Their Lycan Queen by Foxtail Novel Read Online Chapter Summary

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Their Lycan Queen by author Foxtail revolves around Nora, the daughter of the gamma pair in the Silver Stream pack, who is destined to be the mate of the Lycan King, the most powerful werewolf. However, Nora does not want to be his queen and tries to escape. She meets four other Lycans who claim … Read more

Alpha Zander Chapter Summary


Alpha Zander by V.Tuner revolves around two eighteen-year-old werewolves, Zander Blackwood and Ashleigh Steward, who are expected to finish their final year of high school. Zander reluctantly returns to his old high school, where he will have to face his long-time rivals from the rival Liverpool pack, including Oliver Steward. He argues with his father … Read more

(Steamy) Gina And Her Triplet Alphas Chapter Summary

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Gina And Her Triplet Alphas by Lulu Bells revolves around Gina, the only daughter of omega parents, who returns home to the Silver Moon Pack after three years away. She discovers preparations underway to celebrate the triplet alpha brothers, Devon, Derrick, and Denver, who are the most sought-after unmated males in the pack. Though the … Read more

Bullied Mate Of The Lycan Kings Chapter Summary

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Bullied Mate Of The Lycan Kings by Deenma revolves around a young woman named Lily who is admitted to an elite academy despite being an outcast in her community. Lily hopes to keep her head down and graduate quietly, but trouble finds her when she learns she is fated to be the mate of four … Read more

Accepting My Twin Mates Chapter Summary

Accepting My Twin Mates

Accepting My Twin Mates by Unwise Owl revolves around Evie, who was born a rogue and looked down upon by the elite pack that took her in. Despite showing no signs of shifting, the Alpha and Luna had hoped she would become a strong warrior. At 23, Evie is labeled a wolfless Omega and serves … Read more

A Secret Alpha Mate Chapter Summary

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A Secret Alpha Mate by Aurara Archer follows Isla, a girl orphaned at four after her rogue parents died attacking another pack. Taken in by the Silver Moon pack, one of the most prominent in the werewolf world, Isla counts herself lucky despite the harsh conditions faced by omegas like herself in the pack. As … Read more

My Hockey Alpha Chapter Summary

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The story follows Nina, a teenage girl who has recently celebrated her eighteenth birthday, on the night she finds out her boyfriend, Jack, cheated on her with their mutual friend, Mia, during her birthday party. Feeling betrayed and seeking revenge, Nina decides to sleep with Jack’s friend Enzo, the hockey team captain. According to his … Read more