The Perfect Luna Chapter Summary

the perfect luna

The Perfect Luna by Marissa Gilbert traces the heart-wrenching journey of Riannon, a dedicated Luna who watches helplessly as her husband introduces his true mate, Roxy, into their packhouse. Despite his assurances, Riannon is aware of the impending devastation Roxy, a seemingly timid omega, would bring upon her life. The strong mate bond surpasses Riannon’s devotion and loyalty, leading to her ultimate downfall.

In an unexpected twist, the Moon Goddess intervenes, allowing Riannon to relive the critical moment that led to her undoing. Armed with the knowledge of the past and a second chance, Riannon is determined to rewrite her fate and reclaim her position. This novel, part of the Divine Wolves series, stands as an independent tale.

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Book TitleThe Perfect Luna
AuthorMarissa Gilbert
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresBillionaire, Romance, Werewolf
TagsAlpha, Husband, Love, Luna

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The Perfect Luna PDF

The Perfect Luna PDF

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The Perfect Luna Chapter 1

In the chapter, Riannon, the Luna and wife of Alpha Brayden, experiences a shocking revelation when her husband introduces Roxanne, his true mate. Despite their history as childhood sweethearts and a union that strengthened their packs, Brayden’s newfound connection with Roxanne sends ripples through their community. Brayden attempts to justify his actions, citing his wolf’s attraction to Roxanne and the potential harm to the pack should he reject her.

The narrative takes a twist when Riannon recalls her own demise at the hands of Roxanne and an unidentified werewolf. In a cruel twist of fate, Riannon finds herself reliving the moment when her life began to unravel. The chapter ends with Riannon rejecting Brayden’s request to accept Roxanne into their pack, leaving the reader in suspense about the unfolding drama.

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The Perfect Luna Chapter 2

In the chapter, Riannon, the protagonist, confronts her husband, Bray, about his relationship with Roxanne (Roxy), who was supposed to be rejected as per their agreement. Despite her pleas, Bray refuses to reject Roxy, causing Riannon to feel betrayed and helpless. She recalls how Roxy’s manipulative schemes resulted in the death of her best friend, Maya, in her previous life, and vows to prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

However, her attempts to persuade Bray to reject Roxy are futile as Roxy plays the victim card and Bray, unable to reject his mate, sides with her. Riannon feels defeated and realizes that she has lost her husband to Roxy, just like in her previous life. Despite her personal turmoil, Riannon prioritizes the welfare of her pack and decides to formulate a new plan to save her pack and her loved ones, including Maya. She attempts to shift into her wolf form to clear her head but fails, signaling potential trouble ahead.

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The Perfect Luna Chapter 3

In the chapter, Riannon, a werewolf, finds solace at Silver Mirror Lake, a secluded spot within her pack’s territory. She senses an unknown, powerful presence and spots a large wolf, indicating danger. Fearing for her safety, she returns to her pack and reports the intrusion to Beta Asher. Their relationship is strained due to Asher’s past betrayals, yet she trusts his support. Riannon is also dealing with her husband Brayden’s infidelity and his new mate, Roxy, who poses a threat to her position and the pack’s wellbeing.

Riannon’s plans to expose Roxy and ensure the pack’s safety are interrupted by Brayden’s unexpected visit. His guilt over his betrayal and his attempts to reconcile are met with Riannon’s cold dismissal. She requests him to deal with the intruder as a distraction. Alone, she contacts Beta Reid, a Lycan, to whom she is owed a favor. Riannon intends to use this favor to speak to the Lycan Alpha King, suggesting a significant escalation in her plans to safeguard her pack and herself.

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The Perfect Luna Chapter 4

In this chapter, Riannon Thorn, Luna of the Silver River pack, attempts to seek the aid of Alpha Gideon, the Lycan King, to regain her people and territory due to a forthcoming divorce with her husband, Alpha Brayden Thorn. Despite initial resistance and dismissive remarks from Gideon, Riannon’s impassioned plea about gender inequality and her proven leadership skills pique his interest. However, her call ends abruptly, leaving Gideon intrigued and considering her case.

The narrative then shifts to Riannon preparing for breakfast, where she encounters her friend Maya. Despite Maya’s offer to eat in private, Riannon insists on facing the new reality, which includes dealing with Roxy, a new member of the pack who is already gaining attention. Riannon’s determination to face her challenges head-on is evident.

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The Perfect Luna Chapter 5

Riannon, the Luna, is caught in a complex power dynamic with Roxy, who is masterful at manipulating the pack’s perceptions through her victim-like persona. Riannon, previously reserved and hurt by Roxy’s machinations, decides to change the narrative by learning from Roxy’s manipulative tactics. She surprises everyone, including her husband Brayden, by publicly embracing Roxy, promising her safety, respect, and even a budget. This unexpected move earns Riannon respect from the pack, who previously pitied Roxy and overlooked Riannon’s efforts as Luna.

