Married To My Ex-Husband’s Rival by Jobet GraySon Chapter Summary

Married To My Ex-Husband’s Rival by Jobet GraySon

Married To My Ex-Husband’s Rival by Jobet Grayson revolves around a woman who discovers her husband has been unfaithful to her sister, showing no remorse, and marries the sister shortly after the protagonist catches them.

On her ex-husband’s wedding night, a mysterious man offers her a chance for revenge by marrying him. He is Richard Romero, a powerful billionaire. She accepts, remarrying to seek retribution against her ex-husband and sister who wronged her.

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Book TitleMarried To My Ex-Husband’s Rival
AuthorJobet GraySon
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Readict
GenresFav Billionaire, Hot Billionaire
TagsBillionaire, Jobet GraySon

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Married To My Ex-Husband’s Rival by Jobet GraySon PDF

Married To My Ex-Husband’s Rival by Jobet GraySon PDF

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Married To My Ex-Husband’s Rival by Jobet GraySon Chapter 1

Amber discovers her husband Kayden having an affair with her younger sister Marlene in his office. Kayden confesses that he has always loved Marlene and that his marriage to Amber was never real. Devastated, Amber storms out. Three months later, Amber is still struggling with the betrayal in therapy.

Her therapist questions if Amber’s anger towards Marlene stems deeper from past issues. Amber admits they grew apart as teenagers and Marlene was unkind to her at times. During the session, Amber learns from her therapist that Kayden and Marlene are now engaged and planning to marry soon.

Enraged at their betrayal and that they are acting like she never existed, Amber vows to make them pay for hurting her.

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Married To My Ex-Husband’s Rival by Jobet GraySon Chapter 2

Amber confronted her family who had betrayed her. When she arrived at their home, her father was surprised to see her. Amber expressed her bitterness towards how they failed to support her after her marriage ended. In the living room, Amber saw her family was celebrating Marlene’s upcoming wedding to Kayden, Amber’s ex-husband.

Amber was furious that Marlene and Kayden had begun a relationship only three months after Amber’s divorce. Marlene mocked Amber’s inability to move on. It was revealed that Marlene was pregnant with Kayden’s child. Amber felt devastated by this news. Despite her father urging her to accept the new situation, Amber vowed to make Marlene pay for her pain and humiliation.

As Amber left, Marlene invited her to the wedding, knowing it would torment Amber further. Amber swore she would get revenge on Marlene for betraying her.

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Married To My Ex-Husband’s Rival by Jobet GraySon Chapter 3

Marlene walked down the aisle to marry Kayden, who was smiling widely. Amber, Kayden’s ex-wife, attended in casual clothing to avoid attention. She felt anger at the hypocrisy, as the same outlets had criticized her marriage but now praised Marlene. During the vows, hearing Kayden repeat similar vows to Marlene broke Amber’s heart.

When the priest finished, Amber left quickly. However, a man stopped her and said he needed to take her, pulling Amber away before she could resist without causing a scene.

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Married To My Ex-Husband’s Rival by Jobet GraySon Chapter 4

Amber finds herself sitting in the backseat of Richard Romero’s luxury car after he dragged her away from a wedding hall. She demands to know why he brought her there, afraid it may be a kidnapping. Richard apologizes and explains he only wished to speak with her privately without interruptions.

Though confused, Amber questions why the famous CEO would want to talk to her. Richard recognizes Amber from earlier at the wedding hall. When Amber realizes who Richard is, she is shocked, as he is a powerful businessman and rival of her ex-husband Kayden.

Richard introduces himself and says they have something in common due to Amber’s sad story. He proposes using each other – he’ll use Amber for his plans, and she can use him for revenge. Amber remains bewildered by Richard’s cryptic proposal.

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Married To My Ex-Husband’s Rival by Jobet GraySon Chapter 5

Amber met with Richard Romero, who proposed an unconventional partnership. He claimed to know about Amber’s betrayal by her ex-husband Kayden and sister Marlene. Richard said he wanted to help Amber get revenge against them, though his own reasons for disliking Kayden were unclear.

