Alpha Zander Chapter Summary

Alpha Zander

Alpha Zander by V.Tuner revolves around two eighteen-year-old werewolves, Zander Blackwood and Ashleigh Steward, who are expected to finish their final year of high school.

Zander reluctantly returns to his old high school, where he will have to face his long-time rivals from the rival Liverpool pack, including Oliver Steward. He argues with his father about why he has to return to school with his enemies. Ashleigh is preparing to take over as beta to her best friend and future alpha, Oliver Steward. However, on their eighteenth birthday, they will discover their mate, which could lead Ashleigh to leave her current pack if her mate is of higher rank from another pack.

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The start of the school week is difficult for both Zander and Ashleigh. Zander keeps to himself after a lunchtime confrontation with Oliver’s gang. Ashleigh struggles to balance her schoolwork and pack duties. As the week progresses, rumors spread about Zander and Ashleigh’s interaction. They both anticipate the upcoming weekend, hoping for a break from the school drama. However, deeper pack politics and romantic developments may disrupt their plans.

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Book TitleAlpha Zander
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresWerewolf Romance
Tags s$x, fated, mate, bad boy, werewolves, highschool, supernatural, v$$$$n, addiction, passionate

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Alpha Zander PDF

Alpha Zander PDF

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Alpha Zander Chapter 1

Ash and Oliver hurry to get ready for school. They bicker with Ash’s younger brother Brent, who insinuates Oliver has feelings for Ash. At school, Ash worries about upcoming assignments but finishes them ahead of time.

She asks her friend Meghan for help getting ready for her upcoming birthday party. Meghan agrees and they make plans to go shopping after getting permission from Ash’s uncle, the pack Alpha, who insists two guards accompany them.

At breakfast, Ash catches up with her family and friends. When she asks Meghan for help with her party outfit and makeup, Meghan eagerly agrees. Ash is nervous but knows the occasion marks her transition into adulthood. Her uncle consents to Meghan taking Ash shopping on the condition that two guards accompany them. After finishing their meal, Ash and Oliver leave for school with Brent.

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Alpha Zander Chapter 2

Ash prepares for school while her brother Brent and cousin Oliver hurry her along. At breakfast, Ash asks her friend Meghan for help preparing for her upcoming birthday party. Meghan agrees to take Ash shopping after school on Thursday. Ash is nervous but wants to make a good impression as the soon-to-be Beta. Oliver drives Ash and Brent to school as usual.

At home, Ash gets ready for school amidst her brother and cousin hurrying her. During breakfast with her family, she asks her friend Meghan for assistance in finding an outfit for her upcoming birthday party. Meghan receives permission from the Alpha to take Ash shopping after school on Thursday. Two guards will accompany them as is customary for ranked members of the pack. Oliver then drives Ash and Brent to school as the day begins.

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Alpha Zander Chapter 3

The beta was frustrated after taking two difficult exams that morning. At lunch in the crowded cafeteria, she joined her friends Chloe and Skyla in the long line. Feeling her annoyance, Chloe asked what was wrong but the beta was distracted when another wolf slammed into her, spilling food all over her clothes. The wolf rudely blamed the beta for the accident. The beta’s aura flared with anger alongside her wolf Kia, surprising the rude wolf. Before the situation could escalate further, the alpha Zander Blackwood intervened by asking if there was a problem.

The beta looked around the crowded cafeteria to see where her pack was sitting, spotting her mate Ollie at a table in the corner with others. Feeling her gaze, Ollie grinned and met her eyes but then frowned, sensing her agitation from across the room. Though she told him it was nothing through their mind link, he remained concerned. Mondays and Thursdays were always the busiest days to line up for food since more options were available on Thursdays. The beta had been in a rush that morning and unable to pack a lunch.

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Alpha Zander Chapter 4

Oliver Steward and his pack, Liverpool, have been enemies of Zander’s pack, Charwood, for three generations due to a past feud. On Zander’s first day back at Summer Vale College, he encounters Ashleigh Steward, Oliver’s beta sister. At lunch, Grace deliberately insults and spills soup on Ashleigh. A confrontation ensues between Zander and Ashleigh, with both alphas displaying their powerful auras. Though Zander commands submission from others, Ashleigh is unaffected and challenges his control over his new pack member Grace. She warns Zander to teach his pack properly before leaving. Zander is surprised by Ashleigh’s powerful aura and struggles to understand the strange scent he detects from her that intrigues his wolf.

