His Luna’s Already A Luna Chapter Summary

His Luna's Already A Luna

His Luna’s Already A Luna by Jennifer Francis revolves around Lucinda, an 18-year-old wolfless Luna who survived an attack on her pack by an invading Alpha eight years ago. She rescued the remaining females and children and was given sanctuary by another pack. Lucinda is now an expert in weapons who finds herself fated to an imposing Alpha, though his views on Luna are not favorable as he is only interested in a mate who can bear him a strong heir.

The story follows Lucinda and the Alpha as they encounter each other. Lucinda has a tragic past that most have heard of but few understand. The Alpha is interested in claiming Lucinda as his mate if she proves herself capable. It remains to be seen if they can overcome their differences, learn to trust and love each other, and whether their Goddess-gifted mate bond will be strong enough to help Lucinda escape from the trauma of her past. Their relationship and abilities are tested as conflicts arise that threaten the safety of Lucinda and her charges.

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Book TitleHis Luna’s Already A Luna
AuthorJennifer Francis
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Werewolf Romance
Tags fated, second chance, kickass heroine, drama, werewolves, pack, secrets, stubborn

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His Luna’s Already A Luna PDF

His Luna's Already A Luna PDF

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His Luna’s Already A Luna Chapter 1

Lucinda sat against the wall of the White Lotus pack-house covered in blood after delivering Luna Felecia’s twin daughters. Around her was carnage as the invading Alpha Darwin brutally fought to claim Felecia by force after killing Lucinda’s mate and son. Lucinda knew she had to follow Felecia’s final order and threw a blade with deadly accuracy, killing Felecia instantly to prevent her from being raped and claimed again by Alpha Darwin.

With the pack-house burning down around them, Lucinda led the surviving 60 women and children through a secret tunnel to safety. They walked through the night across dangerous rogue territory until reaching the neighboring Half Moon pack. Lucinda begged for sanctuary, and though a wolf-less female herself, the others recognized her as their Luna. The Half Moon Alpha granted them protection and Lucinda’s grief overcame her, leading her to beg the new Luna Lindy to find the twin girls a suitable home within the pack.

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His Luna’s Already A Luna Chapter 2

Lucinda’s wolf Ky’ra suddenly appeared in her mind, introducing herself aggressively. Though confused by this development, Lucinda informed her retrieval specialist team of her new wolf. That night, Lucinda provided backup from above as the team descended to rescue kidnapped she-wolves from rogue captors. She observed additional kidnappers arriving and fired warning shots. When two men approached her position, Lucinda incapacitated them with arrows assisted by her wolf’s enhanced senses.

Down in the valley, a fight ensued between the retrieval team and rogue captors. Another group led by a large man also engaged the rogues. With Lucinda continuing to pick off targets from above with arrows, the combined forces were able to defeat the rogues. The additional group’s captured females were released while the retrieval team collected their pack’s kidnapped wolves. Lucinda then ensured all rogues were killed before returning to her team with her arrows.

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His Luna’s Already A Luna Chapter 3

image 90

The team led by Nick halted as they noticed a special unit moving in the valley ahead. Though they outnumbered the unknown group, Nick sensed they were well-trained. Without warning, an arrow landed inches from Nick’s head, fired by a small man across the valley with a large compound bow. Nick threw his knife at the man but missed, and had another knife embedded in his shoe in return. He sent two of his warriors to capture the man alive but watched as the man shot one warrior through the hand and pinned him to a tree, showing his skills were not to be underestimated.

Fighting soon broke out between Nick’s group and the rogues holding captives in the valley. After the battle, Nick confronted the other unit, learning they were a specialized retrieval team from the Half Moon Pack sent to rescue kidnapped females from their pack. Though impressed by their skills, Nick was still angered by how close the archer had come to killing him. He also questioned the leader’s decision to use a female as their backup given the dangers, and resolved to keep an eye out for this pack in the future.

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His Luna’s Already A Luna Chapter 4

Lucinda and her wolf Ky’ra had just returned from patrolling the borders of their new pack, the Half Moon Pack, when they were called to the Alpha’s office. The Alpha, Corey, was reprimanding them for leaving pack territory without permission to visit Lucinda’s old pack, the destroyed White Lotus Pack. As punishment, Lucinda and Ky’ra would have to train the junior pack members every day for a week.

This frustrated Ky’ra, as she disliked the young untrained wolves. The visit to the White Lotus territory had allowed Lucinda to see what remained of the place she had been born – nothing but overgrown grass marked where the pack houses and buildings once stood. She took the lone remaining symbol of the White Lotus Pack, a carved wooden emblem, and returned with it back to the Half Moon territory.

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His Luna’s Already A Luna Chapter 5

Nick’s Beta Jeremy had delivered a mating ball invitation to Nick from Half Moon Pack. Though Nick did not want to attend, Jeremy’s tricks forced Nick’s hand, and he agreed to go to the ball with 20 wolves from his pack.

