My Secret My Bully My Mates Chapter Summary

My Secret My Bully My Mates

My Secret My Bully My Mates by Miss L follows Skylar, the daughter of a Beta, who excels in her class and as a warrior but remains unacknowledged. She faces bullying and wants to become an Elite Warrior for the Alpha King, seeking acceptance. Her life changes with the arrival of a new friend who helps her confront the darker aspects of her pack.

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TitleMy Secret, My Bully, My Mates
ReadAmazon | Goodnovel
AuthorMiss L
Rating9.9 (Based on 82 ratings)
ThemesWerewolf, Badboy, Regret, Alpha, Beta, Teens, Humor, Comedy

My Secret My Bully My Mates PDF

My Secret My Bully My Mates PDF

My Secret My Bully My Mates Chapter 1

My Secret My Bully My Mates Skylar beta

In Chapter 1 of “My Secret, My Bully, My Mates,” we’re introduced to Skylar, a brave and resilient girl, embroiled in the tumultuous world of high school hierarchy and werewolf pack dynamics. It’s the fall of her 8th grade, and Skylar, the beta’s daughter, is already shouldering the responsibility of protecting her pack members, despite the lack of recognition from her father and older brother.

The chapter opens with a dramatic scene where Skylar intervenes to stop Jeanie, one of the three self-proclaimed ‘queens’ of the school, from bullying another student. Jeanie accuses the student of sabotaging her grades, but Skylar, unflinching in her sense of justice, confronts Jeanie about her lack of effort and entitlement.

Skylar’s intervention sparks a confrontation with Kaley, another member of the bully trio, who insults and belittles Skylar, calling her a murderer and unworthy. Despite this, Skylar stands her ground, though inwardly, she’s hurt by the cruel words.

Fast forward to the fall of 9th grade, and Skylar’s challenges escalate. She’s physically attacked and verbally abused by Kaley, further emphasizing the harsh environment she endures daily. Despite being a werewolf with enhanced healing abilities, Skylar faces constant harassment, often orchestrated by Kaley, who wields her popularity and her father’s influence with vicious efficiency.

Throughout the chapter, we see Skylar’s strength and resilience shine through. She’s a character who, despite her physical and emotional trials, remains committed to her principles and her role within the pack. The chapter sets the stage for a story filled with high school drama, pack politics, and a young girl’s struggle to find her place in a world that seems relentlessly against her.

Adding a touch of humor, Skylar’s inner monologue occasionally reflects a sardonic wit, providing a light-hearted contrast to the gravity of her situation. For instance, her observation about the bullies imitating ‘Mean Girls’ too closely adds a humorous flair to an otherwise tense situation.

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My Secret My Bully My Mates Chapter 2

My Secret My Bully My Mates romance

The chapter begins with Skylar’s observations of her peers, notably the future Alphas and their friends, who have just returned from their summer training at the Alpha King’s compound. This training, intended to prepare them for their future roles, also serves as a social and political arena, shaping the dynamics within the pack.

Skylar notes the physical transformations of these future leaders, including her own brother, who have grown more muscular and commanding. Their newfound maturity and aura seem to attract the attention of many female pack members, leading to a flurry of romantic and s$$$$l interests.

The narrative then shifts to Skylar’s personal challenges. She’s tormented by Kaley, one of her main bullies, who subjects her to physical and emotional abuse. Despite being a werewolf with the ability to heal, Skylar struggles to cope with the constant harassment, which extends beyond physical attacks to social isolation and ridicule.

Skylar’s relationship with her father, the pack’s beta, is strained. He remains largely indifferent to her struggles, consumed by his duties and the grief of losing his mate, Skylar’s mother, during childbirth. This lack of paternal support adds another layer of complexity to Skylar’s life.

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My Secret My Bully My Mates Chapter 3

My Secret My Bully My Mates skylar in high school

In Chapter 3, Skylar continues to endure the relentless bullying from Kaley, Jeanie, and Marnie. The bullies find new and cruel ways to torment her, ranging from destroying her schoolwork to physical assaults. Skylar’s resilience is tested, but she refuses to let her spirit be broken, often relying on her inner strength and her wolf’s support.

Skylar’s relationship with her wolf is a source of comfort and strength. They share a bond that helps Skylar navigate the daily challenges of school and pack life. Her wolf’s humorous commentary on the bullies provides a light-hearted relief to Skylar’s otherwise grim situation.

Training sessions provide Skylar a temporary respite from her bullies. She excels in these sessions, demonstrating her skill and determination. It’s during one of these training sessions that she meets Sierra, a new girl who quickly befriends Skylar. Sierra’s confident demeanor and friendly approach are a stark contrast to the isolation Skylar has experienced. Their interaction is marked by an awkward yet endearing exchange, hinting at the beginning of a potentially meaningful friendship.

This chapter poignantly illustrates the harsh realities of Skylar’s life as a bullied werewolf teenager. Her struggles with her father and the bullies, her deep connection with her wolf, and the glimmer of hope presented by Sierra’s arrival, all intertwine to create a rich tapestry of her life. Despite the adversity, Skylar’s resilience and humor shine through, offering a beacon of hope in a challenging world.

