The Alpha Claiming His Enemy’s Daughter Review: From Enemies To Lovers

The Alpha Claiming His Enemy's Daughter Review

The Alpha Claiming His Enemy’s Daughter is a fantasy werewolf romance novel written by i_want_to_sleep. This novel has more than 500+ chapters and is ongoing with nearly 5 million views.

The story follows Alpha Cane, who seeks revenge against the children of the enemy alpha who enslaved and killed Cane’s family ten years prior. After taking over, Cane sets his sights on making the enemy alpha’s daughter Iris pay for her father’s sins.

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Alpha Claiming His Enemy’s Daughter Review


However, Iris is a deaf and kindhearted runt wolf who challenges Cane’s preconceived notions. As Cane wrestles with his desire for vengeance and his growing feelings for Iris, the story explores complex themes of abuse, forbidden love, redemption, and the gray morality of the characters shaped by their dark pasts.

With its unpredictable plot twists, a slow-burn romance, and immersive magical world-building, the book is an engaging mature fantasy that keeps readers hooked through shocking betrayals, tense action, and the multilayered relationship between Cane and Iris.

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The Alpha Claiming His Enemy’s Daughter Chapter 1

Iris in alpha claiming his enemy's daughter

In this first chapter, we meet the main character, Iris Lane. Poor Iris has had a rough life as a werewolf runt. Since birth, she’s been sickly, small, and unable to shift into her wolf form. On top of that, she’s deaf! Not an ideal situation for our heroine.

The Blue Moon pack that Iris belongs to has just been defeated in a war by the Howling Wolf pack, led by Alpha Cane NorternCane was once a s$$$e for 10 years under Blue Moon’s previous Alpha, Iris’ father. Now he’s back for revenge!

Iris is dragged from the dungeon by a rude guard to meet Cane. He wants payback for what her father did to him and his family. Cane towers over petite little Iris and glares at her menacingly. She’s understandably terrified!

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He orders her to undress and get on the bed, but since Iris can’t hear, she has no idea what he wants. Cane gets angry, drags her to the bed, and pins her down while she cries silently. Not an auspicious start for these two!

Cane says he’ll make Iris suffer just as he did under her father’s rule. But feisty Iris gathers her courage and asks “Why me? Take revenge on my father instead!”

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The Alpha Claiming His Enemy’s Daughter Chapter 2

Uh oh, feisty little Iris has challenged big bad Cane to take revenge on her father instead of her. Not a smart move when he’s got her pinned down!

Cane explains that her father destroyed his pack, killed his family, and made him a s$$$e for 10 years. So now it’s Iris’ turn to feel his pain and be his s$$$e.

He starts getting handsy and grabby with innocent Iris, who’s never been touched before. She cries out in pain when he pinches her nipple – ouch! Cane’s just getting warmed up for more torture.

He flips petite Iris over and tears her dress off to have his way with her. Iris is terrified but prepares for the worst. Then boom, suddenly Cane stops his assault! What gives?

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Apparently, he’s caught a glimpse of Iris’ scarred back and is shocked. He interrogates her about who hurt her. But uh oh, remember Iris is deaf! She keeps ignoring his questions because she can’t hear him.

Frustrated Cane gets all up in her face demanding answers. But he’s confused why Iris doesn’t heal and why she’s so frail and bony. For an Alpha’s daughter, she looks half-starved!

Finally, he’s like “Get out!” and throws her out naked. Iris grabs his shirt to cover up with. Cane is left scratching his head wondering what her deal is.

What a surprising turn of events! Big bad Cane suddenly got a conscience when he saw poor Iris’ scars.

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The Alpha Claiming His Enemy’s Daughter Chapter 3

After their disturbing encounter, Cane kicks little Iris out of his room wearing only his shirt that goes to her thighs!

The nice guard takes Iris back to her cell, saying how lucky she is Cane didn’t do what he did to her brother.

Poor Iris is getting sick again in her cold, dark cell. She prays to the moon goddess for her misery to end. Girl, I feel you!

Meanwhile, Cane is interrogating Iris’ maid Hanna to get the tea on her. He wants to know why Iris is covered in scars when she should heal as a shifter.

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Awkward Hanna has to tell big scary Cane about her dear missy’s horrible past. She pleads for him not to hurt fragile little Iris.

But surprise, Cane didn’t take advantage of Iris like we thought. He’s shocked by her scars and frailty.

Hanna insists Iris is nothing like her cruel father. But Cane doesn’t care, he just wants to know who whipped his new s$$$e!

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The Alpha Claiming His Enemy’s Daughter Chapter 4

The guards pass by Iris’ cell and see she is sick again, shivering and frail. As a runt, she was born weak and they don’t think she’ll survive much longer in the cold dungeon.

They suggest the Alpha should just kill Iris quickly to end her suffering. Though the guards pity her, they still want revenge for their years of torture under her father’s rule.

Meanwhile, Iris’ cruel brother Mason is being held captive and horribly tortured by Ethan and the others. They stab and injure him but make sure he doesn’t die, so he continually suffers.

Mason taunts Ethan about his past trauma of being assaulted. Enraged, Ethan orders Mason’s manhood to be cut off and fed to the dogs as punishment. A gruesome fate for the former alpha’s son.

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Iris’ maid Hanna reveals to Cane that it was Mason who whipped Iris, leaving scars on her back. Her body can’t heal like normal shifters.

Iris’ father also starved and locked her away in shame of having a sickly, deaf daughter. Despite her royalty, she was treated as badly as a s$$$e.

Hanna begs Cane to show mercy and let her care for poor Iris who has suffered greatly already.

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The Alpha Claiming His Enemy’s Daughter Chapter 5

Hanna begged Cane to show mercy on Iris. But Cane was like nah, death’s too easy, I still need to sleep with her. Jace was mad but Cane’s the boss.

Cane did let them take Iris out of the dungeon and get a healer though. But in 3 days, sick or not, Iris had to be in Cane’s bed! Scandalous!

Iris woke up confused in a nice room with Hanna. The girl thought she was dreaming lol. But nope, it’s real.

Just as Hanna went to get Iris food, another lady came and gave her a s$$y outfit. Said Iris is a s$$$e now and has to wear this for Cane!

Overall, lots of drama, revenge, and steamy scenes ahead. But told with some humor to lighten the dark mood. Stay tuned folks!

You can read Chapter 6 on Webnovel.

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