I Will Never Be Yours Novel Chapter Summary: Pride, Pain & Duty

I will never be yours by melan pump

I Will Never Be Yours Novel by Melan Pamp follows Selena who discovers Alpha Kian is her mate at his previous mate’s funeral. He rejects her harshly and orders her to leave his lands. Years later she is captured by his men and thrown in the dungeons, injured and weak. She must keep her identity hidden from Kian.

TitleI will never be yours
ReadAmazon | Dreame
AuthorMelan Pamp
Genresopposites attract, d$$$$$$t, kickass heroine, heir/heiress, drama, bxg, superpower
Main CharactersSelena, Alpha Kian

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I will never be yours selena

I Will Never Be Yours Novel PDF

I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 1

I will never be yours novel selena and alpha kian

Chapter 1 of “I Will Never Be Yours” begins with a gripping and somber scene. Selena, battered and bruised, finds herself in the custody of the king’s men. Transported in a truck with others, she endures rough treatment and is thrown to the ground upon arrival. Despite her weakened state, Selena is determined to conceal her true identity.

As she lies on the ground, Selena notices a striking figure approaching – a man in a dark grey suit accompanied by three others. His presence and authority are immediately apparent, and Selena recognizes him as her mate, the King. Her heart races, but she struggles to keep calm, knowing the importance of staying unnoticed.

The King, Kian, orders the captives to be taken to the dungeons for interrogation. Selena is dragged down the stairs, each step intensifying her pain. Her resilience shines through as she refuses to show any signs of weakness, despite her dire situation.

In the dungeon, the stench of blood and decay is overwhelming. Selena, now in a cell, reflects on a painful memory. Years ago, she encountered Kian at a cemetery, realizing he was her destined mate. However, the encounter was heart-wrenching. Kian, mourning his deceased mate, rejected Selena harshly, forbidding her from ever returning to his land under the threat of death. This rejection left Selena devastated, imprinting a deep scar on her heart.

The chapter concludes with Selena succumbing to darkness, overwhelmed by her injuries and the emotional turmoil of facing her mate under such harrowing circumstances.

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I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 2

I will never be yours selena bounded

The chapter opens with Selena being jolted awake in a dungeon, drenched and in excruciating pain. Her plight worsens as she is unable to move, her body reduced to mere dead weight.

A guard callously addresses her and, following her inability to rise, violently kicks her. Selena is then roughly hoisted over the guard’s shoulder and taken to what she fears is a torture room. Bound to a chair, unable to move her arms and with only one leg tied, Selena’s vulnerability is palpable.

The tension escalates as a higher-ranking wolf, likely the beta or gamma to the king, orders her to be restrained and proceeds to interrogate her. In a gruesome turn of events, Selena’s pinky finger is crushed under a hammer blow as she’s asked about the location of her leader. Her suffering is vividly depicted as she vomits and receives a harsh blow to the face.

Selena’s situation becomes increasingly dire as more men, including her mate, King Kian, enter the room. Despite being beaten beyond recognition, she fears Kian identifying her and resorts to desperate measures. In a bold move, Selena kicks one of the men in a critical spot, only to receive a devastating hit that sends her crashing to the ground, tied to the chair.

As Selena lies on the floor, her life ebbing away, Kian approaches, sensing something unusual about her. He orders her to be taken to a cell to see if she survives the night. The chapter ends with Selena slipping into darkness, resigned to her fate, as Kian and the others leave the room.

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I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 3

Walking away from the interrogation room, Kian is troubled by an inexplicable urge to return to Selena. He discusses with his Beta, Declan, the unusual fact that Selena has no scent, a rarity that puzzles them both. The chapter delves into the kingdom’s struggle with rogue wolves, hinting at a deeper, unsolved mystery.

Kian’s father visits him, inquiring about the recent rogue captures. Despite their efforts, the rogues remain tight-lipped, even under extreme duress. The conversation shifts to the strange case of the missing people from their pack, a mystery that remains unsolved, adding to the growing tension and unease within the kingdom.

Intriguingly, a report about a rare white wolf being sighted stirs curiosity. The white wolf is a legend in their world, known for unique gifts and rare appearances. The sightings have been sporadic and countrywide, making it impossible to pinpoint its location or identity.

Kian’s personal conflict is further explored as he reflects on his past. Three years earlier, he encountered his second chance mate at a cemetery but rejected her, haunted by the loss of his first mate. He struggles with the notion of having a weak mate and prefers solitude over risking another heartbreak.

