She Returns As A Billionairess Chapter Summary

She Returns As A Billionairess

She Returns As A Billionairess by Fiona Jaramillo revolves around Kaylah, who was in an unhappy marriage with her husband Hendry. During their three years of marriage, Hendry ignored Kaylah and had a mistress, Alondra. Alondra would constantly torment and belittle Kaylah.

When Kaylah asks for a divorce, Hendry refuses. This is because he does not want his reputation to be damaged. Kaylah then disappears from everyone’s life. A few months later, she returns as the successful heir to the Delgado Corporation. Kaylah now seeks to take revenge on Hendry and Alondra for their past mistreatment of her. She uses her wealth and influence to humiliate them and destroy their careers.

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Book TitleShe Returns As A Billionairess
AuthorFiona Jaramillo
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Genres Billionaire Romance
Tags Billionaire, Romance, Kick a$s protagonist

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She Returns As A Billionairess PDF

Kaylah and Henry

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She Returns As A Billionairess Chapter 1

Kaylah served dinner to Hendry and his mistress Alondra, highlighting that their three year marriage was unhappy as Hendry ignored her and often spent time with Alondra instead. Alondra flaunted her intimate relationship with Hendry and acted pitiful around Kaylah, further cementing that Hendry did not love his wife.

During the tense dinner, Hendry received a call and promptly left, abandoning Kaylah with Alondra. Their interaction showed Kaylah that Hendry planned to divorce her for Alondra. In an attempt to keep their marriage intact, Kaylah had worked tirelessly over the past three years to care for Hendry’s family and endure mistreatment from his mother and sister, yet Hendry still disregarded her feelings by bringing his mistress home.

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She Returns As A Billionairess Chapter 2

Alondra entered Kaylah’s room and insisted that she divorce Hendry, revealing that she no longer wanted to wait to replace Kaylah as Hendry’s wife. When Kaylah refused, Alondra suddenly stabbed herself with an eyebrow razor. At the hospital, Hendry immediately accused Kaylah of stabbing Alondra, despite Kaylah protesting that she witnessed Alondra stab herself. Kaylah realized Hendry would never believe or support her.

Kaylah demanded a divorce from Hendry, unwilling to continue tolerating his treatment of her. However, Hendry refused unless Kaylah paid for her alleged mistake by donating her kidney to Alondra. Kaylah firmly refused, realizing that staying with Hendry was her biggest mistake. She did not believe Alondra would truly harm herself, knowing Alondra’s desire was to replace her as Hendry’s wife.

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She Returns As A Billionairess Chapter 3

She Returns As A Billionairess Chapter 3

Hendry comforted Alondra after catching up to them, worried that Kaylah might hurt her. However, when Kaylah examined Alondra’s supposed kidney injury, she found only a shallow cut that was clearly self-inflicted in an attempt to gain Kaylah’s kidney. Kaylah confronted Alondra about the plan and pushed on her abdomen, frightening Alondra.

Hendry intervened and told Kaylah to stop, declaring this would be the last time he indulged Alondra. He informed Alondra she would never be his wife if she tried to fool him again. Afterwards, Hendry was unable to reach Kaylah by phone or find her at home or usual spots. She had seemingly vanished without a trace.

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She Returns As A Billionairess Chapter 4

Zion bit his lower lip angrily. Kaylah had decided to divorce her husband Hendry after he allowed his mistress Alondra to publicly humiliate her. She told Zion she wanted a divorce and to inherit the family business they had left her.

Though hurt, Zion agreed to the divorce and told Kaylah the family business was hers. He would always support her. When Kaylah returned home with the divorce agreement, Hendry’s mistress Cecilia scolded her for returning. This caused Kaylah to lash out and insult Cecilia. She told Cecilia she needed to learn not to sound like nouveau riche and that after Hendry died Cecilia wouldn’t even know she had been trafficked. Cecilia was stunned by the harsh words and could only complain to Hendry about Kaylah after she left.

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She Returns As A Billionairess Chapter 5

Hendry reviewed the divorce agreement from his wife Kaylah. To Cecilia and Hendry’s surprise, Kaylah did not ask for any money in the agreement. Kaylah assumed Hendry would sign given how much he loved his daughter Alondra, wanting to divorce as she felt she did not stand a chance.

