The Dark Side Of Fate Chapter Summary

The Dark Side Of Fate

The Dark Side Of Fate by Karima Sa’ad Usman revolves around Tamia who finds herself in a difficult situation when her husband suddenly finds his fated mate. As she fades into the shadows of his heart from being the loved wife, the heartbreak is intense for Tamia. However, she cannot let go due to the ties that bind them yet knows only true freedom can bring her peace.

When an opportunity arises for Tamia to escape her husband’s pack by virtue of sacrifice, she takes it without looking back. Though fate has decided to rob her of her joy, home and happy ending, Tamia takes control of her destiny and chooses to create her own fate with the Dark Alpha. The story follows Tamia as she decides to forge a new future for herself outside of the confines of her past life.

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Book TitleThe Dark Side Of Fate
AuthorKarima Sa’ad Usman
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
TagsAlpha, Fated, Husband, Rejection

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The Dark Side Of Fate PDF

The Dark Side Of Fate PDF

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The Dark Side Of Fate Chapter 1

Tamia is the Luna of the Mountain pack, having been chosen by the alpha Leonardo five years ago. At a dinner party hosted by Leonardo’s beta, Tamia watches as Leonardo becomes enthralled upon seeing Amanda Richford, the daughter of another pack’s alpha. Leonardo follows Amanda out to the balcony to speak with her privately, confirming Tamia’s fear that Amanda is Leonardo’s fated mate. Heartbroken, Tamia runs home in her wolf form, feeling the pain through their bond as Leonardo immediately touches Amanda intimately.

When Tamia confronts Leonardo at their home, he admits what happened but asks Tamia for time to decide between her and Amanda. Tamia is furious, knowing that as Luna she has no choice but to stay with Leonardo despite the betrayal as she has built their pack together and would be rejected by others. She worries about how to endure Leonardo being with Amanda while he takes the time to decide her fate.

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The Dark Side Of Fate Chapter 2

Tamia was Leo’s wife of five years, whom he loved deeply. However, at a dinner party, Leo encounters Amanda and realizes she is his fated mate. Her scent drew him in and they bonded, though he tried to reject her. News spread of the encounter, jeopardizing Leo’s relationship with Tamia and position as alpha.

Leo was torn between his duty to his pack by strengthening his line through Amanda, and his promises and love for Tamia. He knew claiming Amanda would hurt Tamia, but rejecting her would weaken him as alpha. The pack members learned of the bonding and would pressure Leo to set Tamia aside for Amanda. Leo sought advice from friends but decided to ignore the bond and stay with Tamia, hoping he could gather the strength to reject Amanda.

Tamia confronted Leo after discovering the bonding, hurt and afraid of losing him. Leo was remorseful but had no good answers, as he was trapped between his conflicting responsibilities to his mate, his pack, and himself. The situation left all parties in anguish through no fault of their own, as fate had cruelly connected Leo to two women.

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The Dark Side Of Fate Chapter 3

Tamia goes for a morning run and senses that the pack members look at her strangely, aware that news has spread of Leo finding his fated mate Amanda. At a meeting with the other lunas, Linda admits that her life has been miserable since her husband Kyle claimed his fated three years ago. She now finds comfort through affairs but says the Alphas stop caring once they’ve claimed their fate. Tamia learns the hard truths of her new reality.

That evening, Ramzey confronts Leo and Tamia in the parking lot. He demands that Leo come claim Amanda from his pack since he defiled her at the party. Ramzey acknowledges that Leo won’t reject either Tamia or Amanda due to the weakness it would cause. Tamia realizes Ramzey has accurately portrayed her bleak situation and numbly gets in the car, fighting her tears.

During their argument, Leo insists to Ramzey that he only made out with Amanda and did not have s$x with her. However, Ramzey is still furious that Leo lost control and ripped Amanda’s dress, embarrassing her. He maintains that Leo must now do the honorable thing and formally claim Amanda.

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The Dark Side Of Fate Chapter 4

Tamia’s suspicions were confirmed when she felt a sharp pain in her chest while waking up alone in bed. The pain abruptly stopped, indicating that Leo had claimed Amanda by marking her neck. When Tamia went to the kitchen for food, she found Leo and Amanda laughing together. Amanda showed off the new mark on her neck, making it clear she was now Leo’s fated. Though Leo insisted nothing had changed and Tamia was still his Luna, she refused and told him she was no longer the only Luna.

After the council meeting ruled that Leo must take in Amanda, Tamia returned home to find Amanda’s things already moved into their guest room. Amanda apologized for the inconvenience but both she and Tamia knew it was only a matter of time before Amanda replaced her. Tamia avoided speaking to Amanda and spent the day running in her wolf form to escape the situation. When she returned home at night, she could hear Leo and Amanda arguing in Amanda’s room, making it apparent Amanda had lied about the extent of her previous encounter with Leo.

At the council meeting, the other alphas pressured Leo to accept Amanda as his fated, claiming it was the honorable thing to do. When Leo refused, they threatened that the council would oppose him if he did not take Amanda in by the end of the week. Facing the disapproval of the entire council, Tamia knew they did not stand a chance and that Amanda would soon be living with them.

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The Dark Side Of Fate Chapter 5

Tamia’s marriage with Leo continues to deteriorate as he spends more time with his fated mate Amanda. Tamia sees the signs and works on her exit from the pack. At a dinner party hosted by another alpha, Tamia attends despite Leo wanting her to stay home. She wears a revealing dress and receives attention from other men, knowing it will upset Leo. A handsome stranger, Alpha Devin from a distant pack, approaches Tamia and asks her for a dance.

