The Alpha’s Curvy Cinderella Chapter Summary

The Alpha’s Curvy Cinderella by Cat Smith is a romantic werewolf novel that follows Jordan, a girl bullied and abused by her family and peers, who lives in fear of those meant to love her unconditionally. Wrongly blamed for her mother’s death, she hopes her mate will rescue her from her torturous life. This story explores if her dreams will come true.

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The Alpha’s Curvy Cinderella Novel Details

The Alpha's Curvy Cinderella
TitleThe Alpha’s Curvy Cinderella
ReadAmazon | Dreame
AuthorCat Smith
Age Rating18+
Read Count114.1K
Key Themes/TagsAlpha, One-night stand, HE, Second chance, Powerful, Blue collar, Drama, bxg, Pack

The Alpha’s Curvy Cinderella Chapter 1

The Alpha's Curvy Cinderella Jordan

Jordan is a 17-year-old girl who lives in the Blood Moon Pack. Her father is the Gamma of the pack, but he is abusive towards Jordan, frequently hitting her and locking her in as punishment. Jordan’s older sister Sarah also bullies and torments Jordan, lying to their father to get Jordan in trouble.

When Jordan was 5 years old, she was playing outside with the pack children, including Grant, whom she had a crush on. A swarm of rogue wolves attacked the pack. Jordan got her leg stuck in a tree while trying to hide. Her mother shifted into wolf form to protect Jordan and Grant from one of the rogues. More rogues attacked Jordan’s mother and brutally killed her while trying to save Jordan.

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Ever since that day, Jordan’s father has blamed her for her mother’s death. He becomes abusive and takes out his anger on Jordan. Sarah also blames Jordan and bullies her. No one else in the pack knows about the abuse. Jordan is ostracized at school and has no one to turn to. She feels hopeless and has thought about ending her life.

Every day is a struggle for Jordan. She lives in fear of her father’s wrath and Sarah’s cruelty. When making dinner, Jordan is careful not to burn the food, which would anger her father. Sarah taunts Jordan about being locked in the well again.

Jordan reflects on her miserable life and how she went from a happy child to an abused teenager. She hates her father and sister for making her life hell. Jordan dreams of one day getting revenge on everyone who has hurt her. For now, she survives day by day, finding the will to keep living despite her painful circumstances. Jordan longs for the day when she will finally be free.

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The Alpha’s Curvy Cinderella Chapter 2

Jordan wakes up early in the cold, dingy basement she sleeps in. She has a thin mattress on the floor and one old blanket. Her father, Maxwell, the Gamma, has cut off the hot water to punish her, so she takes a freezing shower. She dresses in baggy clothes to hide her body before going upstairs to make breakfast.

Her father comes in and barely acknowledges her. Jordan serves him bacon, eggs, and coffee. Her sister Sarah comes down perfectly dressed and wearing trendy clothes. Jordan compares her own larger body to petite Sarah’s. Sarah insults Jordan for not having friends. Their father kisses Sarah’s forehead affectionately before leaving.

Jordan tries not to cry, seeing the love he shows Sarah but not her. Sarah eats just fruit and yogurt, calling Jordan a pig and saying she needs to diet and exercise. Jordan’s stomach growls loudly from hunger, embarrassing her. Sarah finishes eating at last but mocks Jordan for being hungry, pointing out she didn’t let Jordan eat last night either.

Sarah viciously tells Jordan that no mate will want her because of her looks. Jordan panics; her biggest fear is being rejected by her mate someday. Sarah predicts Jordan’s mate will be lowly and will reject her publicly. Jordan tells Sarah that her own cruel personality will make her mate reject her.

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Furious, Sarah chokes Jordan, saying she will make Grant choose her as Luna. Sarah throws Jordan into the cupboards, lecturing her for talking back when she’s just a servant. Sarah dumps the leftover food Jordan was craving in the trash to punish her. Then Sarah leaves for school after threatening that Jordan should have been killed by their father.

Alone, Jordan cleans up and walks the long distance to school, crying on the way. She considers ending her life but still dreams of escaping to a pack where she’d be loved. The harsh reality is she believes fairy tales don’t come true for girls like her.

The Alpha’s Curvy Cinderella Chapter 3

Jordan endures another miserable day at school. She is bullied by the popular girls, shoved by the jocks, including Grant, and humiliated by her sister Sarah, who pours soda on her and dumps food on her at lunch. Jordan reflects on how Grant used to be her friend but is now cruel like the others. She flees school after Sarah pretends to chase her with a car.

Grant doesn’t care about Jordan’s bullying, blaming her for her own misery. His wolf Hades disagrees, angry at Grant’s callousness towards Jordan. Grant dreams of making the mean girl Sarah his Luna, though Hades refuses to accept her.

At home, Grant is told by his parents, Alpha John, and Luna Mary, that they want him to take over leading the pack after graduation. They suggest hosting a ball so Grant can choose a Luna or mate. Though nervous, Grant agrees. He wonders if he can seduce some desperate girls there.

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Grant’s parents say they’ll retire after Grant is settled with a Luna. Current Gamma Maxwell and Beta Sandy will step down too, with Grant picking their replacements. His parents promise Grant can wait on marriage, wanting him to bond with his mate first.