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My Secret My Bully My Mates Chapter 4

My Secret My Bully My Mates romantic

In Chapter 4, we witness Skylar’s incredible prowess in physical combat, a stark contrast to her usual subdued demeanor. The chapter opens with Skylar reflecting on her desire to remain inconspicuous, wearing baggy clothes to hide her scars and bruises from constant bullying. However, her passion for sparring is undeniable, and it’s one area where she truly excels.

During a training session, Skylar and her new friend Sierra are asked to demonstrate a defensive move. Despite her reluctance to draw attention, Skylar agrees, driven by a mix of frustration and determination. The demonstration is a pivotal moment, as Skylar’s exceptional fighting skills are put on full display. She astoundingly takes Sierra down in less than ten seconds, shattering the previous record held by Sam, the son of Delta Kyle, the pack’s trainer.

This moment is significant for several reasons. Firstly, it highlights Skylar’s hidden talents and strength, contrasting sharply with her usual portrayal as a victim of bullying. Secondly, it serves as a wake-up call to the pack, especially to the young Alphas and Betas, about underestimating others. Delta Kyle, aware of Skylar’s capabilities, seems to have orchestrated this moment to teach the others a lesson in humility.

The chapter ends with Sierra expressing admiration for Skylar’s skills and a desire to learn from her. This budding friendship between Skylar and Sierra adds a new dimension to Skylar’s otherwise isolated life.

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My Secret My Bully My Mates Chapter 5

In this chapter, Skylar’s emotional and physical struggles are brought to the forefront. The chapter opens with a reflective moment, where Skylar acknowledges her exceptional speed and fighting abilities, attributed to her getting her wolf early, at the end of 8th grade, which is rare for someone of her status.

A significant part of the chapter revolves around Skylar’s interaction with Delta Kyle, the pack’s trainer. He notices Skylar’s injuries during a training session, specifically a reopened wound. Their exchange is tense, with Skylar resisting his concern and refusing to divulge details about her bullies. Delta Kyle’s frustration is palpable, as he struggles to protect Skylar while respecting her desire for independence.

Skylar’s bond with Sierra deepens as Sierra offers to help Skylar with her wounds in the locker room. This scene is pivotal, as it reveals the extent of Skylar’s injuries, including lashes on her back that are slow to heal. Sierra’s presence brings a sense of comfort and support to Skylar, who has long suffered in silence.

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My Secret My Bully My Mates Chapter 6

In Chapter 6 of “My Secret, My Bully, My Mates,” Skylar experiences a relatively peaceful day at school, a rare occurrence given her usual encounters with her bullies. She wonders if this unexpected calm is due to her recent display of combat skills or the new friendship with Sierra. However, the tranquility is short-lived as Kaley, her persistent bully, approaches with her usual venomous remarks.

The interaction takes an unexpected turn when Sierra steps in, skillfully deflecting Kaley’s insults and steering Skylar away. Their departure is interrupted by a group of boys, including Skylar’s brother Mateo and his friends, who are future Alphas and Betas of the pack. Skylar notices how Sierra seems captivated by their presence, particularly commenting on their attractiveness.

A conversation ensues, with the boys expressing admiration for Skylar’s performance in the training session. This is a rare moment of acknowledgment from her brother and his friends, who typically ignore Skylar in school. The exchange is awkward for Skylar, who is not used to this kind of attention from them.

Kaley attempts to regain control of the situation with a flirtatious interaction, but the twins, Cameron and Dakota, subtly dismiss her advances. This interaction highlights the shifting dynamics within the group and Skylar’s evolving role.

The chapter concludes with Sierra whisking Skylar away for a meal, a simple yet significant gesture of friendship and solidarity.

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My Secret My Bully My Mates Chapter 7

Chapter 7 of “My Secret, My Bully, My Mates” shifts to Sam’s POV. He is intrigued by the arrival of a new girl, Sierra, who has come to live with her uncle and aunt while her parents are on a mission for the Alpha King. Sam is immediately captivated by Sierra’s beauty and presence, sparking a bet among the boys about who can win her attention.

The chapter mainly focuses on the training grounds, where Sam and his friends, future Alphas and Betas, are undergoing training. Their attention, especially Sam’s, is divided between their training and Sierra. Sam is determined to make a good impression on her, but his plans are complicated when his father, the trainer, pairs Sierra for a demonstration with Skylar, Mateo’s sister.

Skylar, typically perceived as shy and reserved, surprises everyone with her incredible speed and combat skills during the demonstration. She manages to pin Sierra in less than ten seconds, beating Sam’s previous record and leaving the crowd in awe. Sam, along with his friends, is shocked and impressed by Skylar’s prowess, which had gone unnoticed by them until now.

The chapter reveals the depth of Skylar’s talents and the underestimation she faces within the pack. It also showcases the shifting dynamics among the pack’s youth, particularly in how they perceive Skylar and Sierra. Sam’s interest in Sierra and the newfound respect for Skylar set the stage for potential changes in the social hierarchy and relationships within the pack.

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