Resent, Reject, Regret Chapter Summary

Resent, Reject, Regret

Resent, Reject, Regret by Aqua Summers revolves around the story of Deirdre McKinnon. Deirdre discovers that she is pregnant with her abusive husband Brendan’s child. However, Brendan does not want the child and treats Deirdre cruelly. He mocks and belittles her for becoming pregnant. Deirdre endures immense physical, mental and emotional abuse at the hands of Brendan and his family.

Despite the abuse, Deirdre tries to convince Brendan to accept the child. However, Brendan is dead set against it. He sees Deirdre as inferior and unsuitable to bear his child. Brendan’s cruelty towards Deirdre escalates over time. He even goes to the extent of attempting to end her pregnancy against her wishes. Deirdre struggles to protect both her unborn baby and herself from Brendan’s relentless abuse and tyranny.

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Book TitleResent, Reject, Regret
Author Aqua Summers
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Billionaire Romance
Tags Independent, Emotional, Arrogant, CEO, Humor, Comedy, Tragedy, Light Novel

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Resent, Reject, Regret PDF

Resent, Reject, Regret PDF

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Resent, Reject, Regret Chapter 1

Deirdre learned she was pregnant after a visit to the doctor, though she believed it was impossible due to her relationship with Brendan. When she asked the doctor to falsify the report, he refused on ethical grounds. Terrified of Brendan’s reaction, as he had little patience for her already, Deirdre left the hospital unsure of her next steps. She wanted to keep the child but knew Brendan would terminate the pregnancy.

Brendan called Deirdre demanding she return home immediately, as he allowed her only brief windows of time away from his supervision. Her journey back was nerve-wracking, and upon arriving Brendan was coming downstairs, having just left the house’s restricted areas, putting pressure on Deirdre to address her secret.

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Resent, Reject, Regret Chapter 2

Deirdre was distraught after Brendan confronted her about being pregnant. He cruelly told her she was inferior to bear his child and that the only woman who could carry his child was Lena. Deirdre begged Brendan to let her keep the baby, promising she would leave after Charlene woke up, but Brendan had no pity. He callously treated her baby like an animal meant to be slaughtered.

Steven arrived as Brendan had lost his patience. Brendan barked at Steven to quickly take Deirdre to a private hospital to end the pregnancy, not wanting any word to escape to the public. Deirdre’s mind went blank in agony, collapsing to her knees as she shrieked at Brendan through her tears, pleading for him to let her carry the child to term and even give it up for adoption, but Brendan would not be swayed.

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Resent, Reject, Regret Chapter 3

Resent, Reject, Regret Chapter 3

Brendan returned home to find Deirdre gone and received a call from his mother announcing that his wife Lena was pregnant. When he arrived at the family mansion, he found Deirdre had made herself comfortable but froze upon seeing him. His mother was overjoyed by the pregnancy news but Brendan glared daggers at Deirdre, saying he needed to talk to her.

Madame Brighthall remained oblivious to the tension, reassured a nervous Deirdre and urged Brendan to take care of the frail Lena during the pregnancy. Deirdre tried to leave with Madame Brighthall but Brendan snapped at her to stay, leveling a steely death stare that promised a confrontation between the two.

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Resent, Reject, Regret Chapter 4

Brendan’s cruel actions towards Deirdre were interrupted by a call from Steven Young informing them that Miss Charlene McKinney had woken up from her coma. Brendan’s immediate reaction of jumping in his car and hurrying away showed his great anxiety and excitement at the news, as Charlene was the woman he had been engaged to before her accident.

After Brendan drove off, Deirdre rose to get dressed in her battered state. She looked out at Brendan’s car fading into the distance, feeling a chill in her heart and unbearable pain throughout her body. Six years ago she had saved Brendan from a burning house and he had promised to marry her, but after waking from his own injuries he became engaged to Charlene instead. Deirdre had then taken on Charlene’s identity as an impersonator in Brendan’s life, but now the real Charlene was awake meaning Deirdre’s deception was over.

