Unscentable Novel by Jennifer Francis WereWolf Novel ( Chapter Summary)

unscentable novel

Unscentable is a popular werewolf novel written by Jennifer Francis that seems to revolve around a character named Piper who is part of a wolf pack. The story follows Piper’s struggles with her unrequited love for Alpha Bradley, who is unaware of her existence as his mate.

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Piper’s unique trait is that she has no scent, making her invisible to others in the pack. This invisibility adds to her feelings of being unnoticed and unloved.

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Unscentable Novel Chapter Summary

piper, Bradley unscentable novel

Unscentable Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of Unscentable introduces the main character, Piper, who owns a bridal shop called “Goddess Gowns” in Portland. She is a talented designer and her dresses are well-liked in the human world. Piper is working on a new dress when she senses the presence of werewolves entering her store. She recognizes them as members of her old pack, and it becomes clear that the woman in the store is there to purchase a gown for her Luna Ceremony with Bradley Drake, Piper’s former mate.

Feeling a mix of pain and bitterness, Piper tries to distance herself from the situation and asks her store manager, Izzy, to attend to the customers. She retreats to her office, not wanting to be near the woman who is now with Bradley. Piper’s rejection of Bradley in the past was a necessary step for her and her wolf, Harper, to protect themselves. However, seeing him with another mate brings back feelings of betrayal.

Cooper, the Beta of the Black Haven Pack, enters Piper’s office without permission, trying to use his charm to persuade her to make a custom gown for the woman downstairs. Piper, unimpressed by his looks, dismisses him and refuses to make the dress. Cooper becomes frustrated with her attitude but eventually leaves.

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Unscentable Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of Unscentable follows Piper, who is preparing for a weekend getaway with her partner Brandon. Meanwhile, she is working on a gown for a wealthy heiress in her studio. However, her peaceful day is interrupted when an angry man, who turns out to be Hadley Whitmore’s father, storms into the store. Hadley is a bride whose dress fitting had been rescheduled, causing her to throw a tantrum. Piper is frustrated with dealing with entitled individuals like the Whitmores and compares them to alpha wolves.

Suddenly, Bradley Drake, Piper’s mate, enters the studio with Hadley by his side. Piper is overwhelmed with pain and shock at seeing him. She struggles to breathe and feels goosebumps all over her body. Bradley demands that Piper make Hadley’s dress, but Piper refuses. She can’t bear to see him with another woman, especially one who is taking her place. Harper, Piper’s wolf, growls at Bradley, and he seems surprised by their reaction. Bradley and Hadley leave the room, and Piper is left devastated.

Piper runs out of the store and finds solace in a courtyard, trying to calm herself down. She reflects on how she and Harper had moved away to avoid ever seeing Bradley again. She feels the pain of rejection and the lingering love she still has for him. Piper calls her employee, Izzy, to confirm that Bradley has left and reassures her that she is okay. She also informs Izzy that she will not be working for Bradley or anyone from his company.

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Unscentable Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of Unscentable provides insights into Bradley’s perspective before he visits the Goddess Gown store. Bradley and Cooper discuss Piper’s unique attributes, including her inability to be scented. Cooper believes that Piper is human, despite lacking a human scent. Bradley recalls the intense pain he experienced eight years ago when he first encountered Piper, who is his unscentable mate.

Bradley visits Renee’s boutique, where Piper used to work, to inquire about a gown. However, there is only one gown left, which was removed from their catalog. Bradley temporarily hands over his position to his brother, Hendrix, who is Hadley’s mate. Bradley assures Hadley that she will get the gown she desires, which only Piper Harper can make.

When Bradley meets Piper at the store, he recognizes that she is a wolf but unscentable. Piper is not intimidated by Bradley and is visibly in pain at the sight of him. Bradley reflects on the excruciating pain he felt eight years ago, which required sedation and left his wolf, Benson, unable to recover.

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Unscentable Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of Unscentable revolves around Hadley’s desire to obtain a dress from Piper Harper, a renowned wedding dress designer. Despite her age, Hadley is determined to have the dress and convinces her brother, Bradley, to help her. However, when Bradley and his pack confront Piper Harper, they discover that she is not easily intimidated and her scent is masked, suggesting she may not be human.

Bradley’s curiosity about Piper Harper leads him to research her online. He finds that she has a successful bridal fashion business and good reviews from wealthy clients, some of whom may not be human. This suggests that Piper may be familiar with supernatural creatures and has taken precautions to hide her scent.

Frustrated by the unavailability of the desired dress, Bradley decides to confront Piper Harper in person. He leaves his pack in the care of his younger brother, Hendrix, and travels to meet Piper. Meanwhile, Hadley is upset by Piper’s behavior and Bradley tries to comfort her, promising to take her shopping for alternative dresses.

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Unscentable Chapter 5

Chapter 5 of Unscentable begins with Piper and her son, Brandon, getting ready for their vacation. They plan to go snowboarding and take pictures. Piper reflects on her son’s future and wonders if he will also be unscentable like her. She considers enrolling him in sports and activities to help him channel his wolf energy.

During their shopping trip, they encounter the woman from the hotel bar again, who purposely bumps into Piper and insults her. Brandon defends his mother by kicking the woman. Back at the hotel, Brandon asks why the woman’s eye color changed, leading to a conversation about werewolf traits.

