The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate Chapter Summary

The Alpha's Rejected and Broken Mate

The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate by CatSmith introduces Amber, a fierce and outspoken girl without a wolf, who is contrasted with her obedient twin Sophie. After a betrayal, Amber faces a marriage of convenience to an Alpha who seeks an heir. The story explores Amber’s struggle with her identity and family dynamics.

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TitleThe Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate
ReadAmazon | Dreame
AuthorCat Smith
GenreBillionaire, HE (Happily Ever After), Opposites Attract, Tragedy, bxg (boy x girl), Pack Dynamics
Main CharactersAmber, Sophie
ThemesFamily dynamics, rejection, self-discovery, resilience, overcoming adversity

The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate PDF

The Alpha's Rejected and Broken Mate Sophie vs Amber

The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate Chapter 1

The chapter opens with Clarissa enduring a challenging labor at their mansion, with Beta Mathew anxiously waiting outside. The birth of their twins, Sophie Brianna and Amber Rianne Henderson is a mix of agony and awe. Mathew is instantly smitten by Sophie, who resembles him with her pale skin and blue eyes, but he is perplexed by Amber’s distinct red hair and green eyes, unlike either parent.

As the girls grow up, their differences become more pronounced in appearance and personality. Sophie is the obedient, quiet, and calm child, adored by their parents. Amber, conversely, is fiery, brave, opinionated, and often in trouble, which embarrasses her parents.

Their differing natures lead to a divide in the family, with Amber increasingly feeling like an outsider. The parents’ hopes for Amber to impress them with a magnificent wolf transformation during their sixteenth birthday are dashed when she fails to shift, unlike Sophie, who becomes a beautiful silver wolf. This event deepens the family rift.

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The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate Chapter 2

Sophie in The Alpha's Rejected and Broken Mate

In the next chapter, we delve into Amber Henderson’s perspective, revealing her internal struggles and resilience in the face of familial rejection. Amber, the black sheep of her family, is an “undesirable” – a term used for shifters who cannot transform into wolves. This difference has marked her as an outcast within her family and pack, especially in contrast to her adored twin sister, Sophie, who fits seamlessly into their family’s expectations.

The chapter poignantly narrates the day Amber fails to shift on her sixteenth birthday, a moment fraught with anticipation and despair. While Sophie successfully transforms into a wolf, Amber remains human, deepening the divide between her and her family. This failure makes her undesirable in the eyes of her community, further alienating her from her family.

Despite this, Amber finds solace in her relationship with Darius, the future Alpha, who accepts her unconditionally.

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The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate Chapter 3

The Alpha's Rejected and Broken Mate Amber in class

In the chapter “Sophie’s Thoughts” from “The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate,” we delve into the inner world of Sophie Henderson, Amber’s twin sister. Sophie is portrayed as a character filled with envy and bitterness, particularly towards Amber and her relationship with Darius, the Alpha-to-be. Despite being the favored child, Sophie harbors deep insecurities and jealousy, especially regarding Amber’s inability to shift, which she sees as a weakness.

The chapter highlights Sophie’s manipulative and selfish nature as she schemes to win Darius’s affection, showcasing her obsession with him. She views Amber’s relationship with Darius and her unshifted status as unjust, feeling entitled to more attention and love. Sophie’s internal monologue reveals her true feelings, painting a picture of a troubled and resentful individual struggling with her own identity and place within her family and the pack.

Sophie’s character contrasts sharply with Amber’s resilience and independence. Whereas Amber seeks to forge her own path, Sophie is consumed by her desire for validation and acceptance, leading her to act out in harmful ways.

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The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate Chapter 4

Amber fighting in The Alpha's Rejected and Broken Mate

In this chapter, Amber’s strength and resilience are vividly showcased. Working at Leo’s Diner, she encounters a group of menacing bikers.

Among them, Damo, a particularly troublesome figure, harasses Amber, leading to a confrontation. Amber’s response to Damo’s advances is assertive and fierce, ultimately leading to a physical altercation where she defends herself with remarkable skill and courage.

This incident culminates in the arrival of the sheriff and the arrest of the bikers. Throughout this encounter, Amber’s character shines through as she stands up for herself against intimidation and harassment, reflecting her inner strength and refusal to be victimized.

