Shake off the Jerk and Marry the CEO Chapter Summary

Shake off the Jerk and Marry the CEO Chapter Summary

Shake Off The Jerk And Marry The CEO by Erlinda follows Sandra who discovers her fiancé cheating with her best friend and, in a twist of events, ends up in a stranger’s room leading to unexpected encounters.

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TitleShake off the Jerk and Marry the CEO
ReadAmazon | Dreame
ThemesOne-night stand, Pregnancy, Self-improvement, CEO, Twisted, Sweet, Romance, City Setting
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Shake off the Jerk and Marry the CEO PDF

beautiful sandra in the party

In Chapter 1: “I Wanna Sleep with You, Make a Price” of “Shake off the Jerk and Marry the CEO”, Sandra, our unsuspecting protagonist, finds herself in a Parisian pickle. Picture this: she’s hiding under a bed, witnessing her fiancé, Brian, and her best friend, Kim, in a scandalous rendezvous.

Oh la la, the drama! Sandra, who once quit her high-flying news host gig to become a stewardess and be closer to Brian, is now heartbroken and furious. In a bold move, she propositions a stranger in a neighboring hotel room, leading to a steamy encounter, only to regret it later. But plot twist! She accidentally leaves a trail of clues in Brian’s room.

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Chapter 2 turns the drama up a notch. Sandra, trying to keep up appearances, lies to Kim about her whereabouts. Meanwhile, she has a fateful run-in with a man at the airport – the very same as her impromptu romantic escapade!

The man, confused, tries to connect the dots, mistakenly thinking Sandra is someone his brother, the ‘King of Hell’, met. This mystery man, none other than Xavier Yates, a celebrity and corporate bigwig, offers Sandra a gig as a brand advocate for LOS, unknowingly roping her into his world.

Christopher Yates and Sandra
Main Leads: Christopher Yates and Sandra

Still reeling from her recent escapades, Sandra is left stunned by this twist of fate.

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Chapter 3 sees Sandra taking charge. No more Ms. Nice Girl! She contacts her lawyer, Miss Zaine, determined to reclaim the shares she naively transferred to Brian. Sandra, once a puppet in Brian’s deceitful game, now pulls her strings. She tactfully plays along with Brian and Kim’s charade, even as they scheme behind her back.

The chapter crescendos with Sandra cleverly tricking Brian into signing what he thinks is a wedding plan but is an equity-transfer agreement. Sandra, once blinded by love, now sees clearly and is on a mission to reclaim her power.

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sandra contacts her lawyers

In Chapter 4, Sandra bravely strides into new beginnings, resigning from her job as an air stewardess and revisiting her old TV station. Reuniting with Maggie Philis, a writer and director, Sandra reflects on her misguided devotion to Brian. It becomes clear that Brian’s promise of a cozy housewife life was not a gesture of love but a ploy to keep her at bay.

As Sandra gears up for the LOS advocate selection, a run-in with Queenie Lanson, an Internet celebrity and flight attendant, adds spice to the mix. Sandra, unfazed by Queenie’s provocations and Deputy Head Lew’s partiality, stands her ground, signaling her readiness to face challenges head-on.

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Chapter 5 sees Sandra soaring into the lion’s den—the top floor of the exhibition hall, where her entrance leaves everyone agape. Her stunning appearance sparks envy and snide remarks among the other candidates, who question her motives for returning to the workforce.

But Sandra, undeterred by their pettiness, gives as good as she gets, splashing coffee on her detractors in a bold, if not slightly messy, statement of defiance. Enter Kim, her backstabbing bestie, feigning concern and offering a fake olive branch.

Kim’s manipulative ploys to downplay Sandra’s strengths only fuel Sandra’s determination. As the chapter unfolds, Sandra’s steely resolve becomes evident, leaving Kim and the others questioning this new, unyielding version of Sandra.

Shake off the Jerk and Marry the CEO," featuring Sandra

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In Chapter 6, the drama reaches new heights as Sandra confronts Queenie, shrugging off her snide comments with fiery comebacks. Queenie, visibly agitated, tries to assert her dominance with her assigned queue number, only to find herself overshadowed by Xavier Yates‘ grand entrance.

Xavier, the dashing younger Yates, and an LOS advocate, casually approaches Sandra, igniting a wave of envy and speculation among the onlookers. He hands Sandra her queue number, symbolizing her unexpected but influential alliance with him.

This interaction leaves Kim stewing in jealousy, unable to grasp Sandra’s newfound influence and resilience. Sandra’s audacity in the face of adversity and her burgeoning connection with Xavier hint at a power shift, marking her rise from the ashes of her past life.

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In Chapter 7, Sandra takes the stage as the mysterious ‘Number One’ candidate, leaving a crowd of bewildered onlookers behind, including the scheming Kim. Her entry is marked by grace and poise, overshadowed only by the unexpected presence of Samuel Quentin, Brian’s father, on the judging panel.

But the real shocker comes with the appearance of Christopher Yates, the formidable and enigmatic business tycoon. His unexpected arrival turns the audition into a spontaneous and mesmerizing dance, highlighting Sandra’s elegance and skill.

The performance leaves everyone, including Samuel, spellbound and prompts Christopher to intervene, making a sudden and decisive choice to select Sandra as both advocate and host.

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In Chapter 8, the dance between Sandra and Christopher becomes the talk of the town, shattering Queenie‘s celebrity aspirations. As the reality of Sandra’s triumph sinks in, the crowd erupts in disbelief, but Christopher’s authority is unchallenged.

His cold dismissal of any dissent makes it clear that Sandra is the chosen one. Queenie’s daydreams of fame and a relationship with Christopher crumble under the weight of reality, leaving her humiliated and rejected.

Sandra, now firmly in the spotlight, exits the scene with a chilling warning to Queenie, underscoring her newfound power and influence.

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Chapter 9 delves deeper into the unexpected dynamics between Sandra and Christopher. After the auditions, Christopher confronts Sandra about her past actions, leading to a startling and swift marriage at the City Hall.


The marriage is not just a personal commitment; it represents a strategic alliance, as Christopher reveals the need for a female leader in the Yates Enterprise. Sandra, now aware of the transactional nature of their union, agrees, seeing it as an opportunity to step away from her past and embrace a new, powerful identity.

In Chapter 10, Sandra, now Mrs. Yates, requests Christopher to keep their marriage under wraps. She plans to retrieve what she lost from Brian, maintaining her new role with a mix of cunning and grace. Meanwhile, Brian, unsuspecting of Sandra’s transformation, is left bewildered by her sudden departure and her newfound ambition.

Sandra’s strategic maneuvering showcases her evolution from a betrayed fiancée to a woman in control of her destiny, playing a high-stakes game against those who once underestimated her.

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