However, when Hendry’s lawyer contacted Kaylah, he insisted on negotiating the divorce details and giving Kaylah money according to the prenuptial agreement. Kaylah was confused by Hendry’s refusal to simply sign and accept her terms. She hung up on the lawyer and continued acclimating to her new role as a maid in Hendry’s home, seeing the money as her salary to make the living arrangement acceptable to Hendry and his family.

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She Returns As A Billionairess Chapter 6

Kaylah arrives at the ZiKay Group headquarters where she witnesses the unprofessional behavior of the receptionists and Aryan’s entourage. When Aryan emerges from the elevator surrounded by women trying to get his attention, Kaylah expresses her displeasure. Aryan is stunned to see Kaylah again and humbly greets her.

Kaylah wastes no time in implementing changes. She has Aryan dismiss the receptionists and remove the lobby sofa where women regularly gathered. Aryan introduces Kaylah as the heir to the company and daughter of Daniel Delgado, taking her by surprise. It is revealed that Aryan had been temporarily managing the company but from now on Kaylah will fully take over as the new CEO.

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She Returns As A Billionairess Chapter 7

Kaylah took control of her family’s company and faced doubts from some of the higher-ups during her first meeting as the new head. She addressed the group and revealed that she had acquired several other major companies in the past through her business acumen. Many of the doubters now recognized Kaylah as the heir of the powerful Delgado family.

After the meeting, Kaylah met with Aryan privately in her office. He was relieved that she had returned for good since divorcing her husband Hendry. However, Kaylah remained focused on her work and brushed off Aryan’s offers to help her. Their conversation was interrupted when Kaylah’s assistant informed her that negative articles had surfaced online criticizing her leadership and questioning her character following her divorce. She and Aryan realized she would have to address the smear campaign against her.

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She Returns As A Billionairess Chapter 8

Kaylah was angered by Cecilia’s social media posts disparaging her and falsely claiming she bullied Cecilia. She decided to confront Hendry and his family’s accusations directly rather than try to censor the online discussion. Kaylah posted proof to counter the claims, including details of her financial records showing she did not take money from Hendry’s family as alleged. She also shared photos of Hendry and Alondra together intimately along with humiliating texts from Alondra during Kaylah’s marriage, proving Kaylah was not at fault for the divorce as Hendry had cheated.

Further, Kaylah exposed Cecilia by posting revealing photos of her at bars and nightclubs with cigarettes and different men, depicting a very different image than her public persona. Kaylah’s direct counterattack with documented evidence was powerful in exposing the true actions of Alondra and Cecilia and setting the record straight against the false accusations.

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She Returns As A Billionairess Chapter 9

Cecilia’s anger boiled over when she discovered that Kaylah had secretly taken photos of her and posted them online, humiliating her among her wealthy friends. She trashed her makeup in a fit of rage, panicking over people discussing her private life and past coming to light. Cecilia called her friend Alondra for help, desperate to make the situation go away and avoid being humiliated forever.

Alondra also resented Kaylah for ruining her reputation as a kind person after Cecilia’s behavior was exposed. She wanted to stop her image from being damaged as well. Hendry had just finished an important meeting when he returned to ask his assistant if they had reached Kaylah about accepting compensation. However, they told him Kaylah refused the money, and her phone went straight to voicemail. Hendry searched for Kaylah’s social media account with mixed feelings, surprised when she immediately answered his video call, only to coldly address him as “Hendry, you piece of s$$t.”

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She Returns As A Billionairess Chapter 10

Kaylah confronted Hendry about fabricating news reports that she was asking for a huge alimony payment from him during their divorce proceedings. She accused him of pretending to be innocent while using underhanded tactics against her. Hendry claimed ignorance but Kaylah did not believe him, threatening to publicly release intimate photos of Hendry and his mistress Alondra if he did not sign the divorce agreement immediately.

Hendry was shocked to discover he had been blacklisted based on a smear campaign against Kaylah online. After investigating, he learned his sister Cecilia had made defamatory posts about Kaylah, though she likely did not have the means to orchestrate the entire campaign herself. Hendry questioned who was truly behind it all and ordered his assistant to thoroughly look into the matter, as he realized for the first time the extent of mistreatment Kaylah had endured during their marriage.

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