Stronger by Ang Chris Chapter Summary

Stronger by Ang Chris

Stronger by Ang Chris revolves around a rare breed, the daughter of an Alpha capable of birthing powerful offspring. At 18, she faces the imminent danger of her first heat, which could prove fatal if she remains unmated. To secure her future, her parents invite pack leaders and their sons to compete for her hand.

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Amidst this tension, she unexpectedly encounters her soulmate during the tournament. This revelation brings her comfort and a sense of safety, as she believes they are destined for each other by the goddess. However, challenges to their bond may arise, and the synopsis hints at a strong love that will withstand any trials.

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Book Title Stronger by Ang Chris
Author Ang Chris
Where to Read Amazon | Webnovel | AnyStories | Goodnovel
Genres Alpha Drama, Fated Mate, Possessive, Romance, War, WereWolf
Tags WereWolf, Ang Chris

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Stronger by Ang Chris PDF

Stronger by Ang Chris PDF

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Stronger by Ang Chris Chapter 1

The young female, Anna, comes from a long line of powerful alphas. Though blessed, her lineage also brings challenges as she reaches her eighteenth birthday. That night, her parents will present her to eligible males from neighboring packs in the hopes she will choose a mate.

Anna is nervous and reluctant, wishing to delay the ceremony. Her brothers try to comfort her, reminding her she has the final say. When the time comes, Anna’s mother encourages her to have hope and trust that the goddess will not forsake her.

Anna makes her entrance, presenting herself as the prize to impressive suitors. Her future and whether she will find love or anger is left uncertain as the night unfolds.

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Stronger by Ang Chris Chapter 2

Annette readied herself for the parade to choose her mate. Many alphas attended, including Alpha Romano and his son Sean, who yawned upon meeting her. She was more impressed by Alpha Jacob and Luna Maria of the Frozen Moon pack in Alaska.

William, son of Alpha Julian, aggressively tried to charm her despite her discomfort. A confrontation ensued when William grabbed her arm, with Annette’s brothers defending her. Her father crippled Julian and beat him for disrespecting the traditions. Though willing to mark Julian, Annette’s father deferred to her wisdom.

At her instruction, he held Julian while Annette marked his face herself, clawing his left eye as retribution for his wrongdoing.

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Stronger by Ang Chris Chapter 3

Eva, an alpha werewolf, had to defend herself against two men who accosted her at her birthday party. She injured one man badly, slashing his eye. The clan’s warriors took the men away to the dungeons. Eva’s mother was furious at the men’s actions and wanted to demand retribution, but Eva convinced her to let the matter rest.

Eva went to clean up with the help of her friends Cea and Gia. They encouraged her to return to the party to show her strength. When Eva had a moment alone, a beta named Matthew approached her with a gift from his alpha, who wished to court Eva but couldn’t attend the party.

Matthew apologized for the disruption. Eva was intrigued by the alpha’s thoughtful gift of a leather-bound book containing pressed flowers. She wondered about this alpha who seemed genuine in his interest in her.

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Stronger by Ang Chris Chapter 4

The main character Annette had conversations with several suitors who wished to compete for her hand in marriage. One suitor, Maxwell, she found pleasant to talk to but still felt something was missing. Her brother Theo reassured her to listen to her instincts.

Annette helped deliver a baby for Patricia and enjoyed helping others. She spoke to a suitor named Peter who revealed he already loved a girl from his own pack. Annette found an unpleasant suitor named Gregory and dismissed him. Finally, she met with the beta from the Northern Eclipse pack, sent by their absent Alpha Grayson.

Though Grayson had not shown up yet, the beta praised Grayson and Annette was intrigued by the gifts Grayson had sent, including flowers and a romance novel. She decided to allow Grayson to compete in the upcoming tournament.

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Stronger by Ang Chris Chapter 5

Anna is prepared for the traditional tournament where the men of her pack will fight for the right to be her mate. She is anxious, feeling like something is missing. When the fighting begins, Anna hears the sounds of battle and grows desperate to be there.

She smells pine and realizes it is him, the man she is drawn to. Anna pushes through the crowd and sees the tall man with black curly hair, recognizing him as her mate. Two other men are about to attack him while he is distracted.

Anna screams, stopping the fight. They have finally met, their bond of mates revealed for all to see.

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Stronger by Ang Chris Chapter 6

His hand grabbed her whole side and pulled her to him, making her feel safest. He sniffed her head and pulled her into both arms, lifting her to wrap around him. She knew this was home. Their hearts beat in sync and peace overcame her.

She woke confused in her bed, searching frantically for him until running into her father. He explained she fell asleep in his arms at the tournament. Her family celebrated, overjoyed by the goddess’ choice. Her mate’s beta, Matthew, checked on his Alpha.

Seeing her, her mate stilled staring silently. He quickly excused himself, leaving her confused. Her family began planning her binding ceremony, hoping for a celebration like their pack’s tradition with candles and ribbons. Matthew returned, bowing to her mate who also stared at her.

He hastily left with his beta, apologizing. She was left wanting to understand the odd pair they must seem.

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Stronger by Ang Chris Chapter 7

Grayson, the alpha male, competes in a tournament to win Annette, the female alpha of the Celestial Tide pack. He feels unusually aggressive and bloodthirsty, struggling to control his wolf Enzo. Grayson easily defeats his first opponents, toying with one who was flirting with other females.

He protects a young boy being bullied and knocks out the bullies quickly. Another man manages to claw Grayson’s flank in their fight. Grayson knocks out the remaining competitors until he hears Annette scream in agony, which breaks through his battle frenzy.

Drawn to her, his eyes return to their normal gray as he stops caring about the fights.

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Stronger by Ang Chris Chapter 8

Grayson was called away to deal with an intruding wolf who had been harassing one of the pack’s warriors. He brought the woman back to keep her safe and left hastily for his lands. Annette was upset that Grayson did not speak to her before leaving and felt he did not appreciate that she was given to him as his soulmate.

The next morning, Annette got ready hoping Grayson would apologize, but he did not come. At breakfast with her family, Annette tried to remain patient but was still bothered by Grayson’s actions. She hoped he would come talk to her later that day.

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Stronger by Ang Chris Chapter 9

Luna finishes her morning duties helping with the crops. Ella, a warrior from the Northern Eclipse pack, introduces herself and offers to help Luna pack up before leaving in two days to return to her pack. Luna spars with Ella in a training session to get a sense of the warriors in her mate’s pack.

The fight is intense, with both Luna and Ella landing hard hits on each other. In the end, Luna is able to pin Ella down and force her submission. As Ella recovers, Luna looks up to see her mate watching them.

They lock eyes but he says little before abruptly leaving.

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Stronger by Ang Chris Chapter 10

Grayson attended dinner at Anna’s family home to introduce himself as her mate. Though the dinner went smoothly, Grayson remained guarded. Anna’s brother James openly challenged Grayson, but Anna stopped him. After dinner, Grayson quickly took his leave without fully acknowledging Anna.

Frustrated by Grayson’s distance, Anna questioned if he felt their bond at all or if it was one-sided. She found it difficult that he could so easily leave her when all she wanted was him. The next day, Grayson planned to spar with James as promised before leaving with Anna for his pack lands, though his continued avoidance of addressing their connection troubled Anna.

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