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Prince Reagan by Sky angel pdf

Prince Reagan book by SKY ANGEL is of one the most popular werewolf novels. It has 5-star ratings on Amazon and 4.6-star ratings on Goodreads.

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A Glimpse Into Prince Reagan: The Lure Of Forbidden Bonds

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Prince Reagan Chapter 1

Prince Reagan Ellie

Ellie was just your average nerdy girl with no fashion sense and freckles. But then she saw hottie Brad Benson, son of the Alpha and major jock. Ellie was all heart eyes for him but knew she had no chance since he was with popular girl Stacy.

So Ellie tried to glam up, but that backfired and Stacy just mocked her skinny stick figure. Awkward!

But on Ellie’s 18th birthday when wolves find their mates, she smelled something irresistible. It was Brad! Ellie was shocked that they were supposedly mates.

But Brad was totally grossed out and shoved Ellie in a closet, telling her she was too weak and ugly to be his mate. He said to keep it secret or else!

Poor Ellie was crushed that her supposed mate hated her guts. She hoped he’d come around, but nope!

At graduation, Brad marked popular Stacy as his mate right in front of devastated Ellie. Ouch, talk about rejection!

Ellie was so heartbroken she couldn’t even shapeshift. What a mess! She decided to make herself over with her aunt’s help.

When Ellie came back hot as heck, everyone, including jerk Brad, was shocked. She smirked at their dumb faces. You go girl!!

But Brad still acted like a total sleaze, trying to force himself on Ellie since he couldn’t resist that mate bond.

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Prince Reagan Chapter 2

Ellie was just trying to relax after classes, but jerkface Brad showed up to harass her. He was all like “You look so beautiful” even though he rejected her before.

Ellie told him off, but he got mad and slammed her against the wall. Not cool, bro! He was trying to force himself on her when his mate Stacy showed up.

Stacy was hurt to see Brad all over Ellie, so Ellie wrapped her arms around him to twist the knife. Savage move! Brad was loving it and told Stacy to beat it. Stacy cried as she left. Karma!

With Stacy gone, Ellie shoved Brad off and told him to leave her alone. Brad was shocked she rejected him. Ha, serves him right!

Later, Ellie’s roomies Lana and annoying Gina were gushing about hot Prince Reagan coming to Brad’s Alpha ceremony. Gina was already planning to seduce him.

At the ceremony, no Prince Reagan. But a fancy throne for mystery VIP guests was set up.

Ellie ditched boy-crazy Lana and found her parents. She avoided Brad and his mate on the dance floor.

On the balcony staring at the moon, Ellie reminisced about jerkface Brad rejecting her as the mate. Don’t worry girl, you’ll find someone way better!

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Prince Reagan Chapter 3

At Brad’s Alpha ceremony, hottie Prince Reagan showed up! Gina was drooling over him, but he only had eyes for Ellie.

When summoned inside, Ellie was shaken to see the Prince call her “mine” and “mate”. Um, she already has a jerkface mate thank you very much!

Brad was pissed and challenged the Prince. Dude, he’s royalty – sit down! Ellie’s parents came to hug and protect her.

In the office, the Prince kept saying Ellie was his mate. But Brad was like no way, she’s my mate!

Ellie was internally screaming since she never told anyone about her and Brad. Whoops, the secret’s out!

Brad’s mom dragged out a crying Stacy and asked if she was Brad’s real mate. Stacy just fake cried while Ellie smirked. Payback!

So now there’s a hunky Prince and jerk Brad both claiming Ellie as their mate. This is sure to get messy!

“I’ll be going home tonight with my mate, and anyone who dares stop me will suffer dire consequences.”

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Prince Reagan Chapter 4

The drama continued as Prince Reagan declared he was taking Ellie as his mate, despite her prior bond with that wolf cad Brad. Everyone gasped but could not stop the arrogant royal stud from staking his claim.

Brad pathetically challenged the prince, earning a sharp rebuke from his father Alpha Benson. The alpha and his mate Luna Ciara were outraged at their son’s disgraceful behavior. He lost his chance to become the new alpha that night.

