Pregnant And Rejected Chapter Summary

Pregnant And Rejected

Pregnant And Rejected by Caroline Above Story revolves around Selene, a woman who has been poisoned and held prisoner by her mother for eight years. She escapes into the forest after almost being raped by her father. In the forest, she meets Bastien, an alpha wolf who claims her as his mate. They enter into a three-year marriage contract for her protection.

Three years into the marriage, Selene becomes pregnant. However, with the rejection ceremony approaching, Selene fears Bastien will reject her since he has been distant and drunk for the past few months. Her concerns are heightened after her friend Arabella warns her that Bastien’s father, Gabriel, may not be the kind man he seems and could be hiding secrets about the pack. When Arabella then mysteriously falls down the stairs, Selene begins to question what is really happening and whether she and her unborn child will be safe.

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Book TitlePregnant And Rejected
AuthorCaroline Above Story 
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Werewolf Romance
Tags Alpha, Possessive, Pregnancy, Love Triangle, Second Chances, Royal family, Pack, Sweet Love, Steamy, Sweet

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Pregnant And Rejected PDF

Pregnant And Rejected PDF

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Pregnant And Rejected Chapter 1

Selene has been poisoned and held prisoner by her father Garrick for the past eight years. As a member of the rare Volana bloodline, Selene was gifted with extraordinary powers that Garrick feared.

He began poisoning her with wolfsbane long before she came into her powers, ensuring she would never reach her full potential. Selene is confined to a small windowless room in what was once her family home.

Though the wolfsbane poison is meant to torture Selene, it is the recent loss of her spiritual wolf Luna that breaks her. Luna’s voice has been Selene’s only companion for years, but upon drinking the latest dose of poison, Luna tells Selene goodbye. For the first time, Selene is truly alone.

Devastated by Luna’s death, Selene decides she will no longer survive her captivity and imprisonment. She will push Garrick to violence, ensuring her own end.

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Pregnant And Rejected Chapter 2

Selene is grieving the loss of her sister Luna when their father Garrick returns home drunk. His behavior becomes increasingly volatile and threatening. When he attempts to force himself on her, Selene fights back desperately but Garrick overpowers her. Before he can rape her, Garrick reveals to Selene’s shock that he is not actually her biological father.

He tells her that he only took her and her mother in out of pity after finding them penniless, and that her real father was another man. Crazed with anger and alcohol, Garrick prepares to assault Selene anyway when she manages to grab a bottle and hit him over the head with it.

With Garrick unconscious, Selene flees the room where she has been imprisoned for years, uncertain of what lies ahead but knowing she must take the chance to escape.

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Pregnant And Rejected Chapter 3

Bastien catches the scent of Selene in the forest, recognizing it as a she-wolf from her unique smell of honeysuckle and snow. His wolf side is instantly excited by her scent and wants to pursue. However, Bastien maintains control and sends his pack members away, wanting to find Selene alone.

Selene is terrified when Bastien climbs into the tree with her. She tries to hide but he recognizes her as the girl he saved years ago in the tunnels. However, Bastien no longer remembers that encounter.

Selene is distrustful because of his failed memory of rescuing her. When Bastien threatens to take her down from the tree, Selene shakes her head in refusal and cries, too afraid to leave her hiding spot.

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Pregnant And Rejected Chapter 4

Selene had just woken up in an unfamiliar bedroom, her body aching all over. As she listened at the door, she overheard Bastien and two other men discussing her presumed death and the ongoing hunt for Garrick.

They realized they should have questioned Garrick’s story more, since it was unusual for two Volana wolves to be killed at once.

When Bastien found Selene eavesdropping, he let her escape into the main room. There, the Alpha Gabriel explained to Selene that her parents were actually members of the rival Calypso pack.

Her father had sacrificed himself to allow Selene and her mother to escape the Alpha Blaise, who was hunting Selene for her rare bloodline that could grant eternal life. Gabriel revealed he planned to protect Selene by arranging her marriage to Bastien.

