The Mysterious Luna Chapter Summary

The Mysterious Luna

The Mysterious Luna by S. Lexi follows the story of Jessica Bradford, who wakes up with amnesia on her 19th birthday. With no memories and a mysterious ID card, she begins her life among humans, unaware of her true identity as a supernatural being. One fateful night, she stumbles upon a werewolf pack, led by ruthless Alpha Colton Black.

Distrusting Jessica due to her inexplicable human scent, Colton finds her both attractive and suspicious. As Jessica faces her enemies and uncovers her hidden past, secrets rise to the surface, and memories return to reveal her true heritage.

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She is part of a supernatural world full of dangerous alliances, overwhelming desire, and a furious fight for survival.

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Book TitleThe Mysterious Luna
AuthorS. Lexi
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresMystery, Supernatural, Werewolf
TagsAlpha, Beta, Kickass, Luna

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The Mysterious Luna PDF

The Mysterious Luna PDF

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The Mysterious Luna Chapter 1

Jessica in The Mysterious Luna

In Chapter 1, Jessica regains consciousness in a hospital room, unable to remember her identity or how she ended up there. She is wearing a hospital gown and connected to medical equipment, with no recollection of her past or recent events.

A nurse named Samantha introduces herself and informs Jessica that she has been in a coma for a week, having been found on a trail in the forest by a hiker. As the wavering fragments of her memory flicker, Jessica feels disoriented and frightened.

Samantha informs Jessica that all tests have normal results and she is free to leave, provided she can remember her name. Jessica struggles with this task, and Samantha finds an ID card with the name Jessica Bradford, on which Jessica reluctantly signs her name.

As they walk out of the hospital, Jessica joins Samantha for coffee and a conversation but still grapples with the realization that she cannot recall essential details of her life. Later, Jessica meets Samantha at her apartment, and Samantha kindly offers her a place to stay as she tries to piece together her past.

At the end of the chapter, Jessica encounters a handsome young man named Brad, the owner of a nearby coffee shop, who invites her to apply for a job the following day. Jessica, hopeful for both a job and a place to stay, agrees and leaves the coffee shop,

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The Mysterious Luna Chapter 2

In this chapter, Jessica, a young woman with no memories of her past, struggles to adapt to her new life in a high-rise apartment with her friend Samantha.

They walk together to a Chinese restaurant for dinner, discussing Jessica’s potential job at a coffee shop named Rise and Shine. Samantha helps Jessica secure the job, and they continue to bond over wine and the TV show ‘Friends.’

That night, Jessica has a terrifying nightmare that feels all too familiar, and she wakes up drenched in sweat. The next day, she heads to the coffee shop for her first day of work, excited and hopeful for her future.

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The Mysterious Luna Chapter 3

In the beginning, Jessica recounts her contented life working at a coffee shop and living with her friend Samantha. She mentions her lack of memories from before a coma and her enjoyable friendships with Samantha and Brad, the coffee shop owner. Jessica highlights the lighthearted atmosphere of their lives, whereas Samantha’s wild personality only adds to the fun.

However, the story takes an eerie turn when a group of mysterious, imposing men enter the coffee shop late one night. Initially, their presence feels unsettling, but they appear to have benign intentions, merely picking up lattes and paying in full. After they leave, Jessica brushes off the unsettling feeling but continues with her closing routine.

As she walks home, the feeling of being watched makes her increasingly anxious. Inevitably, the situation escalates as her path is blocked by enormous, terrifying wolves that start pursuing her. Despite her bravery and resourcefulness, she is ultimately overwhelmed and bitten by one of the wolves.

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The Mysterious Luna Chapter 4

Alpha Colton, the leader of the Evergreen Pack, faces a dilemma when a mysterious and attractive woman, Heather, enters his life. Heather is Alpha Philip’s daughter and is set to become his chosen mate, despite his initial disinterest in her.

The pressures of finding his fated mate and the needs of his pack keep Colton from exploring his deeper feelings for Heather. As he tries to push forward with their arrangement, a trespasser is caught on the territory, and Colton is drawn to her unlike anyone else he has ever met.

As he investigates and interrogates the woman, the stakes are raised and the question of her true intentions remains unanswered. In the midst of this whirlwind, Colton struggles with the impact of his choices and the role they play in shaping the future of both the Evergreen Pack and his own heart.