Meanwhile, Ellie was confused why the prince wanted her since she already had a mate. The prince evaded her questions, simply stating Lycans have different rules.

Heartbroken, Ellie sadly hugged her parents goodbye before the domineering prince dragged her away. She hoped he wasn’t taking her back to Canada where those bossy Lycans live.

In the car, the controlling prince pulled Ellie into his lap, sniffing her neck like a dog in heat. His fangs flashed as he promised to mark her soon. Ellie shivered in fear of this threatening stranger.

The dark prince ominously warned he could easily hurt Ellie’s parents if she refused him. Terrified, Ellie reluctantly took his hand. What a jackwolf!

As the prince buried his face in her neck, Ellie watched the trees pass by, praying they weren’t going to Canada. She missed her parents already. Will she ever escape the domineering prince and her rejected mate Brad? Poor Ellie’s wolf life is so dramatic!

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Prince Reagan Chapter 5

Ellie woke up feeling very confused about her surroundings. She realized that Reagan had brought her to his luxury penthouse in the city, not Canada as she thought.

The place was huge with floor-to-ceiling windows offering beautiful views of the city. Reagan impatiently pulled Ellie towards the spiral staircase, while she was still in awe taking in all the fancy details of the room.

As they walked up the stairs, Ellie couldn’t help but think about Reagan’s charming name, and how it rolled off the tongue nicely.

However, she quickly snapped out of it when Reagan mentioned that his “friends” were probably asleep. Ellie wondered who these friends could be, hoping they weren’t a bunch of ferocious werewolves ready to chomp her limbs off.

When they reached the bedroom, Ellie’s nerves skyrocketed even more. She nervously asked Reagan where she would be sleeping.

To her horror, he bluntly replied “Here, of course.” Ellie was internally panicking now. How would she survive a night alone with this attractive yet intimidating werewolf prince?

She thought to herself ‘Girl, you better start running before this handsome dude eats you for breakfast!’

Ever the gentleman, Reagan offered to help Ellie unzip her dress. But she wasn’t ready to pull a “Gone in 60 Seconds” just yet and bolted into the en-suite bathroom, locking the door behind her.

After washing up, Ellie wore only Reagan’s oversized shirt to bed. When she emerged from the bathroom, she found Reagan already in bed, looking at her like she was a juicy steak.

Ellie suggested sleeping on the couch instead, but Reagan wasn’t taking no for an answer. He pulled her into bed and spooned her, whispering “Goodnight”.

Ellie thought, ‘Well at least he’s a cuddler and not a cannibal’, as she slowly drifted off to sleep.

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Prince Reagan Chapter 6

Ellie was abruptly awoken by an impatient knocking at the bedroom door. An excited feminine voice called out “Let me see her!”. 

Reagan grumpily told the person to go away before nearly ripping the door off its hinges in annoyance.

Ellie sat up in bed with severe bedhead, wondering who would dare disturb the sleeping werewolf prince. Reagan explained his “friends” were waiting downstairs to meet her.

Still half asleep, Ellie asked if she could take a raincheck on the breakfast date. She just wasn’t feeling like smiling for the camera while drooling and cross-eyed from lack of coffee.

Down in the fancy kitchen, Ellie came face to face with Lexi and Daniel, the supposed “friends”. Lexi was beyond gorgeous and seemed really nice.

But Daniel gave Ellie creepy vibes with his wandering eyes and salacious smiles. Reagan angrily growled at him to stop undressing Ellie with his X-ray vision.

During breakfast, Lexi jumped right into the uncomfortably personal questions. She asked when Reagan was going to put a ring on Ellie’s finger already. Ellie choked on her coffee. 

Reagan just glared while Daniel laughed his head off at the awkward exchange.

Eventually, Reagan agreed to drive Ellie to school. But Lexi whined that she wanted a turn with the new shiny toy too.

After some bickering, Ellie chose to ride with Lexi just to annoy grumpy Reagan. She thought ‘at least this car ride won’t be as awkward as that breakfast date from hell’.

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