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Unscentable Chapter 6

Bradley finds himself in Piper Harper’s store, “Goddess Gowns,” wondering about the store’s name and why Piper is out here alone with her scent masked. He encounters Izzy, the assistant manager, who is clearly annoyed by his presence and informs him that Piper is not there. Despite Izzy’s cold demeanor, Bradley insists on finding Piper and making an appointment to see her when she returns from her trip. Izzy claims that Piper is solidly booked for the next six months and is not taking on new clients. Unconvinced, Bradley decides to check for himself by exploring Piper’s office and studio, much to Izzy’s annoyance.

In Piper’s office, Bradley notices a spacious room with a glass and steel desk, framed prints of models wearing her designs, and a glass sliding door leading to a balcony. He also spots a coffee cup on her desk and a stack of magazines on a coffee table. Surprisingly, he finds children’s books and art supplies, which he finds odd for an office setting. Moving on to Piper’s studio, Bradley discovers a design desk with various tools and materials, including silk, satin, lace, and reams of fabric in different shades. He also notices shelves filled with buttons, ribbons, zippers, and beads.

Despite his thorough search, Bradley concludes that Piper has not been in either her office or studio. It becomes clear that Piper is actively avoiding him, and Izzy’s behavior suggests she is guarding the premises like a bouncer. Bradley’s determination to find Piper and uncover the truth about their connection grows stronger, even in the face of resistance.

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Unscentable Chapter 7

In this chapter, Bradley, our curious protagonist, visits a store in search of Piper Harper, a she-wolf who has caught his attention. However, he is met with resistance from Izzy, the assistant manager, who seems annoyed by his presence.

Bradley is determined to find Piper and is intrigued by the fact that her scent is masked, making it difficult for him to track her. He observes that the store does not have any indication of a Wolfen pack affiliation, which is unusual for Wolfen businesses. This adds to his curiosity about Piper’s background.

Despite Izzy’s cold and rude demeanor, Bradley insists on seeing Piper’s office and studio. He finds her office spacious and well-decorated, with framed prints of models wearing her designs. In her studio, he sees reams of material and shelves filled with various design supplies. However, there is no sign of Piper’s presence in either room, suggesting that she may indeed be away for the weekend.

Bradley contemplates leaving a note for Piper, but considering her reaction to him and Izzy’s behavior, he decides against it. It seems that Piper is actively avoiding him, which raises questions about their potential connection as mates.

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Unscentable Chapter 8

In this chapter of Unscentable, the plot thickens as Bradley Drake finally realizes that Piper Harper is his missing mate. The moment of truth arrives, and Bradley connects all the puzzle pieces, confirming that Piper was the one who rejected him all those years ago. However, he is left confused and questioning why she made that decision.

As the truth unfolds, Bradley blames himself for not recognizing Piper as his mate sooner. He reflects on his past behavior, realizing that his infidelity may have caused her pain and loneliness. The chapter delves into Bradley’s internal struggle as he grapples with his own mistakes and regrets.

Meanwhile, the story takes an exciting turn as Hadley, Bradley’s sister, goes missing. Feeling responsible for the strain on her brother’s mate bond, she sets off to find Piper in Portland. This leads to a thrilling encounter where Piper, despite her own complicated life, bravely comes to Hadley’s rescue, showcasing her hidden fighting skills.

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Unscentable Chapter 9

In this chapter, Piper and her son Brandon continue their holiday in a hotel suite. However, things take an unexpected turn when Piper’s ex-mate, Alpha Bradley, goes on a frenzy searching for her online. Despite the chaos, Piper remains strong and determined to protect herself and her son.

One interesting aspect of this chapter is the introduction of Brandon’s wolf companion, Aspen. It is revealed that Brandon has been communicating with Aspen for the past six months, showcasing the unique bond between a child werewolf and their wolf. This adds an intriguing twist to the story, as most werewolf tales focus on the interaction between wolves and their human counterparts after they turn 17.

Piper’s role as a mother is also highlighted in this chapter. She shows great care and love for Brandon, not dismissing his questions or concerns about his wolves. Instead, she guides him on how to control Aspen, especially in dangerous situations. This dynamic between Piper and Brandon further emphasizes the strong bond they share.

Additionally, Chapter 9 hints at a potential love interest for Brandon in the form of a girl named Celeste, whom they meet at Alpha Timothy’s house. This opens up possibilities for future sequels and explores the complexities of young love within the werewolf world.

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Unscentable Chapter 10

In this chapter of Unscentable, Piper finds herself in a sticky situation as she navigates the complexities of her unscentable existence. Here’s a witty and humorous summary of the events:

Piper’s dressmaking skills are put to the test when she is asked to create a gown for Hadley, the woman who is set to become Bradley’s Luna. Despite her initial refusal, Piper reluctantly agrees to take on the task, leading to a series of hilarious mishaps and torn pieces of fabric.

As Piper works on the gown, she can’t help but wonder why she’s putting herself through this agony. After all, she rejected Bradley as her mate years ago, and now she’s making a dress for the woman who will be his Luna. Talk about awkward!

To make matters worse, Piper’s unscentable nature continues to cause trouble. She can’t help but feel a pang of jealousy as she sees the undeniable chemistry between Bradley and Hadley. It’s like a bad rom-com, but with werewolves.

Amidst all the chaos, Piper’s son Brandon proves to be a source of comic relief. He kicks a she-wolf who insults his mom, showing that he’s inherited his mother’s feisty spirit. It’s clear that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

As the chapter comes to a close, Piper reflects on her unconventional life as an unscentable werewolf. She dreams of what could have been if she had embraced her warrior side and risen through the ranks. But for now, she’s stuck in the world of dressmaking and Luna ceremonies.

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