Owned By Her Triplet Bullies Chapter Summary

Owned By Her Triplet Bullies

Owned By Her Triplet Bullies by Gory Anna follows Emma Garcia, an orphaned omega constantly subjected to bullying, particularly from the Alpha’s triplet sons and the Beta’s daughter.

Emma yearns for her 18th birthday as her ticket out of the pack, but everything changes when she discovers that she is mated to her tormentors, the Alpha’s Triplets. Determined to defy her fate, Emma rejects the Triplets, setting off a chain of shocking events.

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Meanwhile, the Beta’s daughter schemes to keep the brothers for herself, intensifying the Triplet’s quest to win Emma’s affection.

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Book TitleOwned By Her Triplet Bullies
AuthorGory Anna
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresHorror, Werewolf
TagsAlpha, Bully, Kickass, Mate, Omega, Shifters

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Owned By Her Triplet Bullies PDF

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Owned By Her Triplet Bullies Chapter 1

Emma Garcia, the main character from 'Owned By Her Triplet Bullies'

In this chapter, Emma, a mistreated and bullied Omega, is confronted by the triplets and Hailey, who accuse her of spreading rumors about them. Despite her denials, they violently assault her, with Julian being the most ruthless.

Alexander, the calmest of the triplets, silently watches. After the beating, they force Emma to wash already clean dishes and make her late for school. Her only ally, James, consoles her and offers to buy her lunch.

In the cafeteria, Emma attracts negative attention from other students, but Alexander momentarily saves her from a fall before letting her crash to the ground. Emma hopes to escape her torment when she turns 18 in a few months.

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Owned By Her Triplet Bullies Chapter 2

Julian, Philip, and Alexander, the male leads from 'Owned By Her Triplet Bullies'

Emma endures a humiliating experience at school as her classmates mock and belittle her. She is eventually helped up by John, who apologizes for not standing up for her.

They leave school and spend the day together, finding solace and laughter in each other’s company. Emma confides in John about not attending prom, and feeling like a loser unworthy of a date.

Though John already has a date, he suggests she come along as a third wheel. Emma declines, determined to face her circumstances independently. Later, she faces her abusive sister, Hailey, who chastises her for returning home late and neglecting her chores. Hailey’s mysterious question about prom leaves Emma apprehensive about what she has in store for her.

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Owned By Her Triplet Bullies Chapter 3

Emma wakes up with a headache and realizes she’s late for morning duties. Expecting punishment from her tormentors, Julian, Philip, and Alexander, she is shocked when they show concern and apologize for their past behavior.

Confused but grateful, Emma is given time to process their change of heart and is relieved of her kitchen duties. As she questions their motives, they invite her to meet them outside. Emma is taken aback by their compliments and is even more surprised when they invite her to sit in their car.

At school, they act as her bodyguards, keeping bullies at bay. Days pass, and Emma begins to feel comfortable around the triplets as they show her kindness. One day, at a restaurant, they ask Emma to be their date to prom, leaving her shocked.

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Owned By Her Triplet Bullies Chapter 4

Emma is taken aback when Alexander, Julian, and Philip, the three most popular guys in school, ask her to be their prom date. Despite her reservations about what Hailey would think, Emma agrees, feeling ecstatic at the opportunity.

She shares the news with her best friend, John, who warns her that their sudden behavior change may be suspicious. Ignoring John’s concerns, Emma is determined to trust her instincts and believes the boys have genuinely changed.

On prom night, however, Philip humiliates Emma in front of everyone, revealing that it was all a cruel prank. Devastated, Emma flees in tears, heartbroken by their betrayal.

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Owned By Her Triplet Bullies Chapter 5

Emma, devastated by the triplets’ betrayal, seeks solace in John’s arms. He had warned her about their true nature, but she didn’t listen. The viral video of her humiliation adds to her pain, with classmates and even her lecturer suggesting she leave school.

Determined to forget the day’s events, Emma agrees to go out with John for a meal. They visit a restaurant where John surprises her by paying off an outstanding debt. As they sit down to eat, Emma realizes she can find comfort and happiness in the friendship she has with John, promising herself to cherish their bond.

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Owned By Her Triplet Bullies Chapter 6

Emma’s eighteenth birthday approaches, but she has no intentions of celebrating. She feels powerless against the bullying she faces from Hailey and her triplet bullies. John, a caring friend, wants to help free her from their torment. They share a moment in the park, wishing for better lives.

