Escaping my arranged marriage with Alpha Prescott by J Belladonna Chapter Summary

Escaping my arranged marriage with Alpha Prescott by J Belladonna

Escaping my arranged marriage with Alpha Prescott by J Belladonna revolves around Matilda, who elopes with her fated mate, Gabriel Cooper, to escape an arranged marriage with the ruthless Alpha Prescott. However, Matilda is betrayed and humiliated by Gabriel and his mistress, Isabel.

Despite her hardships, Matilda holds onto the hope that Gabriel will accept and love her. When Gabriel’s pack is attacked, he chooses to save Isabel, leaving Matilda to perish. Rescued by the Alpha Prescott, Matilda faces a choice: embrace her fate and marry him or escape from him again when Gabriel wants her back.

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As a brewing war unfolds between two supernatural species, Matilda must fulfill her duties as the Alpha Queen and unravel forbidden secrets while facing a wicked adversary.

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Book TitleEscaping my arranged marriage with Alpha Prescott
AuthorJ Belladonna
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresWereWolf, J Belladonna, Gabriel Cooper
TagsArranged Marriage, Rejected mate, WereWolf

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Escaping my arranged marriage with Alpha Prescott PDF

Escaping my arranged marriage with Alpha Prescott by J Belladonna PDF

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Escaping my arranged marriage with Alpha Prescott Chapter 1

Matilda, an Alpha Princess, had given up her royal title to be with her fated mate, Gabriel, only to discover that he was using her to seek revenge on her father. Gabriel was now engaged to his mistress, Isabel, and Matilda was treated as a lowly maid in the pack.

During Isabel’s birthday celebration, the pack was attacked, and Matilda found herself surrounded by wolves, along with Isabel. Gabriel had to choose between saving one of them, but it was clear that he would choose to save his fiancée over Matilda, his true mate.

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Escaping my arranged marriage with Alpha Prescott Chapter 2

Gabriel had chosen to save his childhood love, Isabel, over Matilda, shattering Matilda’s heart. Matilda confronted Gabriel, who callously rejected her, claiming she had no worth without her royal status. Devastated, Matilda found herself surrounded by hungry wolves, resigned to her fate.

However, a powerful Alpha, Prescott, intervened, ordering the wolves to leave. Prescott revealed himself as Matilda’s arranged husband, intent on taking her with him and seeking revenge on Gabriel. As Matilda protested, the pain overwhelmed her, and she fell unconscious, unaware of Prescott’s plans.

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Escaping my arranged marriage with Alpha Prescott Chapter 3

The chapter follows the interactions between Prescott, the Alpha, and Matilda, the Alpha Princess, after she wakes up from a medical emergency. Prescott is frustrated by Matilda’s constant attempts to escape, while Matilda is reluctant to marry him, viewing Prescott as a ruthless man forcing her into an arranged marriage.

Prescott informs Matilda that her pack has suffered greatly in her absence, with her family members imprisoned and many pack members killed. He convinces Matilda that she has nowhere else to turn and offers to help her seek revenge, on the condition that she agrees to marry him.

Matilda is hesitant but eventually agrees to a “contract marriage” where they will pretend to be a couple in public. As Prescott is about to leave, he receives a message from his Beta about a new lead in an investigation, hinting at a larger plot unfolding.

The chapter ends with Prescott removing his shirt, much to Matilda’s surprise and confusion.

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Escaping my arranged marriage with Alpha Prescott Chapter 4

Matilda, referred to as Tila or Luna, is staying in Alpha Prescott’s room as per their contract. Serena, the nurse, teases Matilda about Alpha Prescott’s abilities in bed, but Matilda avoids the topic. Alpha Prescott informs Matilda that she can now walk on her own, much to her annoyance.

Phoebe, the Gamma’s sister, is assigned to help Matilda get ready for a ceremony, but Prescott intervenes, insisting that Matilda wear a specific red dress. Matilda is upset that Prescott didn’t inform her about the ceremony. During the ceremony, Prescott introduces Matilda to his father, who compliments her, but the ceremony is postponed.

The summary highlights the key events, including Matilda’s interactions with Prescott, Serena, and Phoebe, as well as the upcoming ceremony.

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Escaping my arranged marriage with Alpha Prescott Chapter 5

Prescott argued with his father over holding the Luna ceremony for Matilda on a full moon night, as his father believed in following traditional customs. Prescott, however, wanted to get the ceremony done quickly, not wanting to waste time fighting his father’s beliefs.

Matilda felt embarrassed listening to their arguments, as the ceremony was hers. Prescott lied to his father about Matilda being his chosen mate, as his father would never approve of their contract marriage. Prescott’s best friend, Caleb, was the only one who knew about the contract.

