The Luna Trials Chapter Summary

The Luna Trials

The Luna Trials by Marissa Gilbert follows a woman named Savannah who faces immense hardship when her mate betrays her and her family. Offered as a bride to the Lycan King of the Northern Kingdom in exchange for his support, she reluctantly accepts the proposal, only to discover upon arrival that the king never anticipated her agreement and has invited twelve other brides to fight for the title of The Luna of The North.

Each competitor is prepared to do anything to win, and as the trials become more dangerous, Savannah must choose between leaving the North King’s kingdom in shame or staying to make him regret his decision.

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Additionally, she finds herself drawn to a kind stranger, as well as reuniting with her traitorous mate and navigating threats from enemies of both kingdoms. The novel is the second book in the Divine Wolves series but can be read independently.

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Book TitleThe Luna Trials
AuthorMarissa Gilbert
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresFiction, Romance, Werewolf
TagsKing, Kiss, Love, Luna, alpha, second chance, arranged marriage, manipulative, luna, bear/werebear, werewolves, royal, supernature earth, enemies to lovers

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The Luna Trials PDF

The Luna Trials PDF

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The Luna Trials Chapter 1

image of Savannah Stormhold, the main character from "The Luna Trials"

In the beginning, Savannah experiences passionate intimacy with her mate, Zack. However, this dream soon ends as she wakes up in the Northern Territory, due to be married to King Kai, the Northern Lycan King.

She and her assistant, Zara, are accompanied by her best friend, Kyle. Unexpectedly, Savannah finds herself a contender in The Luna Trials, a series of strength tests for the title of King Kai’s wife. As part of the trials, she starts with a negative point balance and faces a hostile Northern culture.

Additionally, she learns that King Kai has ulterior motives, including the death of Savannah’s brother and the use of her as a breeding machine. Faced with challenges, confusion, and the potential severing of an important alliance, Savannah must navigate these trials to determine her future and the fate of her people.

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The Luna Trials Chapter 2

King Kai, the male lead from "The Luna Trials"

Savannah, a Western Lycan princess, receives a shock when she encounters a mysterious gardener in the northern castle while hiding from the Luna Trials, an event she despises. The gardener reveals that he is also aware of her true identity as Princess Savannah.

He acknowledges the trials as an ancient tradition but highlights her lack of respect for it and native culture. Despite their differing opinions, Savannah remains conflicted about her future course of action, weighing the importance of her brother’s coalition against her distaste for the trials and King Kai’s apparent disinterest in their union.

Savannah is worried about making the right decision and making a clever escape while keeping her brother’s coalition intact.

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The Luna Trials Chapter 3

Kai returns home to find his castle filled with unfamiliar women he must mate with, including a Luna Trials contestant. Elene, his sister, explains that the Trials are an ancient tradition to test potential Lunas.

Savannah Stormhold, his soon-to-be-wife, is also partaking in the Trials, but Kai is unenthusive about the prospect of marriage. The siblings clash over Kai’s true feelings, as Elene believes he may have developed feelings for a Luna named Penelope.

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The Luna Trials Chapter 4

Savvy and Athena, Alphas of their respective packs, struggle with the betrayal of their mate, Zack. Zack’s aggression and the intense pain Savvy experiences whenever he has s$x with someone else weaken their bond, forcing Savvy to consider ending their relationship.

When she meets a new gardener, their interaction allows Savvy a brief reprieve from her pain and frustration. However, she resists the temptation to pursue a relationship with him due to the consequences it may have for her family and the political power balance.

As the Luna Trials begin, the characters navigate emotions, loyalty, and betrayal, all while fighting to protect their packs and forge their destinies.

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The Luna Trials Chapter 5

Savannah and her friends encounter a surprise as Brigit, a werebear shifter, emerges as one of the contenders in the Luna Trials.

This unexpected meeting brings up complicated feelings and memories for Savannah, as she has been convinced that Brigit has found her true mate. Despite the past complications, Savannah realizes that she must focus on finding an alliance for her kingdom and thinks about her next move.

Savannah meets Astrid, a young woman from the Black Mountain pack, who also happens to be a contender in the Luna Trials. They have a brief and polite conversation, with Savannah learning that Astrid is from the South, where her brother’s connections to the North are not well-received.

Savannah hopes to leave a good impression on Astrid, as she believes the Luna of the North will be chosen based on merit, rather than political alliances or connections.

