Mafia Billionaire’s Forlorn Wife Chapter Summary

Mafia Billionaire’s Forlorn Wife

“Mafia Billionaire’s Forlorn Wife” by Devu unfolds the intense and complex love story of Arabella Mancini, the Italian Mafia Princess, and Rhys Mikhailov, a ruthless CEO of a billion-dollar tech empire and head of the Russian Bratva. Their relationship evolves through a series of poignant moments, beginning with Arabella falling in love with Rhys despite their tumultuous backgrounds, and ending with Rhys breaking her heart. As both struggle with their feelings and the reality of their circumstances, Arabella finds herself leaving Rhys and starting a new life, only to discover she is pregnant with his child. Meanwhile, Rhys grapples with his love for Arabella amidst the bitter feud between their families, eventually leading to their separation.

Devu’s masterful storytelling in “Mafia Billionaire’s Forlorn Wife” intricately weaves themes of love, betrayal, and redemption, capturing the emotional turmoil of Arabella and Rhys. The saga delves into the depths of their struggles as they confront their intertwined destinies and the consequences of their choices, leading to a gripping tale of resilience and hope. As Arabella and Rhys navigate their turbulent circumstances and face unforeseen challenges, the weight of their past and the prospect of a shared future propel the story toward an emotionally charged and compelling climax, leaving readers on the edge of their seats

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Book TitleMafia Billionaire’s Forlorn Wife
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresMafia, Romance
TagsCEO, Kickass, Love, Wife, billionaire, HE, bad boy, powerful, mafia, drama, bxg, disappearance

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Mafia Billionaire’s Forlorn Wife PDF

Mafia Billionaire’s Forlorn Wife PDF

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Mafia Billionaire’s Forlorn Wife Chapter 1

In this chapter, Ivy arrives at her new home with Rhys, her new husband. However, her excitement fades when she realizes the room assigned to her is not what she expected, and Rhys reveals that it’s her room, not his. Shockingly, Rhys confesses that he married Ivy as part of a plan to seek revenge on her family, revealing his true intentions and leaving her devastated. The chapter ends with Ivy crumbling in tears as Rhys coldly walks away.

The chapter depicts Ivy’s shattered hopes as she comes to terms with Rhys’ deceit and betrayal. Rhys reveals his true malicious intentions, explaining Ivy was merely a pawn in his vendetta against her family. Ivy’s devastation is palpable as she struggles to comprehend the true nature of the man she married. Ultimately, the chapter ends with her heartbroken realization of the facade she had fallen for and the painful aftermath of the revelation.

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Mafia Billionaire’s Forlorn Wife Chapter 2

In this chapter, the protagonist reminisces about how he met Arabella and reflects on his plan to use her for revenge against her family. He also grapples with conflicting emotions as he witnesses her distress and struggles to maintain his indifference towards her.

The protagonist leaves for a meeting in New York, but Arabella confronts him, pleading for reassurance that everything is just a nightmare. Despite feeling drawn to her distress, he cruelly asserts his dominance over her.

As the chapter ends, the protagonist battles with conflicting emotions, reminding himself that Arabella is the enemy and that he is only pretending to be in love with her.

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Mafia Billionaire’s Forlorn Wife Chapter 3

Mafia Billionaire’s Forlorn Wife Chapter 3

Arabella watches Rhys leave and feels broken. She meets Vernon, who offers his help. She questions if Rhys used her for revenge, feeling trapped and vulnerable. Vernon offers to renovate her workspace, and Arabella vows to fight back. In the kitchen, the head chef, Frida, welcomes her, bringing a sense of chaos she finds comforting.

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Mafia Billionaire’s Forlorn Wife Chapter 4

In this chapter, the protagonist, Rhys, expresses his frustration with his sham marriage and his growing attraction to his wife, Arabella. Despite his conflicted feelings, he confronts Arabella about her plans, and a tense exchange ensues. Following this, Rhys is confronted by his close associate, Vernon, who criticizes his treatment of Arabella and highlights her suffering, which leaves Rhys conflicted about his feelings and actions. Eventually, he resorts to using an app he developed to track Arabella’s location.

Throughout the chapter, Rhys battles with his conflicting emotions toward Arabella and struggles to come to terms with his feelings and actions. His inner turmoil and strained relationships with his wife and associates drive the plot forward with increasing tension and complexity.

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Mafia Billionaire’s Forlorn Wife Chapter 5

Mafia Billionaire’s Forlorn Wife Chapter 5

In this chapter, the protagonist and her friend Leo are at a club, drinking heavily and having fun. Leo becomes interested in a man at the bar, and the protagonist encourages him to approach the man. However, as Leo leaves her to talk to the man, another man approaches the protagonist and makes unwanted advances.

