The Cursed Prince Web Novel Review: Breaking the Chains of Destiny

The Cursed Prince Web Novel

The Cursed Prince Web Novel Review

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In the hauntingly captivating tale of The Cursed Prince, author Missrealitybites weaves a complex tapestry of fantasy, romance, comedy, and revenge that is sure to ensnare any lover of these genres.

Our story begins with a prince born under an ominous curse. No woman can touch him without meeting her death; he is doomed to a life devoid of happiness. The curse becomes the royal family’s bane, with the prince being the only son, the only hope for an heir to continue the lineage.

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But as destiny would have it, a spark of hope arrives in the most unexpected form – Emmelyn, a servant girl with revenge burning in her heart. She survives where others have perished, able to touch the prince without succumbing to the curse. Her original intent was to murder the prince, the man she held responsible for her family’s demise, but now she finds herself in an unimaginable predicament.

the cursed prince romance web novel

Seeing an opportunity in the unusual circumstances, the prince makes a proposition. Emmelyn is to bear him three heirs; in return, he promises to liberate her kingdom from his tyranny. Caught between her need for revenge and the well-being of her kingdom, Emmelyn agrees, marking the beginning of an intriguing game of power, passion, and peril.

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As Emmelyn and the prince spend more time together, a dance of tension and attraction unfolds. Every moment Emmelyn spends in the prince’s presence fuels her quest for revenge and growing connection to the man she’s meant to despise. But can she execute her deadly plans, or will she find herself drawn deeper into the fascinating labyrinth that is the prince, deemed by many as the devil incarnate? Now this is the main question.

The Cursed Prince is a fascinating journey filled with dramatic twists and turns, moments of levity, and a brewing romance that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Experience the thrill of this rollercoaster ride of emotions in a realm where curses are real, and love is the most dangerous game of all. Are you ready to uncover the mysteries of The Cursed Prince?

The Cursed Prince Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of The Cursed Prince by Missrealitybites, titled “The Failed Assassination Attempt,” involves the main character Emmelyn, who attempts to assassinate the prince in order to avenge her late parents. Emmelyn has infiltrated the enemy’s palace, disguised as a male servant, as the prince notoriously despises women and only allows men to serve him.

Emmelyn had meticulously planned the prince’s assassination, making sure to triple the dose of his sleeping potion. However, her plan falls apart when the prince unexpectedly wakes up just as she is about to strike him. He catches her in the act, raising questions about who might be behind the assassination attempt and offering her a swift death in exchange for the information.

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Caught and fearful, Emmelyn refuses to answer, envisioning her gruesome execution at the prince’s hands. In desperation, she impulsively lunges at the prince again, hoping at least to wound him before she dies. However, he easily overpowers her, and in the ensuing struggle, he discovers that Emmelyn is not a man, but a woman.

This revelation stuns both the prince and Emmelyn, potentially complicating her fate. Emmelyn fears her disguise has been blown and that the prince’s hatred for women will lead to her beheading in the public square.

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The Cursed Prince Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of The Cursed Prince, titled “You Will Be The Mother Of My Children,” continues the story of Emmelyn’s failed assassination attempt and her subsequent discovery by Prince Mars Strongmoor.

Prince Mars, upon confirming that Emmelyn is a woman, exhibits an unexpected interest in her. After he threatens to strip her to confirm her gender, Emmelyn angrily retorts, revealing her true feminine voice. The prince, far from being deterred, seems to find her defiance appealing.

As the chapter progresses, Prince Mars walks over to Emmelyn, invading her personal space and touching her chin. Feeling terrified, Emmelyn anticipates the prince may inflict harm. Instead, he surprises her with a kiss, an act that leaves her momentarily paralyzed and surprisingly receptive.

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After the kiss, Emmelyn regains her senses and slaps the prince in indignation. The prince, however, seems unbothered by her reaction and makes a shocking proclamation. He tells her that she is to become the mother of his children, specifying that he needs three from her.

Emmelyn, horrified, vehemently rejects the idea, stating that she does not wish to become his wife. Prince Mars, undeterred by her resistance, clarifies that he mentioned nothing about marriage, hinting at his intent to use Emmelyn solely for the purpose of producing heirs.

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The Cursed Prince Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of The Cursed Prince, titled “Why Is The Devil So Happy?” unfolds as Emmelyn tries to comprehend the unexpected series of events.

Prince Mars pulls Emmelyn onto the bed, holding her tightly while he lays down to rest. She attempts to escape but realizes that he is significantly stronger than her. Despite her training in sword fighting and physical strength developed from laborious tasks, she is unable to break free.

While contemplating an escape plan, Emmelyn becomes distracted by the prince’s scent, which she hadn’t noticed before despite being close to him for a month. She reflects on how Prince Mars is very particular about cleanliness, often taking baths before bed.

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We learn more about Emmelyn’s backstory in this chapter – how she replaced Prince Mars’ personal servant with herself, gradually gaining trust within the castle. Her objective was to get close to the prince and execute her assassination plan. She performed all her duties without complaint, including the strenuous task of preparing his bathwater.

As Emmelyn ponders over her situation, she also reflects on her own current state. She misses her old self, how she used to smell like roses, unlike the servant’s life she lives now. However, she is committed to her mission and remains patient, hoping to escape when Prince Mars is fast asleep.

In the process, Emmelyn battles her fatigue resulting from the day’s shock and physical altercation with the prince. Despite her determination to stay awake and escape, she dozes off.

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Upon waking up, Emmelyn is shocked to find herself still with Prince Mars. He nonchalantly informs her that she’s still alive, leaving her even more bewildered. The chapter ends here, heightening the intrigue surrounding their complex relationship.

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