Cheat With My Boyfriend’s Best Friend Chapter Summary

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend’s Best Friend by Jane E.L revolves around the main character Olive who discovers that her boyfriend Vincent has been cheating on her. In a moment of anger and hurt, Olive decides to seek revenge by sleeping with Vincent’s best friend Aaron.

The story follows Olive as she meets up with Aaron and they embark on a s$$$$l relationship. Over time, Olive starts developing feelings for Aaron beyond just getting back at Vincent. She enjoys her time with Aaron but struggles with guilt over betraying her boyfriend.

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The narrative explores the complex emotions Olive experiences as she tries to navigate her new relationship with Aaron while also dealing with the fallout of learning the truth about Vincent’s infidelity. It remains to be seen if Olive can fully move on from Vincent or if she will continue being pulled between the two men in her life. The novel examines the themes of love, betrayal, revenge, and forgiveness.

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Book TitleCheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend
AuthorJane E.L
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Romance
Tags Cheating

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Cheat With My Boyfriend’s Best Friend PDF

Cheat With My Boyfriend's Best Friend PDF

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Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend Chapter 1

Aaron messaged Izzy asking to meet up after she found her boyfriend Vincent had been unfaithful. Though she had only met Vincent’s friend Aaron a few times, calling him a “tomcat”, Izzy searched social media and found Aaron’s profile. His picture showed an attractive man at a nightclub, further fueling Izzy’s desire for revenge against her ex.

Izzy agreed to meet Aaron, finding him undeniably s$$y and handsome. She wondered how Vincent could be friends with someone so gorgeous, questioning if it made Vincent insecure. Izzy pushed aside such thoughts as her plan for retaliation against Vincent’s betrayal had fallen into place. She would achieve her vengeance through sleeping with his best friend Aaron.

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Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend Chapter 2

Aaron had sent the main character his address, inviting her over. Her friend Cinder was shocked upon learning it was Vincent’s wealthy and successful friend Aaron Morris she was meeting. Cinder encouraged her to go, saying Aaron was a better option than Vincent. His family owned the lucrative Morris Group and he had started his own thriving business after turning down a multi-million dollar acquisition offer.

Eager to make Vincent jealous and upset, the main character agreed to meet Aaron. Cinder offered to let her change and fix up at her nearby apartment first. While the main character said it was just a casual hookup and she didn’t need to get dressed up, Cinder warned that looking scruffy she risked being turned away by Aaron’s security at his upscale Tribeca address.

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Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend Chapter 3

Aaron sat over her with his knees at her sides, looking down into her eyes while he slowly undressed. He had a toned, muscular body without much hair, giving a clear view of his well-defined six-pack abs. Aaron leaned down to stare at her as he skillfully unbuttoned her top.

Once her shirt was undone, Aaron glanced down at her body and paused. When his eyes met hers again, they were filled with lust. She was wearing a skin-tight silk camisole that was white with black lace trim and had an extremely low neckline. Through the thin material, the pink of her nipples could be clearly seen. The hem barely covered her panties. Aaron slid a hand around her waist, gently tickling through the fabric, and asked in a husky voice if this was alright.

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Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend Chapter 4

Aaron and the protagonist had s$x until the early hours of the morning, with Aaron taking her one last time from behind. She was left feeling too drained to move, with Aaron laying beside her with his leg tangled between hers. She no longer bothered pulling away from him. When she asked if anyone else was home, he laughed, saying it was too late to ask. Exhausted but satisfied, especially with her revenge, she fell asleep in his bed.

Upon waking, the room was dimly lit by the low city lights filtering through the curtains. Turning her head, she saw Aaron still sleeping next to her facing away, his soft snoring audible. A phone in the pile of clothes at the foot of the bed was buzzing and receiving calls from someone named Tom. Realizing it was Aaron’s phone, she dropped it back and dug around to find her own phone.

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Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend Chapter 5

She exchanged messages with Amorris after he bit her. He apologized and asked if she was home, seeming concerned. She did not reply and deleted the conversation, ending it. To cover the mark from Amorris, she lied to Vincent, telling him she spent the night at Cinder’s place instead of being home. In the following days, she contemplated how to end things with Vincent as she didn’t expect to see Amorris again.

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Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend Chapter 6

Aaron accuses Vincent in front of his friends at the table. Vincent’s friends watch in rapt attention as the drama unfolds between Aaron and Vincent. Emily sits next to Vincent with his arm wrapped around her. Vincent grows increasingly angry as Aaron refuses to back down. His patience runs thin as his breathing becomes heavier and his chin lifts, appearing ready to strike Aaron out of anger.

When Aaron mocks Vincent by mimicking his chin raise, Vincent jerks his arm away from Emily and snarls at her to get off him. He then throws a punch at Aaron in the next second. Aaron’s public confrontation of Vincent exposes Vincent’s betrayal in front of his friends and shames him, which gives the narrator a sense of satisfaction and vindication after privately learning of the betrayal.

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Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend Chapter 7

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

She yanked her hand free from his grasp and saw the anger, jealousy and suspicion on his face from thinking she cheated with Aaron. Though angry, she felt pride in manipulating him. She decided to uphold the facade of devoted girlfriend to see him fall apart in his paranoia and insecurity.

She tenderly caressed his neck and commented on the brand of his new shirt, which Emily had bought him. The anger left his face as he realized he wasn’t wearing the same shirt from that morning. She wasn’t done yet, wanting to see him squirm for questioning her when he had cheated first.

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Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend Chapter 8

Olive discovers that her boyfriend Vincent is staying at the same hotel as her, right next door to another man named Aaron. She had been waiting for the right time to break up with Vincent, wanting to savor the look on his face when she told him coldly that she didn’t love him anymore. However, now that she knows he is cheating again, she doubts she will get the satisfaction of doing it in person. Aaron then texts Olive, saying he is also at the hotel and misses her, asking her to come over.

Unsure of what she wants, Olive is still reeling from discovering Vincent’s infidelity once more. She had planned to break up with him on her own terms, imagining the scene where she would tell him she no longer loved him and they were through. But finding out he is cheating right next door takes away her ability to end things as planned. Aaron complicates the situation further by contacting Olive and admitting he misses her, leaving her uncertain how to proceed.

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Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend Chapter 9

She grew irritated as her boyfriend Vxnent replied hours late about going for drinks with friends. While waiting for the man in her bed to shower, she thought back to sleeping with Aaron, her f$$k buddy. Though they weren’t in a relationship, she couldn’t help recalling every intimate moment with his body. In the bathroom, the shower started and sounds of water hitting his skin filled her mind. She imagined droplets traveling across his defined figure, longing to feel every inch of him again despite their casual arrangement.

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Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend Chapter 10

Aaron startled the female protagonist by pinning her down between his legs. Though she warned him to stop by using his formal name, he corrected her to use his familiar name instead. Aaron smiled seductively at her and asked what was wrong, though his affection seemed merely an act to get women into his bed. When the protagonist said she did not want to engage with him tonight, Aaron raised his eyebrow and told her to think it over. Pinned under him as he stared intensely into her with bedroom eyes, and overhearing the neighbors, the protagonist found she could not refuse Aaron despite having just cheated once before in retaliation and feeling anything more would be greedy.

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