Surprising the Bully Review: A Tale of Empowerment Amidst Disdain

Surprising the Bully novel

Deanna Samaan’s Surprising The Bully is the first part in the True Love Series and is a captivating read that navigates the lives of its well-crafted high school characters, unveiling their struggles, growth, and dynamics of their relationships.

This first part has more than 580K read making it one of the most popular books on the platform. The story is completed with 96 chapters.

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Surprising the Bully Review

Surprising the Bully Review

Inside Keira’s World

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The story follows Keira, an introverted high-school girl facing harsh bullying from her twin brother, Kevin, and the popular guy at school, Adam.

Kevin, Keira’s twin, is the classic school star: athletic, adored, and ambitious. On the flip side, Keira has had a harsher journey, bearing the brunt of her brother’s popularity and her physical insecurities. Kevin’s tight-knit friendship with Adam, the school’s charming prince, only deepens Keira’s despair, especially when Adam’s torment escalates.

Yet, the beauty of this tale lies not in its cruel beginnings, but rather in its empowerment. Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, Keira transforms from an invisible wallflower into a radiant butterfly, a change ignited by a devoted friend and a daring makeover.

This makeover isn’t simply about a new hairdo or wardrobe; it’s about rediscovering the remarkable Keira hidden beneath the surface.

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Characters and Plot

The lead character, Keira, is painted as a shy and passive individual, her characterization intensifying the effect of her transformation into a confident and desirable person.

The pivotal point in the book is when Jaime, Keira’s friend, steps in with a plan to boost Keira’s confidence. In chapter 6, Keira hesitates but eventually agrees to Jaime’s three-part plan, including a makeover and a wardrobe overhaul, initiating her journey towards transformation. This change does not go unnoticed, especially by Adam, stirring the dynamics between the characters.

Adam, who was once Keira’s biggest bully, starts to see her in a new light. Chapter 9 showcases a tense interaction between Adam and Keira that adds depth to their strained relationship and Adam’s conflicted feelings toward Keira.

Meanwhile, Kevin’s nonchalant attitude, juxtaposed with Keira’s newfound strength, forms a fascinating sibling dynamic, especially when their mother announces a promotion that requires her to travel and leave the twins under the care of the Case family in Chapter 8. This announcement adds more intrigue to the plot, inciting anticipation for what lies ahead.

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A Tale of Romance

The storyline also weaves a subtle romance throughout the plot. As Keira transforms, her bullies, particularly Adam, start seeing her differently. This change in perception hints at a potential romantic subplot, which the readers would find intriguing. As Keira grows in confidence and becomes more desirable, she also begins to influence Adam’s fantasies, infusing an element of romance that adds warmth to the narrative.

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Final Thoughts: Must Read

Samaan’s Surprising The Bully is an engaging tale that captures the essence of high school struggles, the repercussions of bullying, and a heartwarming transformation. It’s an intricately woven narrative that paints a vivid picture of each character, setting the stage for potential conflicts, personal growth, and a budding romance. The True Love Series begins with a bang with this novel, making it a must-read for those seeking a moving and transformative narrative.

Surprising the Bully Chapter 1

In Chapter 1 of Surprising the Bully, we are introduced to twins Kevin and Keira, who have always been inseparable. Despite being fraternal twins, they are complete opposites. Kevin is outgoing, athletic, and popular, while Keira is shy, clumsy, and struggles to make friends. However, their bond remains strong.

The chapter takes us back seven years when Kevin convinces Keira to join him for a soccer game. Keira, uninterested in sports, feels bored and out of place. But Kevin’s thoughtfulness shines through when he offers her a granola bar, knowing it’s her favorite. As they wait for a new boy from school, Adam, to arrive, Keira is instantly smitten by his cute appearance.

However, Keira’s innocent comment about Adam’s long eyelashes leads to an awkward situation, and Kevin becomes annoyed with her. Keira, hurt by her brother’s reaction, finds solace in sitting alone while the boys play. The incident highlights Keira’s struggle to fit in and the growing distance between her and Kevin.