Emma reveals her troubled past and wishes for a peaceful family, while John hopes his grandmother will live until his graduation. Despite distractions, they connect and discuss finding a balance in life. As the night wears on, Emma realizes she must return home to face the consequences of her absence.

The chapter ends with her feeling doomed as Hailey and the triplets confront her, reminding her of her place in their household.

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Owned By Her Triplet Bullies Chapter 7

Emma, a young girl living under the oppressive rule of Hailey and her boys, is forced to endure endless chores and humiliation. Hailey deliberately dirties dishes and leaves piles of laundry for Emma to clean.

Emma’s hands are left swollen and sore from scrubbing and handwashing. Despite her exhaustion, she manages to finish the tasks and finally get some sleep. However, her respite is short-lived as she is rudely awakened by the boys, only to be taunted and splashed with cold water.

Hailey’s cruel orders force Emma to declare her unwillingness to attend school, resulting in a brutal slap and hair pull. Emma, terrified of what Hailey has planned, reluctantly cleans up and school heads, enduring further humiliation as her classmates mock and insult her. John, a classmate, offers her support and tries to help her find new clothes and deodorant.

Remaining word count: 15 words.

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Owned By Her Triplet Bullies Chapter 8

Emma panics when she realizes her clothes are missing in the bathroom and fears humiliation. John appears and helps her by providing clothes from the lost and found. They escape to the rooftop and discuss Hailey’s continuous harassment.

As they plan to eat lunch together, they unknowingly walk into a trap set by Hailey and her companions. The chapter ends with Hailey ordering the students to attack Emma, resulting in her being pelted with water balloons, flour, and eggs.

Despite the fortunate interruption of the bell signaling the end of lunch break, Emma remains in distress, aware that this won’t be the end of her torment at Hailey’s hands.

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Owned By Her Triplet Bullies Chapter 9

In this chapter, Emma finds herself targeted by Hailey and her group of triplets at school. Fearing their retaliation, Emma tries to divert the attention of her teacher by falsely claiming to be the one disturbed. Unfortunately, her plan fails, and Hailey continues to torment her.

After school, Emma’s friend John asks her about Hailey’s actions, leading Emma to reveal Hailey’s threat against her. To Emma’s dismay, Hailey arrives with her gang, revealing that they have caused harm to their teacher. Hailey takes pleasure in tormenting Emma, verbally and physically, along with the assistance of the triplets.

They tie her up, subjecting her to a cruel punishment involving ants and cockroaches. Meanwhile, Alexander, one of Hailey’s companions, betrays Emma by ignoring her pleas for help. Eventually, they release Emma, leaving her battered and broken.

Returning home, Emma is met with a pile of chores. Despite her wounds, she attends to them, and then witnesses a shocking scene in Alexander’s room. Hailey engages in explicit activity with Julian, while Alexander receives a blow job. Their encounter only adds to Emma’s disturbed state of mind, causing her sleepless night.

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Owned By Her Triplet Bullies Chapter 10

image 46

Emma wakes up sore from a sleepless night while Hailey and the boys engage in intimate activities. Determined to avoid their cruelty, Emma hurries to do her chores. But when she enters the sitting room, she witnesses Hailey and Alexander in a steamy embrace.

Hailey notices Emma’s gaze and insults her, forcing Emma to clean up the aftermath of their encounter in Alexander’s room. Later, Emma endures mistreatment from Julian and Philip, and Hailey pours orange juice on her face. She prepares breakfast, deals with more insults, and is left behind as the others head to school. Emma encounters her friend John, who offers her food and support.

They face further humiliation from their peers, and Emma gets summoned to the principal’s office over rumors of a disease outbreak. Despite explaining it as a reaction to body wash, Emma must still undergo a medical examination.

Concerned, John waits for Emma outside the principal’s office, and they discuss the absurdity of the situation. They find the school empty as everyone is outside for P.E., and no one wants Emma in their group due to the supposed disease. Hailey reluctantly allows Emma to join her group, where trouble awaits.

Philip throws a ball at Emma’s head, causing her to lose consciousness. As she fades away, Hailey’s cruel smile is the last thing Emma sees.

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