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The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate Chapter 5

Amber upset in The Alpha's Rejected and Broken Mate

The chapter starts with Amber preparing for a date, taking care of her appearance, and expressing her unique style. Despite her excitement, the date takes an uncomfortable turn when Darius, soon to become the Alpha, pressures Amber to have s$x.

Amber, labeled as undesirable due to her inability to shift, is conscious of her precarious status in the pack and refuses, leading to a heated argument.

Darius’s lack of understanding and respect for her boundaries results in Amber ending the date early, feeling disheartened, and returning home to cry herself to sleep.

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The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate Chapter 6

Still upset with him, she begins to question her own decisions, contemplating whether resisting Darius’s advances was necessary. Despite her frustration, her fear of further stigmatization as an undesirable within the pack persists.

The chapter takes a turn when Darius appears at her door, offering a remorseful apology and a bouquet of Amber’s favorite purple roses. His sincere apology and the gesture of the flowers soften Amber’s mood. She accepts his apology, indicating a resolution to their disagreement and a continuation of their relationship.

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The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate Chapter 7

The chapter unfolds with Sophie seizing an opportunity to be alone with Darius at their house, under the pretense of needing help with her homework. With Amber unexpectedly called into work, Sophie crafts a scenario to entice Darius, deliberately dressing provocatively to contrast Amber’s style.

Sophie’s tactics are successful in capturing Darius’s attention, leading to a sexually charged encounter. Throughout this, Sophie reveals her true intentions – she has long harbored feelings for Darius and sees this as her chance to replace Amber as his chosen mate. The chapter reaches its climax when Amber returns home unexpectedly and walks in on Sophie and Darius in a compromising position.

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The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate Chapter 8

amber sad in The Alpha's Rejected and Broken Mate

The chapter starts with Amber, working at a diner and helping her boss, Leo, due to a staff shortage. After a hectic day, Leo offers her an early leave, and she gratefully accepts, unaware of the impending storm waiting at home. On her way back, Amber reflects on her love for books and her plans for the future with her boyfriend, Darius, only to realize she forgot to inform him about her work schedule.

Upon reaching home, she finds Darius’s car in the driveway and senses something amiss. Amber’s heart sinks as she hears familiar voices from her sister Sophie’s room. The truth hits her like a ton of bricks when she witnesses Darius and Sophie together in a compromising position. The betrayal is twofold – Darius, her boyfriend for over a year, and Sophie, her own sister, are now in a relationship.

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Confrontation ensues, with Amber lashing out at both Sophie and Darius. The scene intensifies when their parents arrive, leading to a tense and awkward family discussion. To Amber’s disbelief, Darius announces that he has chosen Sophie as his mate. Her parents, particularly her father, dismiss Amber’s feelings, citing her status as an “undesirable” due to her lack of wolf. This familial coldness cuts deeper than Darius’s betrayal.

Amber’s emotional turmoil is palpable as she grapples with feelings of betrayal, anger, and hurt. The chapter ends with a crushing blow to Amber’s heart as the family begins discussing Sophie and Darius’s wedding, while she is left to process the harsh reality of her situation.

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The Alpha’s Rejected and Broken Mate Chapter 9

Amber in The Alpha's Rejected and Broken Mate

The chapter opens with Sophie gloating over her successful plot to seduce Darius, Amber’s boyfriend. She reveals her cunning plan: to be caught in the act by her parents and Amber, ensuring her position as Darius’s chosen mate and future Luna of the pack. Sophie’s contempt for Amber is evident, as she relishes in the pain and humiliation she has caused her sister.

The scene shifts to a confrontation between Sophie and Darius after school. Darius, clearly upset, confronts Sophie about her manipulative actions. Sophie remains unfazed, justifying her actions as a means to an end – to be with Darius and become Luna. She admits to having always loved Darius and despised Amber for being his choice despite her inability to shift into a wolf and her perceived inferiority within the pack.

Sophie’s ambition and lack of empathy are starkly evident as she coldly calculates her next moves, indifferent to the emotional turmoil she has caused. She envisions a future where she reigns as Luna alongside Darius, dismissing any notion of love or genuine companionship in their forced union.

The chapter ends with a chilling encounter between Sophie and Amber. Sophie’s malicious joy is apparent as she taunts Amber with her upcoming wedding plans. Amber, in contrast, responds with a mix of pity and prophecy, foreseeing a future of misery for Sophie. She warns Sophie that a life devoid of genuine love and respect, much like their parents’ marriage, awaits her.

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