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Alpha Zander Chapter 5

As the packhouse was empty upon arriving home, Danni and Jace made their way to the kitchen for food. They discussed plans to attend a birthday party at the club on Friday night. Jace was eager to go out and meet females while Danni thought their father would disapprove. Their conversation was cut short by the arrival of their father, Jake, and Ellie.

At dinner, Ellie asked about Jace and Danni’s day at school. Not wanting to get Grace in trouble, Jace was evasive about the lunchtime altercation. However, his father sensed he was hiding something and pressed for details. Jace reluctantly explained that Grace had argued with the Liverpool Beta, Ashleigh, though left out the disrespectful parts. His father approved of Jace and others attending the birthday party as long as they behaved respectfully on neutral grounds.

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Alpha Zander Chapter 6

Kia struggled to control her wolf side after the confrontation at school, making her anxious about the upcoming dance. She discussed her worries with Meghan, who reassured her that the mate bond would overcome any inexperience or past relationships. Kia remained nervous about finding her mate and hoped he would not reject her or be disappointed.

That evening, Kia asked Meghan about waiting for her mate. Feeling guilty, Meghan admitted she did not wait and had a boyfriend in high school before meeting Alex. However, she assured Kia that nothing compares to being with her true mate. Kia looked forward to the love and happiness Meghan and Alex shared.

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Alpha Zander Chapter 7

The main character dragged himself out of bed after a long night of patrol. He was exhausted but didn’t want to skip his study hall class. His friend Danni insisted on driving so the main character could rest on the way to school.

At school, the main character went to the library for his study hall period, hoping to sleep. The study room was almost full but one table remained. Ashleigh, a beta from a rival pack, was late and took the only seat left next to the main character. Though they were from enemy packs, the main character flirted and teased Ashleigh, catching her off guard. They sat in silence as Ashleigh struggled with her assignment. The main character found himself attracted to Ashleigh despite their packs’ history, and knew he would need to relieve himself after class.

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Alpha Zander Chapter 8

Ashleigh was running late for her study hall class. When she arrived, the teacher seated her next to Zander Blackwood, the alpha male from a rival pack. Blackwood was c$$$y and arrogant, but Ashleigh couldn’t help but notice his attractive physique.

In their next history class, the teacher assigned a joint project between students from different packs. Ashleigh was paired with Blackwood, much to her dismay. After class, Blackwood approached her to discuss meeting during their shared study halls on Tuesdays and Thursdays to work on the project. Though he irritated her, Ashleigh recognized they would need to cooperate.

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Alpha Zander Chapter 9

Meghan takes Kia shopping for new dresses and lingerie to wear to an upcoming dinner and club event. They browse various stores at the shopping mall, getting their nails done and trying on many outfits. Kia ends up purchasing several pieces of lingerie, a nightdress, and two dresses – a light pink jeweled dress for the event and a dark pink dress for school. By the end of their shopping trip, it is late evening and both Kia and Meghan are tired but looking forward to the upcoming night, where Kia hopes she may meet her mate.

On their drive back, Kia messages her friend Lei to let her know she is almost home and heading straight to bed. She tells Lei that she is feeling excited and nervous about the possibility of meeting her mate at the event tomorrow. While tired from their long day of shopping, Kia’s emotions indicate her anticipation for the next night and what it could potentially bring.

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Alpha Zander Chapter 10

The morning starts with Danni sneaking his girlfriend Annie out of the house before school. His friend and roommate jokes about Danni getting in trouble if his mother finds out. They banter back and forth about their past reckless nights. Danni declines breakfast and heads upstairs to get ready, confirming plans to go to the clubs that night.

At Grace’s apartment, she excitedly comes downstairs to join him for the drive to school. During the ride, his mind drifts to his conversation the previous day with Ashleigh. He enjoyed teasing her in their study session and hopes being with his mate will be easy like that. They arrive at school early, and he pins Grace against his car, wanting a quick intimate encounter. However, the breeze suddenly changes, bringing with it the scent of pine and freshwater marking his mate’s presence. He looks around frantically and locks eyes with Ashleigh, realizing she witnessed what just happened with Grace.

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