As the man becomes increasingly invasive, the protagonist is unable to fend him off due to being intoxicated. Just as the situation escalates, her husband suddenly appears and intervenes, clearly angered by what he sees.

The chapter displays the protagonist’s vulnerability and the protective nature of her friend and husband in a club setting.

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Mafia Billionaire’s Forlorn Wife Chapter 6

In this chapter, Rhys arrives at a club, determined to find his wife Arabella after hearing rumors about her behavior. He eventually finds her with another man, leading to a violent confrontation. Despite the chaos, Rhys becomes concerned for Arabella’s safety when he sees how intoxicated she is, and he takes her home to care for her. Arabella continues to make advances towards Rhys, but he fights his desires due to their complicated past. Ultimately, Rhys leaves Arabella in tears, feeling conflicted about his actions towards her.

The chapter focuses on Rhys’s protective instincts towards Arabella, his internal struggles, and the complicated emotions between the two characters. It also highlights the toxic dynamics of their relationship, characterized by desire, guilt, and unresolved issues stemming from their troubled history.

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Mafia Billionaire’s Forlorn Wife Chapter 7

Arabella reflects on Rhys’s absence and her strained relationship with him. Leo informs Arabella that their firm has been granted a division in France, sparking mixed emotions in her due to her uncertain relationship with Rhys. Leo reminds Arabella of her hard work and encourages her to focus on the expansion despite her feelings for Rhys. Arabella grapples with the idea of leaving Rhys but ultimately decides to prioritize her professional opportunity.

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Mafia Billionaire’s Forlorn Wife Chapter 8

In this chapter, the protagonist retells the events of his hectic day, including his car breaking down and a failed business deal. He expresses frustration over his strained relationship with his wife, Arabella, who has been avoiding him since they got married. When he discovers Arabella packing her bags, he confronts her harshly, revealing his intention to use her to seek revenge on her father. Arabella accuses him of manipulating her and causing her emotional distress, leading to a heated confrontation between them.

In a dramatic turn of events, the protagonist pulls Arabella into a passionate and forceful kiss, reflecting the intensity of their tumultuous relationship. Arabella eventually reveals that she is leaving for a month to oversee a business expansion, leaving the protagonist emotionally drained and uncertain of their future together. Despite his exhaustion, the protagonist impulsively kisses Arabella, adding to the complex and intense dynamics between them.

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Mafia Billionaire’s Forlorn Wife Chapter 9

In this chapter, the protagonist is taken by surprise when Rhys, a man she despises, passionately kisses her after months of animosity. Despite hating him and knowing his true nature, she finds herself unable to resist him. They engage in a heated encounter, with the protagonist struggling with conflicting emotions of desire, anger, and self-hatred. Afterward, she realizes that Rhys forgot to use a condom, but reassures him that she is on birth control. As they clean up, she feels a sense of loneliness and despair as Rhys’s cold and ruthless nature takes over once more, leaving her feeling used and alone.

The chapter depicts a passionate and intense encounter between the protagonist and Rhys, highlighting the internal conflict and complex emotions that she experiences. The encounter reveals the protagonist’s inner turmoil and her conflicting feelings toward Rhys, culminating in a sense of emotional neglect and despair as Rhys reverts to his ruthless nature after the intimate moment.

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Mafia Billionaire’s Forlorn Wife Chapter 10

In the Bratva docking compound, the protagonist, consumed with thoughts of his wife Arabella in Paris, watches as his enforcer, Nikolas, tortures a man named Frank for information about Dominico Mancini. The protagonist’s obsession with Arabella’s whereabouts and her apparent indifference to his attempts to contact her has left him in a foul mood. Despite his lack of interest, he tells Nikolas that Mancini’s grip is slipping on his operations. Nikolas jests about Arabella’s continued silence, and the protagonist, resentful, recalls her accusations and leaves abruptly after seeing a suggestive picture of her with another man on social media.

The protagonist is preoccupied with thoughts of his estranged marriage and the recent picture of Arabella with another man. His resolve hardens as he prepares to confront Arabella for her apparent infidelity, feeling deeply scorned by her actions. His determination to assert dominance and control in his marriage intensifies as he sets off to address the situation he sees as a direct challenge to his authority.

Fueled by anger and a desire for retribution, the protagonist defiantly leaves the compound upon seeing the picture of Arabella with another man. His sense of betrayal and the need to assert dominance in his marriage drive him to confront Arabella over her apparent infidelity, setting the stage for a looming confrontation.

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