His Ex wife is a billionaire (Evadne and Thaddeus) Chapter Summary

His Ex wife is a billionaire (Evadne and Thaddeus) Novel Full Episode

His Ex wife is a billionaire (Evadne and Thaddeus) revolves around Thaddeus who discovers his ex wife Evadne has become a billionaire.

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Book TitleHis Ex wife is a billionaire (Evadne and Thaddeus)
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresBillionaire, Romance
TagsBillionaire, Evadne and Thaddeus Novel story

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His Ex wife is a billionaire (Evadne and Thaddeus) PDF

His Ex wife is a billionaire (Evadne and Thaddeus) Novel Full Episode PDF

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His Ex wife is a billionaire (Evadne and Thaddeus) Novel Full Episode Chapter 1

Ilana stared at signed divorce papers as she tearfully watched her husband Thaddeus leave with another woman, Acacia. Though Ilana pleaded with Thaddeus not to divorce, he was insistent on ending their three-year marriage. That night, Thaddeus proudly brought Acacia back, upsetting Ilana.

She continued preparing dinner for the family as Thaddeus and Acacia flaunted their relationship. Suddenly, Ilana disappeared, departing in a Rolls-Royce belonging to Casseus Ashbourne. It was revealed that Ilana’s real name was Evadne Ashbourne, heiress to the Ashbourne family. After learning it was her birthday, a day Thaddeus deliberately chose to introduce Acacia, Ilana resolved to move on from her heartbreak and live successfully as Evadne once more with her brother’s support.

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His Ex wife is a billionaire (Evadne and Thaddeus) Novel Full Episode Chapter 2

At dinnertime, Thaddeus Abernathy announced to his family that he and his wife Ilana had divorced, signing the papers that day. His father Frederic was surprised by the sudden divorce. Later that evening, Casssius took his sister Evadne on a cruise for her birthday, lighting fireworks overhead with a message.

Thaddeus and his new partner Acacia witnessed the fireworks, with Acacia recognizing Ilana and Casssius being close aboard the ship together. When the ship docked, Thaddeus confronted Ilana and Casssius about her dating another man already. Ilana coldly told Thaddeus they were divorced and it was none of his concern who she spent time with now.

As the argument escalated, Acacia had an accident, distracting Thaddeus. By the time he helped her, Ilana and Casssius had left together.

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His Ex wife is a billionaire (Evadne and Thaddeus) Novel Full Episode Chapter 3

Evadne Ashbourne returned home to Skyrim, the grand estate of the influential Ashbourne family, after being divorced for three years. She was warmly welcomed by her brother Arnold. At home, she told her family she had failed to keep her husband Thaddeus.

Her father Emeric Ashbourne, the chairman of the powerful K Group conglomerate, expressed his frustration at her leaving for so long without notice. Her other brother Cassius announced he was stepping down as president of K Group to enter the priesthood.

When their father refused to let Evadne take over, saying she was too inexperienced, Cassius defended her business acumen. He recounted how she had helped the family during past crises. Arnold also spoke in Evadne’s favor. Emeric reluctantly agreed to give Evadne a chance.

He proposed a test for her – turn around the failing K World Hotel within six months. If successful, he would make her K Group’s new president. Cassius and Arnold encouraged Evadne, saying the future of the family business was now in her hands.

Evadne accepted the challenge with ambition and determination to prove herself.

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His Ex wife is a billionaire (Evadne and Thaddeus) Novel Full Episode Chapter 4

Thaddeus called his secretary Gordon to check on any news of his ex-wife Ilana, who disappeared five days prior. Gordon reported being unable to find any real information on her identity or hometown, suggesting she hid her background. Thaddeus grew angry thinking she may have been a spy.

Thaddeus’ grandfather Hamilton scolded him for breaking his promise to only contact Ilana for three years of marriage. Thaddeus reminded Hamilton the three years were over and he chose to divorce Ilana. When Hamilton learned of the divorce, he fell ill in shock.

At the K Orld Hotel, the executives waited skeptical for their new female general manager. A beautiful woman named Evadne arrived in a luxurious car, introducing herself as the new GM and Chairman Emeric’s biological daughter, dismissing rumors she was illegitimate.

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His Ex wife is a billionaire (Evadne and Thaddeus) Novel Full Episode Chapter 5

Evadne began her inspection of the hotel by immediately pointing out issues with dead and nearly dead shrimp in the seafood buffet tank. She counted over 300 shrimp and found multiple dead ones, threatening to never return if these problems weren’t addressed.

Her inspection of guest rooms revealed further problems like dust that needed to be resolved. Meeting with the general manager, Evadne was critical of the hotel’s decline from when it was founded by her grandfather. She discovered the hotel’s furniture and bedding supplier was owned by her ex-husband Thaddeus’ brother, prompting her to replace the supplier entirely.