Lucinda had just returned from a retrieval mission. She found her twin sisters unsupervised in the playground and brought them to the Luna. Later, on her border patrol duty, Lucinda and her wolf Ky’ra helped fight off a large group of rogues attacking another part of the border. Ky’ra encountered and stared down the unusually large visiting Alpha from Blue Moon pack, who had also assisted in the fight.

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His Luna’s Already A Luna Chapter 6

Nick, the alpha of Blue Moon Pack, reluctantly attends a mating ball hosted by Half Moon Pack. He is annoyed by the festivities and unruly behavior of his beta Jeremy. While observing the pack grounds, Nick mistakes Gamma’s mate Gabby for the she-wolf Lucinda who he seeks an apology from after a past encounter. Nick aggressively confronts Gabby in front of her twins, angering the pack members present. Alpha Corey intervenes and Nick realizes his mistake, apologizing to Gabby. Corey informs Nick that Lucinda does not attend balls, but offers no other details about the mysterious she-wolf.

Later at dinner, Nick asks Corey to point out Lucinda so he can get the apology he seeks. However, the pack members find humor in the idea of Nick confronting the formidable Lucinda. They begin betting on how she might retaliate, such as biting, stabbing or shifting against Nick. Their laughter and bets deeply offend Nick’s pride as an alpha. Corey offers no support in getting Lucinda to apologize, suggesting Nick ask politely instead. Nick leaves frustrated, uncertain of how to get the apology from the elusive and dangerous Lucinda.

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His Luna’s Already A Luna Chapter 7

The night was bothering Nick as he could hear others mating in the pack house. He went into the woods to escape the noises but could still smell all the wolves having s$x. While walking in the eastern territory, he came across two wolves fighting a rogue. He helped take down the rogue and spoke with the patrolling warrior Denny. Denny informed him that the western patrol had killed three rogues alone, led by the feared warrior Ky’ra.

Later, a large group of 15 rogues attacked the border. A huge grey wolf arrived and swiftly killed all the rogues with brutal efficiency, revealing herself to be Ky’ra. Both Nick and the Alpha Rip were intrigued by her skills and prowess. The next morning as Nick cleaned up, he saw Ky’ra shift from her wolf form outside her house, revealing a petite woman with long black hair. Rip and Nick’s wolf were both unusually focused on Ky’ra, leaving Nick confused by his wolf’s strange behavior.

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His Luna’s Already A Luna Chapter 8

Lauren and Simone were excited to receive their first compound bows from Lucinda as birthday gifts. Lucinda had the bows specially made for the twins and gifted them matching black outfits to wear during training. She took photos of the three of them in their outfits proudly displaying their new bows. During training, Lucinda noticed Alpha Nicholas watching her and felt his wolf call her a mutt again. In response, Ky’ra scratched down the side of his vehicle, angered by his insults and learning he had frightened Gabby. Lucinda continued training the twins, demonstrating perfect shots with her bow while staring down Alpha Nicholas, daring him to insult her again.

Later that night while on border patrol, Lucinda’s wolf Ky’ra got into an altercation with Alpha Nicholas’ beta who had accompanied them without permission. Ky’ra bit the beta in frustration with his constant interference, though he backed off for the rest of their shift working together to fight invading rogues. Lucinda knew she and Ky’ra would face consequences for the damage done to Alpha Nicholas’ vehicle when meeting with Alpha Corey after her patrol.

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His Luna’s Already A Luna Chapter 9

Lucinda had damaged Nick’s car after he called her a mutt again, angering her wolf. When confronted by Alpha Corey, Lucinda did not admit to it but her wolf was likely responsible. Alpha Corey agreed to pay for the door to be replaced and said Lucinda would meet with Nick after her border patrol to discuss a fair punishment.

Nick learned that Lucinda had bested him in their previous encounter without even possessing a wolf yet. She had only received her wolf a few months prior, yet still proved herself a highly skilled warrior. Her prowess surprised and irritated Nick, though he was coming to understand why his beta Rip and the other wolves were drawn to the pack’s she-wolves.

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His Luna’s Already A Luna Chapter 10

Lucinda stormed into the room for her meeting with Alpha Corey and Nick. Upon seeing Nick, she immediately recognized him as the man who had called her a mutt for damaging his car. Lucinda yelled “Hell’s no” and stormed right back out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

Nick was stunned by Lucinda’s reaction, though he understood why she reacted that way given that he had previously insulted her. While Alpha Corey and his men found the situation amusing and began placing bets on how long it would take Nick to win Lucinda over, Nick remained frustrated with their treatment of the situation as a joke. He realized he had his work cut out for him to claim Lucinda as his mate and wanted to have a serious discussion with Alpha Corey about Lucinda’s background and family situation.

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