wolves storms the compound, launching a rescue mission. To Willow’s shock, the wounded boy transforms into a powerful Alpha wolf, saving her from a horrific assault.

In the aftermath, Willow is stunned to see the Alpha, now in human form, embrace her own children, Wyatt and Lori, who refer to him as “uncle.” This revelation sets off a tense confrontation with the Wade Moon pack’s Beta, who fails to recognize the true identity of the imposing figure.

Willow finds herself torn between concealing the truth about her past and Reuben’s connection to her family.

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Goddess’s Design His Fated Mate by Pooja Chapter 10

Willow visits Beta Ken to take responsibility for the chaos caused by her friend Reuben’s unexpected arrival. Beta Ken is reluctant, but Willow insists. Willow then finds Reuben in her room, being cared for by her children Wyatt and Lori, who seem surprisingly comfortable with him.

Willow realizes Reuben may have disclosed their mate bond to the children. Willow demands Reuben pay compensation for his actions, but he claims he was also injured. Willow sends the children away to play with Beta Ken, determined to confront Reuben.

Reuben reveals his true intentions – to steal Willow, not her children. He threatens to file for sole custody of Wyatt and Lori if Willow tries to escape. Reuben then physically restrains Willow, reminding her of the “debt” she owes him from their past.

Willow refuses to submit, declaring she is no longer the same Willow he knew. Reuben finds Willow’s change only increases his desire for her, determined to “taste the new flavor” of this changed Willow.

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