The chapter ends with Kian alone in his office, looking at a photo of a young woman with blue eyes, revealing her to be the daughter of his head warrior, who disappeared without a trace.

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I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 4

I will never be yours selena in jail

Lying on the cold, hard floor of her dungeon cell, Selena reflects on her predicament. She’s battered, bruised, and suffering from the effects of wolfsbane, a substance lethal to werewolves, which impedes her healing abilities.

Selena’s thoughts wander back to her past, particularly to the fateful day she was banished from King Kian‘s kingdom – the day of her eighteenth birthday. This memory is marred by the pain of leaving her family and friends without a goodbye, a decision made to protect them from Kian’s wrath. She reveals her deep longing for them but acknowledges the impossibility of reunion, fearing Kian’s discovery of her whereabouts.

Despite her physical agony, Selena’s mental strength is evident. She contemplates rejecting Kian, her mate, but knows the consequences would be dire, potentially leading to his death. Her fear of Kian discovering her presence in his dungeon is palpable, as she dreads his wrath.

The chapter intensifies as guards check on the prisoners. Selena overhears them discussing her lack of scent, a peculiar characteristic that intrigues them. She remains motionless to avoid detection, even when one of the guards hits her leg. Kian’s orders to wait and see if she survives the night loom over her, adding to the tension.

As Selena hears the guards mention the deaths of at least two prisoners due to the wolfsbane, her situation becomes increasingly desperate. The chapter closes with her hoping for a chance to recover enough strength to attempt an escape, a testament to her indomitable spirit and determination to survive against all odds.

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I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 5

selena and alpha kain fighting

Selena awakens in her cell, barely recovering from her ordeals. Her day begins with a chilling encounter with a guard named Cannon, who aggressively demands to know her origins. Despite the throbbing pain and fear, Selena bravely remains silent, enduring a brutal beating that leaves her with a broken nose and escalating injuries.

In a desperate act of defiance, Selena seizes a moment to attack Cannon, stabbing him in the neck with a syringe. Her action, while courageous, only fuels Cannon’s fury. He mercilessly retaliates, breaking both of Selena’s legs and subjecting her to further savage assault. Selena, with every ounce of her strength, refuses to divulge any information, even under such extreme duress.

The situation takes a dramatic turn when Selena, nearing the brink of death, reveals to the arriving King Kian that she is his mate. The revelation sends shockwaves through the room, transforming the dynamic in an instant. Selena, despite her critical state, confronts Kian with a mixture of defiance and resignation, expecting nothing but contempt from him.

The chapter reaches a climactic point as Selena, overwhelmed by pain and near death, turns away from Kian, unwilling to let his face be the last thing she sees. Her resilience in the face of such brutal treatment and her determination to protect her secrets, even at the cost of her life, highlight the depth of her character and the complexities of her relationship with Kian.

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I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 6

alpha kain

The chapter begins with Kian receiving an urgent mind link, prompting him to visit the dungeon cells. There, he is confronted with the shocking sight of Selena, his mate, severely injured and lying on the floor. Despite her dire condition, Kian is hesitant to show compassion or concern, indicative of his internal conflict and the weight of his royal responsibilities.

Kian’s beta, Declan, urgently suggests taking Selena to the hospital, but Kian orders her to be taken to the castle’s doctor instead. His reluctance to get personally involved, even with his mate’s life hanging in the balance, speaks volumes about his emotional turmoil and the complexities of his feelings towards Selena.

As Selena is taken away for medical attention, Kian’s parents and his gamma, Cannon, confront him about his actions. It is revealed that Selena is the same girl who disappeared three years ago, adding another layer of mystery and tension to the story. Kian’s refusal to explain his past actions and his cold demeanor towards Selena’s plight highlight his struggle to balance his duties as a king with his personal emotions.

The chapter ends with Kian alone in his office, facing the disappointment and anger of his family and advisors. He remains conflicted and troubled, caught between his role as a leader and the unresolved feelings he harbors for Selena.

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I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 7

romance in I will never be yours selena

Kian spends his day in his office, troubled and isolated, reflecting on the events that have transpired. As evening falls, he decides to check on Selena, drawn irresistibly to her despite his best efforts to stay detached. Standing outside her room, he struggles with the urge to see her, revealing the depth of his internal conflict.

Declan, Kian’s beta, confronts him, questioning his actions and urging him to acknowledge Selena as his mate. Despite Declan’s insistence, Kian remains in denial, unable to accept his feelings or the responsibility that comes with them.