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Resent, Reject, Regret Chapter 5

Deirdre’s hand was badly burned after an accident with hot water. When Brendan saw her injury, he slapped her hand away angrily and yelled at her. The pain from her injuries and Brendan’s treatment caused Deirdre to almost faint. Brendan blamed Deirdre entirely for the accident and told her she was lucky Lena was not hurt, otherwise he would have killed her.

Charlene tried to calm Brendan down but he was enraged. Brendan told Deirdre their marriage was only two years because his family did not approve, and there was no love between them. He demanded that Deirdre sign divorce papers immediately so she could leave as soon as possible. When Deirdre reminded Brendan he said they would not divorce that day, he exploded in impatience and just wanted her to go away to not have chances to hurt Lena further.

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Resent, Reject, Regret Chapter 6

Deirdre was excited to tell Bren something important, but he demanded she take the blame for Charlene’s hit-and-run accident. Charlene had been driving when she accidentally killed someone, then fled the scene. Bren coldly informed Deirdre that as the two women looked identical, everyone would believe Deirdre was responsible.

Deirdre refused, insisting she and Charlene were different people. However, Bren did not believe her assertions that she had actually been the one to save him from a fire six years ago, not Charlene. He accused Deirdre of making up the story to pretend she was Charlene. Through tears, Deirdre tried to explain she had always tried telling Bren the truth over the past two years, but he had never let her finish.

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Resent, Reject, Regret Chapter 7

Brendan had just agreed to ensure Charlene would not receive the death sentence if Deirdre took her place in prison for five months. However, Deirdre surprised Brendan by saying “This is goodbye” and hanging up. Brendan was confused by her words, convinced it was just another attempt to get his attention.

However, Deirdre immediately went to the police station and told them she was Charlene McKinney there to turn herself in for the hit-and-run. Brendan’s assistant Steven reminded him of their meeting, prompting Brendan to set aside his thoughts and return to work. Deirdre appeared determined to follow through on her goodbye despite Brendan’s disbelief, taking Charlene’s place in prison as promised.

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Resent, Reject, Regret Chapter 8

Deirdre was dragged away by the inmates and threatened with an abortion against her will. When she begged them to spare her unborn child, the leader revealed that Brendan Brighthall wanted both Deirdre and her baby dead as punishment for her sins. Deirdre broke down in shock, unable to understand why Brighthall had gone back on his word to spare her and her child when she had taken Charlene’s place in prison.

The inmates overpowered Deirdre as she screamed in pain and despair. They pried her mouth open and stuffed a pill down her throat, starting to carry out the forced abortion against her struggles. Deirdre fought against them gagging on the pill, overwhelmed by the realization that Brighthall had never intended to show her any mercy after all.

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Resent, Reject, Regret Chapter 9

Deirdre woke up blind in the hospital room, unable to see anything but darkness around her. In a panic, she asked the doctor to turn on the lights, not realizing that she had lost her sight. When the doctor tried to comfort and examine her, Deirdre began crying desperately as the reality set in that after everything she had endured over the past two months, including losing her baby, she was now blind as well.

Alone after the doctor left to speak with her supervisor, Deirdre broke down in tears while pressing her hands against her now empty abdomen. She thought of how her baby’s life had ended due to Brendan’s attacks, even though she had obeyed all of his demands. Deirdre was overwhelmed with despair at all she had lost.

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Resent, Reject, Regret Chapter 10

Deirdre asked the guards for help contacting her adoptive mother Ophelia McKinnon. However, the guard discovered Ophelia’s name was on the death reports. Deirdre insisted on visiting her mother’s home address, but the guards exchanged worried looks, reluctant to share the news.

Deirdre took a bus to her mother’s home in the eastern district of Neve. Upon arriving, her disfigured appearance caused panic and she was attacked. Locals screamed in horror at her scarred face and one man even kicked her, yelling insults. Anyone Deirdre approached was repulsed by her appearance. She was used to the treatment but continued searching for someone kind enough to help.

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