News also arrived that Hamilton Abernathy, patriarch of a family Evadne was monitoring, had a stroke and was hospitalized at the Ashbourne group’s hospital. Evadne reacted with anxiety until informed an ex-husband was calling her, which her brother Casius found slightly amusing given the situation.

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His Ex wife is a billionaire (Evadne and Thaddeus) Novel Full Episode Chapter 6

Evadne hurried to the hospital after receiving Thaddeus’ call that his grandfather was sick. Upon arriving, she transformed her appearance into a more confident look compared to her previous gentle demeanor as Thaddeus’ wife. Thaddeus and his assistant Gordon were surprised by Evadne’s new appearance.

They discussed his grandfather’s condition which had worsened, causing Evadne concern despite her divorce from Thaddeus. Acacia, Thaddeus’ new lover, arrived with her sister Elspeth, expressing jealousy towards Evadne’s presence. Elspeth explained Acacia’s supposed stomach issues, causing Thaddeus to vow support for treatment.

Just then, Thaddeus’ grandfather’s secretary said the grandfather wished to see only Evadne and Thaddeus. Acacia tried to follow but was stopped, as the grandfather would not see anyone other than his grandson and granddaughter-in-law, implying he still saw Evadne as family despite the divorce.

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His Ex wife is a billionaire (Evadne and Thaddeus) Novel Full Episode Chapter 7

Evadne visited Hamilton in the hospital, who was overjoyed to see her. He disapproved of her divorce from Thaddeus. When Evadne insisted the marriage couldn’t be salvaged, Hamilton worried he was at fault. Evadne assured him otherwise. Hamilton gifted Evadne with a precious heirloom diamond bracelet passed down through his family, upsetting Thaddeus.

Outside, Acacia seethed with jealousy over the bracelet. When Evadne exited, Acacia attacked her but Evadne dodged gracefully, causing Acacia’s own bracelet to break instead. Key characters’ interactions and a gift-giving event that increased rivalry between the women drove the plot in this chapter.

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His Ex wife is a billionaire (Evadne and Thaddeus) Novel Full Episode Chapter 8

Acacia fell and blamed Ilana for pushing her, claiming her bracelet was broken in the process. However, Ilana revealed the bracelet was fake and the crystals could be harmful. When Acacia cried to Thaddeus for help, Ilana mocked her further by offering a crystal frog bracelet.

Outside, Ilana laughed at Acacia’s shocked expression but grew serious when Thaddeus confronted her about faking her identity to marry him. Ilana denied she had to explain herself since they were getting divorced. When Thaddeus insisted on knowing why, Ilana lost her footing on the stairs but Thaddeus caught her.

Their eyes met, stirring emotions for both. Though Ilana refused to explain her past to Thaddeus, he vowed to find out the truth. When she left, Thaddeus observed her elegant figure depart but was confused by her changed personality. Later, Gordon reported Acacia crying for Thaddeus, but he was stunned to see Ilana driving an expensive sports car, revealing her hidden wealth.

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His Ex wife is a billionaire (Evadne and Thaddeus) Novel Full Episode Chapter 9

Evadne was speeding down the road late at night listening loudly to music when she noticed Thaddeus tailing her in his Lamborghini. She swiftly evaded him in her La Voiture Noire. Thaddeus ordered his secretary Gordon to keep following but they soon lost sight of Evadne.

That evening, Evadne went to her villa where her brothers Casius and Arnold were cooking. They jokingly challenged each other to a video game match. Casius then received a call from Thaddeus looking for Evadne. Over speakerphone, Thaddeus demanded to speak to Evadne alone about something.

In a private call, Thaddeus accused Evadne of changing her number to cut ties with him and move on with Casius. He warned her not to damage his grandfather’s high opinion of her before his 80th birthday. Enraged by his insults, Evadne hung up, leaning against the wall overwhelmed by lingering hurt from their relationship.

She regretted that their thirteen years of feelings seemed to mean nothing to Thaddeus.

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His Ex wife is a billionaire (Evadne and Thaddeus) Novel Full Episode Chapter 10

Thaddeus was left stunned after his ex-wife Ilana abruptly hung up on him during their phone call. He was angered by her resoluteness and independence after their divorce, which was a change from how weak she was before. At Windermere Estate, Gordon served Thaddeus coffee according to the recipe book Ilana had left.

The book contained meticulous details of Thaddeus’s tastes and preferences over the past three years. Upon seeing it, Thaddeus grew angrier at Ilana’s attempt to understand him. Meanwhile, Acacia was rampaging in Ilana’s former bedroom, throwing out her belongings in a fit of jealousy.

When Thaddeus arrived, Acacia accused Ilana of only marrying him for his wealth and status. In her rage, Acacia slashed Thaddeus’s arm with a knife. Though apologetic, Acacia did not want to leave Thaddeus’s side. He insisted on sending her home, as his divorce was still ongoing.

Later, Gordon discovered a stunning pink stage costume among Ilana’s items. While Gordon praised Ilana, Thaddeus found her intentions increasingly unfathomable and irritating.

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