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The Mysterious Luna Chapter 5

Jessica regains consciousness in a cell, overwhelmed by fear and confusion. Her cold and uncomfortable surroundings, a large bandage on her shoulder, and a painful metal collar suggest an unclear past, filled with danger. As she paces, three imposing men approach, creating an even more intense atmosphere.

Next, reveals the arrival of an attractive, muscular man who questions Jessica’s identity. His intense stare and assertive demeanor leave her feeling exposed and vulnerable. Desperate for answers, she explains her situation and denies any connection to the dangerous world he implies. Despite her attempts to communicate, he remains firm, imposing harsh conditions on her and leaving her with a mixture of fear and hopelessness.

As she faces a dark and uncertain future, Jessica wonders whether anyone will ever come to her aid and how she can convince the enigmatic man to believe her story.

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The Mysterious Luna Chapter 6

In the chapter, the Alpha Colton returns to his office with Kyle and Josh after leaving the dungeon and ponders about the mysterious girl, Jessica. Despite Josh’s belief that she is honest, Colton remains skeptical and plans to keep her uncomfortable in the dungeon until she provides more information.

The Alpha then discusses with Heather, who wants to have dinner, but Colton promises to do so another day. As Colton focuses on his work, he struggles to concentrate due to his thoughts about Jessica. Eventually, his wolf, Hector, urges him to go and check on her in the dungeon. Datdia Asdaf.

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The Mysterious Luna Chapter 7

Jessica wakes up in a cold cell, finding that a blanket has been placed over her. She reflects on how kind this gesture is, given the interrogations she has endured from a man who seems to know secrets about her past. Jessica dreams of her old life and friends but is focused on surviving her current circumstances and hoping the man decides to show her mercy and set her free.

Later, three men approach her cell, and the same man who questioned her before says she isn’t human, which angers and confuses Jessica. She is moved to a more comfortable room and is ordered to obey the commands of a man named Josh. Although unnerved by the situation, Jessica begins to hope that she might eventually be able to escape and find freedom from the terrifying psychopath in charge.

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The Mysterious Luna Chapter 8

In this chapter, Jessica follows Josh to a large red building, which is their “pack house.” She is given a room on the fourth floor, and the environment is described as luxurious and comfortable. Josh, a werewolf, is responsible for her and shows kindness towards her, despite the rest of the pack viewing her as a threat. The chapter ends with Alpha Colton feeling attracted to Jessica and trying to maintain control over his feelings and actions.

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The Mysterious Luna Chapter 9

Alpha Colton, an experienced and powerful werewolf leader, finds himself in an unexpected situation with Heather, the candidate for his pack’s next Luna. As they dine together, Colton’s growing disdain for her becomes apparent, partly due to her lack of intelligence and mainly because she is not his fate-chosen mate. Jessica, a mysterious and intriguing supernatural being, has captured his attention, and he hopes to learn more about her origin and nature. Meanwhile, his Alpha sense warns of a threat at the pack’s border, causing tension between his personal and professional life.

In the first paragraph, we delve into the brewing tension between Alpha Colton and Heather, as they share a dinner table. The alpha’s annoyance with the Luna candidate remains evident throughout their conversation, not just because of her lack of intelligence, but more importantly, because she was not his fate-chosen mate.

In the second paragraph, we explore the uncertainty that surrounds Jessica, the mysterious supernatural being, who has caught Colton’s attention. He struggles with the desire to get to know her better, hoping she might provide answers about her origin and nature. Additionally, he grapples with the increasing concern of a potential threat brewing at the pack’s border. The scene with his trusted companion, Josh, adds an extra layer of complexity, as Calton’s internal struggle

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The Mysterious Luna Chapter 10

The protagonist, Jessica, wakes up in a strange room, her memory of the past six months returning to her. She is initially disappointed that it wasn’t just a dream but recalls that she was in a coma, found unconscious in the woods by someone who brought her to a hospital. Jessica notices a breakfast tray and some clean clothes and realizes she is a prisoner in an unknown location. She eats while surveying her surroundings, eventually hearing a knock on the door.

Josh, one of the men holding her captive, enters the room with a tray of food. They discuss Jessica’s situation and her previous life. When Jessica asks about the mysterious Alpha Colton, Josh reveals that they are part of a pack with him as their leader. Jessica probes further, asking how long she will be held captive. Josh promises to speak to the Alpha but deflects the full truth, making Jessica even more uneasy. The conversation shifts to relationships, but before it concludes, Jessica sees a disturbing momentary glaze in Josh’s eyes.

Throughout the chapter, Jessica struggles with her new reality, questions her captors, and tries to find a way out.

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