And Then There Were Four Chapter Summary

And Then There Were Four Chapter Summary

And Then There Were Four book follows Ivy Thorne who gets accepted to a top University for Agriculture and moves into her father’s home, where she encounters four mysterious men, Damian, and his brothers. These men turn her world upside down, leading her into a situation where she becomes the center of their attention, described metaphorically as their own little red riding hood.

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NameAnd Then There Were Four
ReadWebnovel | Amazon
Chapters219 Chapters
Views1.3 Million
Author NameLilith Carrie
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And Then There Were Four Chapter Summary

And Then There Were Four Chapter 1

Ivy and other four characters, reverse harem werewolf romantic novel

In Chapter 1: Departing the Past, we embark on a journey with the protagonist, who, after a decade away, returns to Idaho, dredging up a mix of emotions and unresolved family dynamics.

Our lead, Ivy, reflects on her childhood, marked by her parents’ separation and her mother’s relocation to Savannah, Georgia. Despite receiving occasional gifts from her distant father, Ivy harbors feelings of neglect, especially after he remarries, and seems to favor his stepsons.

The chapter unfolds with Ivy preparing to leave for college in Idaho, the same state where her estranged father resides. She has been accepted to a university there, a choice not driven by desire but by necessity, as it’s the only one that accepted her. This move is laden with trepidation, not only because of the impending reunion with her father but also due to her mother’s undisclosed illness—stage two cervical cancer.

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Amidst these heavy thoughts, a lighthearted moment ensues when Ivy’s mother, a Southern belle, hollers for her to hurry, injecting a bit of humor into the otherwise tense narrative.

As they drive to the airport, Ivy’s mother reveals that her father will meet her upon arrival, a prospect that Ivy greets with mixed feelings. Her inner turmoil is evident as she grapples with her mother’s insistence on her departure and her own worries about leaving her mother alone during her cancer treatment.

On the plane, Ivy’s contemplative solitude is interrupted by a bubbly, blonde-haired girl named Kate, who is also headed to Idaho for agricultural studies. This chance encounter presents Ivy with an unexpected friendship, a stark contrast to her introverted nature and her anticipation of isolation at college.

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And Then There Were Four Chapter 2

Upon landing, she’s met not by her father, but by his godsons, Damian and James. Damian’s cold demeanor contrasts sharply with James’ friendlier approach. Ivy, assertive and unyielding, immediately clashes with Damian’s standoffish attitude.

Ivy’s newfound friend from the plane, Kate reappears, and Ivy extends an offer for Kate to join them for a ride to campus, showcasing her kind and considerate side. This gesture leads to a brief, uncomfortable moment when Kate’s enthusiastic hug catches Ivy off guard.

As they drive, Ivy’s bold character shines through. She challenges Damian’s rudeness and even defiantly gives him the middle finger, signifying her refusal to be intimidated. James finds humor in Ivy’s attitude, but Damian remains hostile, warning Ivy not to get comfortable.

Their journey through Idaho reveals Ivy’s appreciation for nature and her free-spirited background. The scenery shifts from the bustling airport to the lush, green campus of the University of Idaho, and finally, to her father’s expansive property. Ivy’s surprise at the size and elegance of her father’s house underscores her estrangement from him.

Upon arrival, Ivy is coldly greeted by her stepmother, Allison, who informs her she’ll be staying in a cottage away from the main house. This distancing by Allison does little to dampen Ivy’s spirits; instead, she finds solace in the cottage’s proximity to nature.

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And Then There Were Four Chapter 3

Upon entering her cottage, Ivy is pleasantly surprised by its cozy, fairy-tale-like ambiance, complete with fairy lights and greenery. This rustic charm contrasts sharply with the main house’s opulence and her stepmother Allison’s cold demeanor.

Summoned by her father, Ivy ventures back to the main house. Allison, displaying her usual disdain, guides Ivy to her father’s office. Ivy’s resolve to not be pushed around is evident in her interactions with Allison, showing her growth and determination.

In his office, Ivy’s father greets her warmly, a stark contrast to their strained relationship. He expresses regret for not meeting her at the airport, citing business commitments. This encounter, though awkward, reveals Ivy’s willingness to mend their relationship.

Her father surprises her with a sleek new car, a gesture that leaves Ivy both stunned and emotional. This act of generosity sparks a glimmer of hope in Ivy about rebuilding their relationship.

The chapter concludes with an invitation to a family dinner, evoking mixed feelings in Ivy.

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And Then There Were Four Chapter 4

The chapter opens with Ivy feeling underdressed for the family dinner, immediately drawing Allison’s contemptuous gaze. Seated next to the imposing yet intriguing twins, Hale and Talon, Ivy feels out of place amidst the grandeur and formality.