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Pregnant And Rejected Chapter 5

Selene learns that Gabriel has arranged for her to marry Bastien in order to protect her and help her adjust to freedom after years of captivity. While she once had feelings for Bastien as a child, she is now uncertain about the marriage as she senses Bastien’s distance.

Bastien reveals to Selene that their marriage contract will be for three years only, after which either of them can undergo a rejection ceremony to end the marriage bond if they choose. Selene realizes she has three years to win over Bastien, otherwise she risks losing her new lifeline and freedom when the contract expires.

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Pregnant And Rejected Chapter 6

Selene discovers she is pregnant during a routine doctor’s appointment. Overjoyed by the news, she rushes home to prepare a special dinner to tell Bastien about the pregnancy, excited to see his reaction. However, when Selene arrives home, she finds Bastien waiting for her in the dark living room.

He tells her gruffly that they need to talk, and that he has decided they should undergo a rejection ceremony to end their marriage, crushing Selene’s hopes. Though skilled at hiding her emotions, Selene feels her dreams of their future family shattering as Bastien informs her he no longer believes they can both be happy remaining married.

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Pregnant And Rejected Chapter 7

Selene receives a phone call from Bastien on their anniversary, but instead hears him with another woman, Arabella. She knows their marriage has always been one of convenience, and that Bastien deserves his own happiness. Later, Aiden calls saying Bastien is drunk at a bar with Arabella.

Selene goes to bring Bastien home, where he carries her to his bed in a drunken state. In a passionate moment, Bastien admits that Arabella is his true mate, leaving Selene feeling guilty for coming between them. The next day, Arabella reaches out to assure Selene nothing happened between her and Bastien, but reveals Gabriel had threatened her in the past over their relationship, piquing Selene’s curiosity.

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Pregnant And Rejected Chapter 8

Bastien pins Selene to the bed and kisses her passionately, igniting a fiery desire between them. Though aware this will be their last time together, Selene wants to savor the moment and brand Bastien into her memory. The intense intimacy leaves her aching and pleading for relief.

Their heated moment is interrupted when Bastien declares they were fated mates. Selene realizes Arabella is truly Bastien’s mate, though he sacrificed this to be with her instead. Seeing Bastien’s pain and regret over revealing this, Selene flees to process this truth.

She later meets Arabella, who reveals Gabriel threatened her life if she did not leave to ensure Bastien married Selene instead. Arabella admits she never would have left otherwise out of fear of what Gabriel might do.

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Pregnant And Rejected Chapter 9

Selene and Arabella’s conversation revealed disturbing allegations about Gabriel’s true nature. Arabella claimed Gabriel killed his own brother to seize power, and could not be trusted. She hinted Gabriel wanted something from Selene badly enough to kill for. Selene realized there was something only she knew that explained Gabriel’s intentions, though she did not yet understand what it was.

Selene collapsed with a fever and would not let Bastien take her to the hospital. A frantic struggle ensued as Bastien tried to force her medical care. Selene fought with all her strength, even biting Bastien in her panic. Her last memory was throwing herself away from Bastien and hearing a crack, before blacking out.

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Pregnant And Rejected Chapter 10

Selene had been hospitalized due to a high fever and dehydration from her pregnancy. When she woke up, Bastien informed her of what happened but did not know about the pregnancy. Selene’s doctor then revealed to her that she was further along in her pregnancy than she realized and had a serious condition.

As Selene was leaving her hospital room, she overheard Arabella listening to her conversation with the doctor. Arabella confronted Selene and demanded she terminate the pregnancy, believing it would undermine any children Arabella might have with Bastien in the future.

When Selene refused, Arabella attempted to push her down the stairs but lost her balance and fell instead. Selene was left shaken by Arabella’s attack and her secret pregnancy was now at risk of being exposed.

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