Savannah is shown to her small and modest room, sparking some frustration. Despite this, she is determined to make the best of the situation and tells her friends about her plan to win the Luna Trials.

She explains that winning the trials will not only secure her kingdom’s alliance with the North but also provide her with a way to leave without appearing

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The Luna Trials Chapter 6

In this chapter, Kai is at a dinner with his sister, Elena, and their friend Lachlan. They are discussing the potential Luna contenders for Kai, who are still missing their intended mates. Elena reminds Kai that he is getting too old for this and should consider marrying someone soon.

While discussing the possibilities, Kai’s younger sister, Penelope, is mentioned as a likely contender. Elena knows that Penelope and Kai have been childhood friends and had promised each other when they were younger that they would marry powerful lycan kings. Elena wishes to see Kai give the contenders a chance, despite her opinion that none of them stir excitement in Kai.

As they continue eating, Elena attempts to persuade Kai to consider each of the ladies in turn. She pushes him to have more meaningful interactions with them and try to find a better connection before making a decision. Kai reluctantly agrees, but still expresses his lack of excitement about the candidates.

After dinner, Kai and Lachlan step onto the balcony overlooking the Luna contenders beneath them. Kai feels that he has no viable options among them and thinks he does not deserve a Luna. As they see each of the women in turn, he mentions that Penelope might be a reasonable option due to their friendship and her connections as the daughter of a powerful Alpha.

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The Luna Trials Chapter 7

As Kai, a billionaire, and Savannah, a young contender for queen, walk in silence, Kai is perplexed by his desire to help her. Despite her apparent worry, he decides to inform Savannah about a secret exit route in the castle.

Scrolling through the security app’s map, Kai describes the path to her, hoping she can memorize it. Savannah, intrigued by her gained knowledge, decides to play along. In the nick of time, Kai takes one final kiss from her before she must leave.

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The Luna Trials Chapter 8

At the grand party, Savannah is captivated by the smell of a gardener, not realizing he is King Kai in disguise. They share a dance, unaware of their true identities, which triggers an intense exchange of anger and frustration.

Savannah suspects she has been manipulated, while Kai tries to explain that he genuinely doesn’t recognize her. Their interactions draw attention, and Kai’s Beta reveals her presence to the king. Elene, Kai’s sister, intervenes to inform them that they need to prepare for the Luna Trials.

As tensions mount, the two are left with unresolved feelings and a complex situation to navigate.

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The Luna Trials Chapter 9

In the heart of the Luna Trials, Astrid and Savannah find themselves connected by fate and rivals by chance. Astrid, a competitive contender from the West, endures the watchful gaze of her allies and enemies alike, all the while hiding her secret.

Likewise, Savannah, a cunning contender from the North, is determined to make a lasting impression on the ballroom floor and leave a mark on the hearts and minds of the men she’s come to know.

As they navigate the stages of the competition and confront the challenges that lay before them, Astrid and Savannah begin to unravel the layers of their interconnected past. Though they come from different worlds, their destinies are bound by the shared thread of a mysterious secret they must uncover together.

Amidst the escalating tensions between the North and West, the Luna Trials serve as a battlefield for alliances and rivalries. These women will have to unite or pull each other apart, lest their families become torn asunder in the power struggle. In the end, only one can emerge victorious, but the stakes are much higher than any prize, for in this competition, the hearts of two women and the destinies of their worlds hang in the balance.

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The Luna Trials Chapter 10

Amid the ancient Luna Trials, tensions are high as Kai, the Lycan King, has unintentionally fallen for the last contender, Princess Savannah Stormhold. To make matters worse, she’s the sister of his nemesis and the princess whom Kai desires to marry.

As the trials progress, each contender faces a series of desperate yet intriguing challenges, all serving to showcase their exceptional skills, intelligence, and resilience. The fate of the kingdom rests on the shoulders of these young women, each vying for the title of Luna of the North.

Princess Savannah stands out from the rest, not only because she is the only Western contender, but also due to her stunning appearance and incredible wit. Her cunning mind and ability to see through deception sets her apart, making her a formidable competitor. Princess Savannah’s determination is unyielding, as she overcomes each trial with grace and style, steadily capturing the hearts of the Northern people.

All the while, Kai’s sister, Elene, seems to be controlling the trials in her favor, struggling to keep Princess Savannah out of the running. This battle of hidden intentions between the royal siblings only adds to the suspense of the Luna Trials and could potentially spark a war between their neighboring kingdoms.

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