Kian reflects on Selena’s condition, acknowledging her resilience and strength. Despite being severely beaten and on the brink of death, she has survived, challenging Kian’s perception of her as weak. This realization causes him to question his past actions and his current attitude towards her.

In a poignant moment, Kian finally enters Selena’s room, where she lies unconscious and hooked up to multiple machines. He is struck by her fragile appearance, contrasting sharply with the fierce woman he encountered in the dungeon. Gently touching her cheek, he is overwhelmed by a rush of emotions, including guilt and a sense of connection.

The chapter ends with Kian resolving to wait for Selena to wake up, indicating a shift in his attitude.

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I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 8

Selena regains consciousness in a dimly lit hospital room, disoriented and in pain. She attempts to move, only to realize the paralysis in her lower body, a result of the brutal beating she endured. Despite her fear and pain, she remains fiercely independent, refusing to show weakness.

Kian’s presence in the room adds tension to the scene. Selena, aware of his scent and the bond they share, struggles internally with her feelings towards him. Her resentment and anger towards Kian are palpable, fueled by memories of his past rejection and her current suffering.

The chapter reaches a pivotal moment when Selena, determined to maintain her independence, attempts to move to the bathroom on her own. Despite the excruciating pain, she drags herself off the bed and onto the floor, a testament to her strong will and refusal to seek help from Kian.

Kian, witnessing her struggle, offers assistance, but Selena vehemently rejects him. Their interaction is charged with emotional intensity, showcasing the deep-rooted conflict and the unspoken bond between them. Selena’s defiance and Kian’s frustration highlight the complexity of their relationship, a blend of attraction, past hurt, and mutual stubbornness.

The chapter ends with Kian forcibly helping Selena, despite her protests, revealing his underlying concern for her well-being.

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I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 9

The chapter opens with Kian reflecting on Selena’s stubbornness. He is puzzled and somewhat admiring of her resilience, but his frustration over her silence and refusal to cooperate drives him to take drastic measures. In a desperate attempt to compel her cooperation and speed up her healing, Kian decides to force his blood upon her.

Kian’s approach is forceful and unwavering. He bites his wrist and presses it against Selena’s mouth, waiting for her to inhale his scent and taste his blood. Despite her initial resistance, Selena eventually succumbs, her body reacting instinctively to the healing properties of his blood.

The encounter is charged with a complex mix of emotions. Kian is driven by a desire to heal her quickly, but also by a need to establish his control over her. Selena, on the other hand, struggles between her body’s instinctive reactions and her desire to resist Kian’s dominance.

As Selena’s condition improves rapidly, the chapter reveals Kian’s internal conflict. He is amused and intrigued by her feistiness, yet determined to uncover her secrets. His intentions, however, remain purely focused on extracting information, as he disregards any deeper emotional connection between them.

The chapter concludes with Kian and Selena in a tense standoff. Kian is determined to get answers, while Selena remains defiant, setting the stage for further conflict and revealing the power dynamics at play in their complicated relationship.

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I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 10

Chapter 10 of “I Will Never Be Yours” intensifies the emotional and power dynamics between Selena and King Kian. The chapter, narrated from Selena’s perspective, unveils the complexity of her feelings and the intensity of the situation she finds herself in.

The chapter opens with Selena, still recovering in the hospital room, grappling with the reality of Kian’s blood in her system. She feels a mix of anger and violation at his forceful actions, yet she can’t deny the physical healing it has brought her. Her desire for a shower, to cleanse herself of the ordeal, is a poignant reflection of her need to regain control over her body and situation.

Kian’s presence in the room is overwhelming. He exudes authority and power, and his interrogation tactics are unyielding. Despite his attempts to intimidate her, Selena remains defiant, refusing to reveal her secrets. Her resilience is remarkable, even as she faces the Alpha King’s commanding presence.

The chapter takes a darker turn as Kian, in a display of dominance, physically restrains Selena and begins a more invasive and personal form of interrogation. Despite the pain and humiliation, Selena’s spirit remains unbroken. She fights back, both physically and mentally, determined not to give in to Kian’s demands.

As the interrogation continues, the chapter delves deep into the emotional turmoil within Selena. She is torn between her instinctive reactions to Kian’s touch, due to their mate bond, and her fierce determination to protect her secrets and her independence. Her internal struggle is a testament to her strength and the complexity of her character.

The chapter ends with Selena still resisting Kian’s advances, despite the overwhelming physical and emotional pressure.

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