(Chapter Summary) Selling Myself To The Alpha 

Selling Myself To The Alpha 

Selling Myself To The Alpha Chapter Summary

Chapter 1 begins with Liana excitedly talking to her best friend Nina about her upcoming wedding to Wyatt the next day. Liana is thrilled to be marrying Wyatt, who is the son of the Delta (second in command) of the local werewolf pack. Liana comes from a poor background but sees marrying Wyatt as her ticket to a better life and being able to help her struggling parents.

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Later that night, Liana sneaks home to surprise Wyatt and retrieve her veil. When she arrives, she catches Wyatt in bed with her bridesmaid Gwen. Liana is devastated to find Wyatt cheating, and it’s revealed he never intended to be faithful and only wanted to marry Liana to produce an heir.

Heartbroken, Liana flees and ends up at a bar where she has several drinks. She notices Axel, the alpha‘s son, and in her drunken state brazenly propositions him to take her home. Axel agrees and they go to a hotel together. Despite some hesitation, Liana goes through with sleeping with Axel as a way to get back at Wyatt. Axel is rather aggressive and it’s a painful experience for Liana. The chapter ends with Axel ready to go another round.

Readers, Chapter 2 gets interesting as well. After catching her fiance Wyatt cheating, Liana runs off into the night sobbing dramatically. She ends up at a bar called Spike’s and starts throwing back vodka tonics like a frat bro at a kegger.

Liana’s scanning the bar patrons, mentally judging their happy lives, when who should stroll in but Axel, the hunky but ruthless son of the Alpha. Liana ogles his dreamy face and muscles before propositioning him like a brazen hussy.

They head to a nearby hotel where Axel ravages her fiercely. Liana just lays there like a limp fish, overwhelmed by the new sensations. She barely contained her screams as Axel jackhammered her furiously. After he finishes, Axel grins wickedly and says “Again!” leaving Liana quaking in fear and excitement.

Overall, it’s a wild night for our girl Liana! She goes from blushing bride to bartender’s bestie to wolf man’s plaything. That’s one way to get over heartbreak! Can’t wait to see what trouble she gets into next!

It is getting more interesting. Let’s start Chapter 3. Liana wakes up sore and hungover. She tries to sneak out before Beefcake Axel wakes up, but no dice. He’s just chilling naked in bed, demanding coffee. Axel thinks she’s a prostitute and offers to pay, insulting Liana’s virtue. She gives him the middle finger salute and flees the scene.

Liana limps back to Nina’s place looking like a hot mess. Nina can smell the s$$y times all over her and is shocked Liana didn’t bang her ex-fiance Wyatt. Liana spills the tea about the hotel hijinks. Then Nina sends her to shower while fetching morning-after pills.

Chapter 4 Starts. But uh oh, Wyatt shows up banging on the door, raging over smelling another man on Liana. She tries to reject him but apparently, there’s a ritual to it. Wyatt sinisterly informs her they’re still mates and she’s trapped. Nina explains rejecting mates is painful and must be done in person.

“You must use his name, surname and rank when you reject him. And being rejected is painful. Because you are human, you will not feel it, but he will,” Nina explains once I am done rambling. “So, technically you are still his mate. And when you were with that other man, he would have experienced physical abdominal pain.” 

Liana decides to publicly reject Wyatt at the wedding. Nina warns the wolves will attack and she must miss the wedding “accidentally”. Hmm, Nina has an idea but it doesn’t sound good. What wacky shenanigans are they starting?

Oh boy, here starts Chapter 5. Liana is getting all dressed up in her pretty wedding gown even though she knows this wedding ain’t happening! Her bestie Nina has cooked up a scheme to get Liana out of this mess.

They head on over to the park to take some pictures, you know, for the ‘gram. Liana pretends she forgot something and runs into the street like a crazy person. Then BAM! Here comes a truck! Liana gets knocked to the ground but she’s okay, just a little bump on the head.

Liana wakes up in the hospital with Nina by her side. Uh oh, here comes the cheating ex Wyatt. He’s demanding to know who hit Liana with the truck. Calm down dude, it was all part of the plan!

“Wyatt,” I raise my lips to his ear. “I, Liana Erickson, reject you, Wyatt Miller, son of the Delta from Clear Moon Pack, as my mate.” 

Then Liana uses her super secret wolf powers to officially reject Wyatt as her mate. He gets mad and grabs her all rough but Nina calls the nurse to save the day!

Now Liana is free from Wyatt but he threatens this isn’t over. Girl, you better run and hide! Luckily the doctor says Liana can go home. Nina, being the awesome friend she is, tells Liana to come stay with her. Liana decides it’s time to get the heck out of dodge and away from creepy Wyatt. The end!

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