The ball will be held during the mid-year break between college semesters. This will let Grant’s mate integrate into the pack. Grant is relieved that he doesn’t have to marry immediately. He leaves his parents to their kissing, grossed out by their PDA.

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The Alpha’s Curvy Cinderella Chapter 4

Grant is talking with some other football players after school about Sarah intentionally trying to hit Jordan with her car. Grant makes demeaning comments about Jordan’s weight and implies that her father, the Gamma, should be embarrassed by her. His wolf Hades objects strongly, but Grant ignores him. Grant thinks Sarah would make a good Luna, despite Hades’ objections.

When Grant gets home, his parents, Alpha and Luna, tell him they want to retire soon and want him to take over leading the pack. They think he should choose Luna for an upcoming ball they are planning over the school break. They will invite eligible females from nearby packs. Grant considers choosing Sarah, though his wolf continues to protest. His parents say they’ll support whatever decision Grant makes as long as he has a strong Luna by his side.

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Grant agrees to the ball but wants his parents to accept whichever female he chooses, whether she’s his true mate or just a chosen Luna. His mother is thrilled he has agreed. Grant teases her about gossiping if he reveals his choice. His father and the Gamma and Beta also support Grant in finding a mate at the ball. The current Gamma and Beta plan to step down when Grant takes over.

Grant confirms with his parents that he doesn’t need to get married right away after finding his mate at the ball. They agree to establish a bond comes first. They tell Grant leading the pack in harmony with his mate will take work and relationships require effort. Grant leaves when his parents start kissing, though he acknowledges their devotion to each other. Grant heads to the kitchen, thinking the ball might be enjoyable and he may hook up with some eager girls there. But his wolf continues to protest his choices.

The Alpha’s Curvy Cinderella Chapter 5

Sarah relishes being the favorite daughter compared to her sister Jordan. She cruelly taunts Jordan about training with their father, Gamma Maxwell, the next day, knowing he’ll humiliate Jordan. Sarah dresses provocatively to see Grant train, hoping to seduce him.

At the training grounds, Grant easily defeats an opponent. Sarah cheers him on flirtatiously. She asks Grant to show her some moves privately, implying in the bedroom. Though his wolf objects, Grant eagerly takes Sarah to his room.

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After Grant showers, he finds Sarah naked on his bed. Overcome with lust, he has s$x with the eager Sarah. Sarah climaxes, thinking she’s proven they’re destined mates. Grant avoids impregnating her by finishing outside of her.

Sarah secretly believes Grant is now her chosen mate. She plans to keep their tryst secret, thinking she can make Grant see they belong together. If he resists, she’ll tell her father to force Grant to make her his Luna.

Grant thinks Sarah will keep their hookup discreet so other girls won’t get jealous. Oblivious, he invites Sarah to shower with him. Sarah happily complies, already fantasizing about becoming Luna.

The c$$$y Grant has no idea of Sarah’s obsessive designs on him. Sarah relishes tricking Grant and becoming Luna. She cruelly gloats over beating out other hopeful girls. Her ruthless scheming and manipulation expose her mean girl personality.

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The Alpha’s Curvy Cinderella Chapter 6

Jordan dreads attending training with her father, Gamma Maxwell, and sister, Sarah. At the grounds, Sarah partners with Grant flirtatiously. Jordan’s father pairs her with Sarah’s friend Raven.

Despite trying, Jordan is easily beaten by Raven, who punches, kicks, and spits on her. Maxwell is disgusted with Jordan’s poor fighting. He makes the losers run laps; Jordan comes last.

Maxwell forces Jordan to do punishing exercises like push-ups and sit-ups as punishment, cruelly humiliating her. He threatens to make Jordan a servant if she doesn’t improve.

While Jordan struggles, Sarah cozies up to Grant, and the pair leave together. Maxwell vents his frustration and anger onto Jordan. He plans to train her brutally every other day.

Jordan is in agony, crying from the rigorous workout. She feels hopeless and ashamed of her weakness. Maxwell’s contempt and threats make Jordan consider being a servant is better.

The abusive Maxwell derives sadistic satisfaction from Jordan’s suffering. His brutal training methods expose his cruelty. Jordan’s humiliation is complete as her own father and pack watch her fail.

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The Alpha’s Curvy Cinderella Chapter 7

Grant has s$x with Sarah, ignoring his wolf Hades’ protests. Hades says Grant should wait for their true mate, revealing she’s in the pack and will turn 18 soon. Grant dismisses Hades, insisting Sarah is gorgeous.

Grant takes Sarah roughly from behind, calling her demeaning names. The insatiable Sarah begs for more. After she climaxes, Grant seeks his own release.

Later, Sarah declares that the s$x is mind-blowing. When Grant asks if her father will find out, Sarah says he’s preoccupied with punishing Jordan. She expresses hatred for her sister.

Grant questions if Sarah blames Jordan for their mother’s death. He feels guilty about bullying Jordan, too. Sarah insists Jordan is at fault.

Grant reveals his mother is hosting a ball for him to find Luna. If he doesn’t find his mate, he’ll take a chosen one. Sarah boldly asserts she’ll be his mate no matter what.

Seeing Jordan’s humiliating training, Sarah mocks her sister cruelly. Grant heads home, haunted by Jordan’s misery, wondering why he cares.

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