The dinner conversation, dominated by Damian’s evident disdain for Ivy and the family’s business and political discussions, leaves her feeling alienated. Her introspective nature and lack of interest in these topics further isolate her from the group.

When prompted for her opinion on a proposed gaming center, Ivy suggests focusing on more educational and sustainable initiatives like a library and agricultural activities. This idea impresses her father but earns Damian’s ire, leading to a heated exchange and his abrupt departure.

Eavesdropping on a conversation between Damian and Allison, Ivy overhears them referring to her father as Allison’s “mate” and discussing strategies to make Ivy leave. This revelation of familial politics and underlying schemes against her strengthens Ivy’s resolve to stand her ground.

The chapter ends with Ivy retreating to her cottage, determined not to be driven away.

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And Then There Were Four Chapter 5

The chapter begins with Ivy resolving to avoid Damian and Allison’s influence by being self-sufficient. She heads out to stock her cottage and avoid unnecessary interactions. Her appreciation for the car her father gifted her is a subtle acknowledgment of their improving relationship.

Ivy’s phone call with Damian highlights their tense dynamic. His attempt to control her movements and her firm resistance showcase her growing confidence in handling difficult situations.

At the grocery store, Ivy runs into Kate, who is surprised and impressed by Ivy’s new car. Their camaraderie is evident as Ivy offers Kate a ride back to the dorms, further solidifying their friendship.

Their conversation in the store reveals that Kate is unaware of the exact nature of Ivy’s relationship with the godsons, leading to a humorous misunderstanding. Kate’s suggestion that Ivy explores relationships with them is met with shock and amusement by Ivy, who is still navigating her feelings toward them.

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And Then There Were Four Chapter 6

The chapter opens with Kate excitedly speculating about the godsons, particularly when she realizes there are four of them. Ivy’s embarrassed reaction to Kate’s uninhibited comments in front of Talon and Hale adds a humorous touch to their grocery store encounter.

Ivy’s relationship with Kate deepens, as shown by their friendly banter and Kate’s sharing her contact details. This friendship provides Ivy with a sense of normalcy and support amid the tensions in her new environment.

Back at the cottage, Ivy’s attempt to settle in is interrupted by Damian’s aggressive intrusion. His domineering behavior, claiming authority over the property and Ivy’s actions, escalates their conflict. Ivy’s fierce response to Damian’s intimidation reflects her determination not to be bullied.

Damian’s cryptic and somewhat threatening message at the end of the chapter, responding to Ivy’s earlier challenge, adds a layer of intrigue and tension. His behavior hints at complex underlying motives and possibly deeper feelings towards Ivy.

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And Then There Were Four Chapter 7

The chapter begins with Ivy attending orientation at the university, a symbolic step in her journey toward independence and self-discovery. Her choice of outfit reflects a desire to blend in yet make a good impression.

At the café, Ivy’s interactions with Kate and new acquaintances Bree and Mandy highlight her growing social network. Their discussions offer a sense of camaraderie and normalcy against the backdrop of Ivy’s tumultuous home life.

The appearance of James and Hale at the university introduces a new dynamic to Ivy’s interactions with the godsons. Their presence and the reactions they elicit from Ivy and her friends underscore the godsons’ impact on her life.

A physical encounter between Ivy and James escalates their relationship. James’ sudden and intense reaction to Ivy, coupled with the mysterious hint of gold in his eyes, suggests deeper, possibly supernatural elements at play. This encounter leaves both Ivy and James visibly shaken, adding a layer of intrigue and complexity to their relationship.

Bree’s cryptic warning about the dangers surrounding Damian adds an element of foreboding.

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And Then There Were Four Chapter 8

Ivy couldn’t stop thinking about how James had touched her, and the incredible way he smelled. She tried distracting herself but kept fantasizing about him. Deciding she needed release, Ivy got out a s$x toy her mom had jokingly gifted her. Using it while thinking of James, Ivy moaned his name as she climaxed. Suddenly a loud howling sounded outside, startling her.

Ivy shut the window and heard James at her door, telling her to open it, saying he could smell her. Confused, Ivy refused but James entered anyway. He teased her about leaving the window open, hearing her pleasure herself. Though embarrassed, as James touched her, Ivy was too aroused to make him leave.

James brought Ivy intense pleasure, driving her wild. But just as they were about to have s$x, Damian burst in, furious. He pulled James off Ivy, as Hale and Talon arrived to intervene. Damian stood protectively before Ivy as a raging James was held back.

Ivy was shocked and confused by the tense confrontation between the men over her. She wondered what she had gotten herself into by coming to her father’s estate.

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