Tamia ignores repeated attempts by Leo to contact her and enjoys herself at the party. She spends time with Luna Linda and Luna Avery, who are both going through similar situations with their alphas finding fated mates. The three support each other and drown their sorrows together. Tamia receives many compliments on her beauty and outfit from other men at the party, further upsetting Leo’s plans to keep her isolated at home.

At the party, when Alpha Devin from the Greenwood pack asks Tamia for a dance, she is puzzled by his presence so far from his own lands. However, she is also intrigued and considers accepting despite Leo’s protests, eager to spite her estranged husband after months of neglect. The chapter is told from Tamia’s perspective and focuses on the deterioration of her marriage as well as her growing independence.

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The Dark Side Of Fate Chapter 6

Tamia attends a party where she learns more about the situation with the other Luna. Both Avery and Linda are being physically abused by their Alphas, Kyle and Max. They reveal that the beatings are a way for the Alphas to prove they do not care for their Luna and are only with them due to necessity. Tamia dances with the mysterious Alpha Devin, who reveals himself to be the famous Bane. He promises to protect Tamia at the party. When Leo tries to get Tamia to leave with him, she refuses as she no longer feels safe with him. Leo begs Tamia to stay with him at home, worried about losing his status, but Tamia insists they separate.

Tamia learns more troubling details about the treatment of Luna at the party. Both Avery and Linda confide in Tamia that their Alphas, Kyle, and Max, physically abuse them. They believe the beatings are a way for the Alphas to show they do not care for their Luna and are only with them because they have no other choice. After dancing with the mysterious Alpha Devin, he reveals his true identity as Bane, the famous warrior who fights against the Dark Alpha’s forces.

At home, Leo tries to convince Tamia to stay with him despite their issues. He claims to still love her and wants to make their arrangement work. However, Tamia insists they must separate as

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The Dark Side Of Fate Chapter 7

The chapter is written from Tamia’s point of view. Tamia and Leo get into an argument after Amanda bangs on their door while Leo is in Tamia’s room. Leo stands up to Amanda and asserts that Tamia is his wife. Their pack comes under attack by wolves from the Dark Alpha. Leo wants Tamia to hide but she refuses to leave Amanda undefended. It’s revealed that Amanda is pregnant with Leo’s child. Invaders break into their home and overpower Leo. Tamia surrenders herself as a trophy to save Leo’s life. The men place silver chains on her and take her away to the north.

The pack comes under attack by wolves from the Dark Alpha. Leo wants Tamia to hide but she refuses to leave Amanda undefended, asserting that as Luna too she should have to fight. It’s revealed that Amanda is pregnant with Leo’s child.

Invaders break into their home and overpower Leo. Tamia surrenders herself as a trophy to save Leo’s life. The men place silver chains on her and take her away to the north, dreading the days ahead.

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The Dark Side Of Fate Chapter 8

The men dragged Tamia after witnessing a massacre between her pack and the northern wolves. She saw many wounded and dead wolves, realizing how ruthless the Dark Alpha was. She was taken to a border and loaded into a white van with other women like Avery and the quiet Linda.

In the van, Avery explained to Tamia that their husbands had surrendered them as peace offerings to spare themselves. Tamia confessed to Avery that she left to save Leo after he got another woman pregnant. She could no longer bear to be the third wheel in their family. Linda had lost her baby and will due to the stress of what happened.

They arrived at an ancient castle estate belonging to the Dark Alpha. The Gamma, the third in command, examined them and punished the man who had slapped Tamia. He assured them the northern men were civilized before taking the women to rest while waiting for more captives to arrive.

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The Dark Side Of Fate Chapter 9

Leo woke up in wolf form with Amanda weeping beside him. He shifted back and she hugged him tightly, weeping over what had happened. He searched for Tamia and learned from Amanda that during the attack, Tamia had given herself up to the intruders in Leo’s stead to save his life. They took her away in chains while the attack ended. Leo fell to his knees roaring in anger and punched the ground until his knuckles bled, overwhelmed with pain and grief over losing Tamia.

At the meeting of the Alphas, Leo rushed at Kyle in a rage, blaming him for causing the war that led to Tamia being taken. Kyle denied responsibility but Leo did not believe him. Leo was devastated over losing Tamia and felt broken, while the other Alphas urged him to cut his losses and move on. Leo refused to accept that, declaring he wanted to get Tamia back.

Leo walked out of the meeting in a confused and powerless state. He had no solution there and saw no purpose in fighting or making plans with the others if he could not get Tamia returned. He would instead return home to grieve over his loss.

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The Dark Side Of Fate Chapter 10

The chapter is written from Tamia’s POV. She and other women are brought before the Alpha, Sylvester Volkov, to be examined. He tells them not to look him in the eyes or smile at him. Tamia defiantly looks him in the eyes when he examines her. He declares her “Mine” instead of assigning her to a category like the harem or servants.

In a bath, Avery and Linda tell Tamia about the abuse they suffered from their mates. Avery was beaten by her mate and hopes being the Beta’s woman will be better. Linda was mistreated and cheated on by her mate. They are given revealing gowns and taken to dine. Tamia is then brought to her room to wait for the Alpha. When he arrives, they speak but she maintains her tough exterior. He threatens to choke her for looking at him earlier but says she is his and leaves her shaken.

Tamia remains defiant against the Alpha Sylvester despite his intimidating presence and power over her. She questions if he will truly mistreat her as Avery and Linda’s mates did to them. Her defiance intrigues the Alpha but also risks angering him, leaving her uncertain of what future awaits under his control.

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