A month later, tensions escalate when Kevin and Adam plan a movie outing without considering Keira’s feelings. Feeling left out and unwanted, Keira’s self-esteem takes a blow. In a heartbreaking moment, she overhears Kevin and Adam making hurtful comments about her, unaware of the pain they’re causing.

Fast-forwarding three years, Keira, now a teenager, battles body image issues and constant teasing about her weight and appearance. Her attempts to hide her curves and larger breasts only attract more ridicule. The chapter ends with a powerful reflection from Keira, expressing her desire to graduate and start fresh in college, away from the torment she faces daily.

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Surprising the Bully Chapter 2

Chapter 2 delves into Keira’s daily struggle with bullying at school, primarily at the hands of Adam and her twin brother, Kevin. Keira endures hurtful comments about her weight and her choice of clothing, leaving her feeling isolated and humiliated.

As Keira walks through the school hallway, Adam taunts her with insults, targeting her weight and the clothes she wears. The intensity of the bullying intensifies when Kevin joins in, making derogatory remarks about her appearance. Keira fights back tears, determined not to let them see her pain. She understands that Kevin’s behavior stems from wanting to maintain his social status, but it still wounds her deeply.

Amidst the torment, Keira’s best friend, Jaime, comes to her aid, noticing the spitballs Adam and his friends have lodged in Keira’s hair. Jaime takes Keira to the bathroom to help her remove them, expressing frustration with the immaturity of their tormentors.

From Adam’s perspective, he views Keira as a mess, dressing in oversized clothes that don’t flatter her figure. He sees her as an annoyance, constantly trailing Kevin everywhere. While Adam occasionally feels sympathy for Keira, he believes she brings the bullying upon herself by not putting effort into her appearance.

Adam justifies his and Kevin’s actions by believing that their teasing and pranks are harmless as long as they don’t cause physical harm or make her cry. He sees it as a way to keep Keira at a distance and avoid her constant presence in their lives.

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Surprising the Bully Chapter 6

In Chapter 6, Keira’s best friend, Jaime, reveals her plan to help Keira transform her appearance and boost her confidence. Despite Keira’s initial hesitation due to a family meeting scheduled later that evening, Jaime’s enthusiasm wins her over.

Jaime convinces Keira that she needs a change and suggests a website where she can find cute plus-size clothing at affordable prices. Keira is skeptical but decides to trust Jaime’s judgment. Jaime asks Keira for $50 to purchase the outfits, promising to get her multiple outfits to kickstart her transformation.

As they arrive at Keira’s house, Jaime emphasizes the importance of Keira’s self-perception and the need for her to stop putting herself down. Jaime takes Keira’s measurements to ensure the clothes fit perfectly. Although Keira doubts her attractiveness, Jaime urges her to embrace change as she approaches her 18th birthday and senior year.

Keira questions why Jaime hadn’t bought her clothes from the website before, to which Jaime explains Keira’s resistance to buying new clothes and the recent addition of a plus-size section. Keira remains skeptical but decides to give it a try, realizing that her appearance does impact how others perceive her.

Jaime reveals that their plan consists of three parts, suggesting that a gradual makeover is necessary to avoid drawing unwanted attention from the soccer team, who frequently target Keira. The first step is a new hairstyle to break free from her current look. Jaime introduces Keira to Jay, her cousin and a talented hairstylist and makeup artist who offers makeovers for free. Keira is surprised when Jaime mentions that Jay will become her gay best friend and fairy godmother, as he can relate to being the target of bullying.

Just as the conversation concludes, Kevin, Keira’s twin brother, enters the room without knocking, followed by Adam, a friend of Kevin’s. Keira tries to maintain her privacy but fails as Adam overhears the mention of someone being gay and a new look. Frustrated, Keira kicks them out of her room and vents her annoyance to Jaime. Jaime dismisses their behavior, attributing it to them being boys, and leaves to discuss Keira’s new hairstyle with Jay, assuring Keira that she will like the changes.

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