Riannon reveals to her best friend Maya a secret about her past and her plan to regain control of their pack, Pearl Moon, through a divorce. Maya, initially shocked, quickly rallies to support Riannon, suggesting a range of drastic actions, all of which Riannon dismisses. Instead, Riannon plans to gain the support of as many Alphas as possible, leveraging the upcoming annual Alpha ball. The chapter ends with Riannon feeling optimistic about her plan, having successfully turned the tables on Roxy and secured Maya’s unwavering support.

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The Perfect Luna Chapter 6

In the chapter, Riannon, the Luna, navigates her strained relationship with her husband Brayden and the woman he promised to take to the Alpha Ball, Roxanne. Riannon, who is trying to avoid Brayden due to their troubled past, is caught off guard by his request to bring Roxanne to the ball. Despite her initial resistance, Riannon eventually agrees, suggesting she might attend with another pack member, much to Brayden’s disapproval. Brayden insists that Riannon be accompanied by the pack’s Beta, Ash, for protection. The tension between the couple is palpable, with Brayden insisting that his relationship with Roxanne is only temporary.

Furthermore, Riannon’s strategic maneuvering during the dress selection for the Alpha Ball. In a calculated move, she gives her first dress choice to Roxanne, earning the surprise and approval of the pack’s females. However, Riannon has a secret plan, revealed when she selects a stunning red dress that she had hidden away. The chapter ends with Riannon readying herself for the ball, determined to change the narrative from her past experience, and receiving an unexpected apology from Brayden. The chapter paints a picture of a woman navigating complex social dynamics while plotting her own path.

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The Perfect Luna Chapter 7

In the chapter, Ria finds herself in a complex situation with her husband, Brayden, and the Beta, Ash. Ria’s relationship with Brayden is strained, while Ash’s loyalty remains uncertain. However, Ria considers that Ash’s support in the Alpha Council could ease her impending divorce. The chapter also showcases a tense encounter with Roxy, Brayden’s companion, during a limousine ride. Ria cleverly manipulates the situation, highlighting Roxy’s deceit to Brayden and subtly asserting her dominance.

The chapter culminates at a grand party where Ria intentionally arrives separately from Brayden and Roxy, aiming to garner sympathy as a wronged Luna. She relishes the attention and shock her entrance creates, indicating her resolve and strength despite her circumstances. The chapter ends on a cliffhanger, with a powerful growl overpowering the whispers, hinting at further conflicts to come.

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The Perfect Luna Chapter 8

In the chapter, Ria, a werewolf Luna, navigates a social event amidst whispers of her husband Brayden’s interest in another woman. Despite the awkwardness, she maintains her composure, engaging with other attendees and attracting the attention of multiple alpha males, who mistakenly believe she is available. Ria, still marked by Brayden, subtly enjoys the attention and the opportunity to feel desired again.

In the latter part of the chapter, Ria’s interactions become more strategic as she begins to seek support from her father’s old friends to regain control of her pack. The tension escalates when she agrees to a dance with Alpha Zach, a move that visibly annoys Brayden. The chapter concludes with a surprise appearance from Beta Reid, a lycan she had met years ago, who insists on introducing her to the Lycan King, leaving the room in suspense.

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The Perfect Luna Chapter 9

Gideon, a Lycan King, finds himself at a werewolf event, despite his disdain for such gatherings. His focus is divided between the issues in the South of his kingdom that require his attention and the memory of a woman he met, his destined mate, who fled from him. His frustration stems from her inability to recognize him as her mate, and he is determined to find her. He hopes to glean information about her whereabouts from the Alphas or Lunas of the three packs near their meeting spot.

Simultaneously, Gideon is haunted by the voice of Luna Thorn, a woman who needs his help in regaining her pack after her husband’s betrayal. He agrees to listen to her arguments, acknowledging the debt Lycans owe her. As he waits for Luna Thorn, he learns about the scandal involving her husband, who has taken a new mate. To his surprise, his destined mate arrives at the event, unaware of his presence. Gideon’s possessive growl silences the room, drawing Luna Thorn’s attention, and leaving him anxious about her next move.

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The Perfect Luna Chapter 10

The chapter revolves around Gideon, a lycan king, who discovers that his mate, Riannon Thorn, has married another Alpha. The shock and pain of this revelation are profound, as Gideon had always envisioned marking only his mate. Despite the tumult of emotions, he finds solace in the fact that Riannon’s marriage is failing. He observes her from a distance, battling jealousy and concern as he watches other men surround her, each eager to claim her.

The second half of the chapter delves into Gideon’s internal struggle to approach Riannon. He finally decides to confront her, with the aim to understand her situation better. Riannon, on the other hand, is defiant and unapologetic about her previous actions. Gideon, intrigued by her fiery spirit, offers her an opportunity to share her story from the beginning. The chapter ends on a note of anticipation, setting the stage for a deeper understanding of Riannon’s circumstances and the evolution of their relationship.

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