When His Eyes Opened Novel Review: Billionaire Romance Story

when his eyes opened

Dive into the world of When His Eyes Opened, a captivating and unconventional Billionaire romance novel by Simple Silence.

This fascinating tale breaks the mold of traditional romance novels with its unique plot, suspenseful drama, and memorable characters.

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The story follows Avery Tate and Elliot Foster as they navigate the complexities of their arranged marriage and the web of deceit surrounding them.

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Why Read Billionaire Romance When His Eyes Opened Novel?

The Unlikely Marriage in When His Eyes Opened

The story begins with Avery still dating Cole Foster, the son of the wealthiest family in Evansville, but is set up to marry Elliot by Cole’s mother, Rosalie. Arranged by Foster’s family, she is made pregnant through in vitro fertilization.

While everyone thinks it is only a matter of time till she is a widow and gets kicked out by the family, She still hopes everything will be better when Elliot regains consciousness.

At the same time, she was driven out of the Foster family when his eyes opened.

However, as soon as Elliot wakes up, he expresses hatred and disgust toward Avery and starts to ruin her life in many ways.

Betrayal & Determination

However, this is all but the start. The tangled web of relationships, including her sister’s betrayal and her ex-boyfriend’s involvement, sets the stage for a dramatic, suspenseful narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

Avery’s world shatters as she discovers the betrayals of those she once trusted, including her ex-boyfriend Cole, who encouraged her to marry Elliot while claiming to love her. Despite the pain and suffering, Avery finds her inner strength, transforming from a victim to a fierce family protector.

Plot Fires After Awakening

The story takes a fascinating turn when Elliot awakens from his coma, enraged and shocked by the discovery of his marriage.

His cruel tactics start soon enough. He tries to kill their twin babies and forces Avery to prepare her divorce papers, going so far as withholding meals from her.

Several chapters in the book highlight Elliot’s terrible behavior, including charging Avery for a $30,000 bottle of wine, attempting to kill Avery’s baby, and locking her in a master bedroom with bodyguards.

The book also features some characters who support Avery, such as Mike, who promises to protect her from Elliot.

Avery determined not to be a pushover, transforms from a weak, needy woman into a strong, independent force to be reckoned with.

Her strength and determination play a crucial role in the progression of their unconventional relationship, as she refuses to let Elliot control her.

The Romance In When His Eyes Opened

When his eyes opened romance novel

Despite their rocky start, Avery and Elliot’s romance blossoms slowly but surely, drawing readers in with intimate, tender moments that build trust and deepen their emotional bond.

The novel highlights the importance of communication, forgiveness, and growth as the main characters navigate the complexities of their unusual marriage.

Filled with captivating twists and turns, When His Eyes Opened features intense chapters, such as 366 and 403, that explore the chaos, passion, and intrigue between Avery and Elliot, keeping readers engaged throughout the story.

Supporting Characters

The book successfully portrays Elliot as a despicable character and Avery as a kind and loving woman overwhelmed by her life’s toxicity.

Despite her efforts to please those around her, she eventually has to set boundaries and protect her children from Elliot’s abuse.

A rich cast of supporting characters, each with motivations and desires, adds depth and intrigue to the story. Cole Foster, Elliot’s nephew and Avery’s ex-boyfriend ignites Elliot’s fury with his actions.

At the same time, Cassandra Tate, Avery’s sister, complicates the plot with her betrayal. The interplay between these characters and the main protagonists contributes to the novel’s suspense and appeal.


Simple Silence created a fresh and compelling romance in “When His Eyes Opened,” offering a unique journey through the lives of Avery and Elliot as they struggle to untangle the web of love and betrayal surrounding them.

With its unforgettable characters, emotional depth, and captivating twists, this novel is a must-read for fans of the billionaire romance genre and a worthwhile addition to any reading collection.

What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the captivating world created by Simple Silence and follow Avery and Elliot on their unforgettable adventure. You won’t be disappointed.

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