Their discussion confused Amber, as Richard spoke of using each other and referred to her in insulting terms. He eventually explained that he and Kayden were business rivals, and marrying Amber would gain him an advantage over Kayden socially and professionally.

Marrying Richard would also give Amber power over those who wronged her. Though suspicious of Richard’s motives, Amber recognized she had no way of enacting revenge alone. Richard promised details if she agreed but wouldn’t force her decision. He provided contact information and left Amber considering whether allying with a stranger through marriage was worth destroying her enemies.

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Married To My Ex-Husband’s Rival by Jobet GraySon Chapter 6

Amber had been contemplating Richard’s marriage proposal for the past four days. She still struggled with the betrayal of her sister Marlene marrying her ex-husband Kayden. Richard’s offer provided an opportunity for revenge against them. After much deliberation, Amber decided to call Richard to give him her response.

When the call was transferred to Richard, Amber felt nervous, unsure if the offer still stood or if marrying a stranger was the right decision. Richard insisted they discuss it over dinner instead of the phone. He said a driver would pick her up that evening.

Amber agreed to meet, hoping it would give her a glimpse into who Richard truly was and if accepting his proposal was wise.

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Married To My Ex-Husband’s Rival by Jobet GraySon Chapter 7

Amber stepped into the car to meet Richard at the upscale restaurant Luxe Ambrosia. She felt anxious about his marriage proposal seeking revenge on those who wronged her. At the lavish restaurant, Richard complimented Amber’s beauty. They discussed his plan – by announcing their marriage, it would enrage their rival Kayden and use his emotions against him.

Marrying would also give Amber power and status. Amber questioned Richard’s motives, feeling he wasn’t sharing everything. He maintained it was to oppose Kayden as they are business rivals. Amber remained unsure but continued questioning. Richard insisted the marriage was the best path for revenge on Kayden and Amber’s sister.

They would deny it was fake if exposed. By the end of the dinner, Amber decided marrying Richard may be the best way to get retribution against those who hurt her.

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Married To My Ex-Husband’s Rival by Jobet GraySon Chapter 8

Amber agreed to Richard’s marriage proposal in order to gain power and take revenge on those who had wronged her in the past. However, before sealing the deal, Amber insisted they establish rules for their marriage as neither knew what the other expected.

Richard agreed and said they should discuss the rules later as he had a meeting to attend. He gave Amber his email to send her desired rules. Amber sat thinking about entering another loveless marriage, but felt she could trust Richard and he would help her become stronger and more powerful.

She was determined to use this marriage to get back at her ex-husband Kayden and his wife Marlene who had hurt her.

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Married To My Ex-Husband’s Rival by Jobet GraySon Chapter 9

Amber is frustrated after a phone call from her former therapist Alison, who urges her to continue therapy. She feels lonely with no friends or family after divorcing Kayden. While taking a late night walk to clear her mind, Amber’s thoughts turn to her upcoming fake marriage to Richard and how society will react.

Her thoughts are interrupted when Kayden pulls up beside her in his car. Frozen with anger at seeing the man who ruined her, Amber struggles to keep her composure as Kayden exits the car and comments on her disheveled appearance, seeming to pity her condition.

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Married To My Ex-Husband’s Rival by Jobet GraySon Chapter 10

Amber encounters her ex-husband Kayden and her sister Marlene, who is pregnant with Kayden’s child, at a stoplight. Kayden provokes Amber by mentioning a sale at his store. Marlene smugly shows off her pregnancy and intimacy with Kayden. Amber maintains composure but inwardly feels angry and hurt.

She accuses them of only stopping to flaunt their relationship. Marlene defends their actions, saying they wanted to say hello as good people. Amber insults Marlene for her role in the divorce and advises her not to be so proud, warning about raising a bitter child.

Kayden and Marlene mock Amber’s mental state and appearance. Amber tells them she no longer feels their power and warns Marlene against emulating her envy. As Amber leaves, Marlene yells insults, calling Amber joyless and uncared for. Amber is stung but also more resolved to undermine Marlene.

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