Prescott was attracted to Matilda, but she resisted his advances, much to his frustration. During the Luna ceremony, Prescott accepted Matilda as his Luna and declared her as the pack’s Luna. However, their ceremony was interrupted by a wolf attack, led by Gabriel, whom Prescott had been waiting for to make an appearance.

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Escaping my arranged marriage with Alpha Prescott Chapter 6

Matilda’s mate bond with Gabriel causes her to still feel drawn to him, despite her marriage to Alpha Prescott. When Gabriel confronts Prescott, the Alpha easily overpowers him. Prescott declares Matilda as his wife, and the pack accepts her as the new Luna.

Matilda rejects Gabriel as her mate, much to his dismay. Prescott then orders Gabriel and his sister Isabel to be taken to the dungeon as prisoners. Matilda experiences pain from the mate bond rejection, but is surprised to find that Prescott, her second chance mate, does not seem to feel the bond.

This leaves Matilda wondering about the game fate is playing with her.

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Escaping my arranged marriage with Alpha Prescott Chapter 7

Prescott, the Alpha, is furious when his mate Phoebe questions the power of his chosen Queen, Matilda. Prescott makes it clear that he doesn’t care about what his people think and will not tolerate any disrespect towards Matilda. Prescott’s father, however, advises him that the throne ceremony is not yet complete and that Matilda’s fainting is a sign of her powers awakening.

Matilda suddenly wakes up and calls out for her mother, leaving Prescott to comfort her and promise that she will see her soon. Prescott then learns that Matilda’s family is being held captive by Gabriel, a former lover of Matilda’s. Prescott interrogates Gabriel, threatening him and using violence to extract the information about Matilda’s family’s location.

Prescott dispatches his trusted men to rescue Matilda’s family from the Lunar pack’s packhouse. However, when Prescott is about to kill Gabriel, Matilda intervenes, much to Prescott’s frustration, as he cannot understand why Matilda still cares for the man who betrayed her.

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Escaping my arranged marriage with Alpha Prescott Chapter 8

Matilda tried to intervene when Prescott was choking Gabriel, but Prescott dragged her away and accused her of still loving Gabriel. Prescott warned Matilda not to disrespect him again, as she was his chosen mate. Matilda left, feeling dizzy and attracted to Prescott, but didn’t want to give in to her desires.

Prescott pulled Matilda back and warned her not to turn her back on him. Matilda dared to speak up about mutual respect and trust, but Prescott reminded her that he had trusted her when she kissed him. Matilda apologized, but Prescott challenged her, pinning her arms behind her back.

He then kissed her forcefully, though Matilda wasn’t strong enough to deny her feelings for him. Matilda received a letter from Gabriel, who wanted to meet her in private. She went to the dungeon, using her royal command to see him.

Gabriel asked Matilda to free him, claiming she still loved him. As Matilda was about to enter the cell, a formidable growl from Prescott made her flinch, and he ordered the guards to lock Gabriel’s cell again.

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Escaping my arranged marriage with Alpha Prescott Chapter 9

Prescott, enraged by Matilda’s decision to free the prisoner, orders his guards to lock her in a separate cell. Matilda tries to reason with him, but Prescott dismisses her, claiming this is his pack and he can do whatever he wants.

Caleb, Prescott’s Beta, tries to convince him that keeping Matilda in a cell is not right, but Prescott refuses to listen and demands solitude. Frustrated, Prescott shifts into his wolf form and runs into the forest to blow off steam. There, he encounters Phoebe, who seduces him.

Prescott gives in to his desires, but his mind keeps drifting back to Matilda, and he eventually pushes Phoebe away. Prescott then interrogates a captured rogue, threatening to harm his son if he doesn’t reveal who is supporting the rogues. The rogue confesses that their rogue Alpha orders them to attack the packs and brings them a special wine every full moon.

Prescott promises to protect the rogue’s son and releases him, determined to find the rogue Alpha. Returning to his apartment, Prescott confronts Matilda, furious that she had disobeyed his orders. Matilda stands her ground, asserting that she is the Queen and deserves respect.

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Escaping my arranged marriage with Alpha Prescott Chapter 10

Matilda was devastated after discovering her mate, Gabriel, being intimate with someone else. She felt betrayed and dejected, believing that neither Gabriel nor Alpha Prescott truly cared about her. Matilda was then thrown into the dungeon, but Alpha Mason intervened and freed her, apologizing for his son’s actions.

Matilda reunited with her family, including her friend Serena, who comforted her. However, Matilda faced another challenge when she encountered Phoebe, who was pretending to care for her but was actually working for Alpha Prescott. Matilda stood up for herself, asserting her position as the Alpha Queen.

When Prescott confronted her, Alpha Mason defended Matilda, and Prescott walked away. Matilda then retreated to her room, but Prescott came to her, insisting that she eat. Despite her reluctance, Matilda found herself drawn to Prescott’s presence and the sparks between them.

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