Denying the Alpha Chapter Summary

Denying The Alpha by Teaganjayne

Denying The Alpha by Teaganjayne is a romantic werewolf story which revolves around Faith, the beta’s daughter in the Crescent Moon pack, who faces betrayal on her 18th birthday when she discovers her fated mate, Declan, the Alpha’s son, with her sister. Struggling with heartbreak and rejection, Faith must find the strength to move on.

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TitleDenying the Alpha
ReadAmazon | Dreame
GenreRomance, Supernatural, Werewolf
Main ThemesBetrayal, Rejection, Self-Discovery, Supernatural Elements, Werewolf Pack Dynamics
Key CharactersFaith (protagonist, beta’s daughter), Declan (Alpha’s son, Faith’s fated mate), Samantha (Faith’s sister)

Denying the Alpha PDF

Denying the Alpha PDF

Denying the Alpha Chapter 1

Faith Ashley, a determined she-wolf, finds herself in a dire situation in an electrifying opening. After a harrowing fall down the stairs, inflicted by a menacing figure, Faith lies injured and defiant. Despite her dislocated hip and possibly broken ribs, her spirit remains unbroken.

She boldly rejects her fated mate, Declan John Smith, the future Alpha of the Crescent Moon pack, who she deems an unworthy abuser. Flashing back to three weeks earlier, we see a different side of Faith – excited and hopeful on her 18th birthday, eagerly anticipating meeting her mate and her first wolf transformation.

Her self-description paints her as confident and physically fit, yet there’s an endearing vulnerability about whether she’ll be the type her mate desires.

This chapter takes a heart-wrenching turn when Faith discovers Declan in a compromising position with her sister, Samantha. The betrayal is gut-wrenching, leading Faith to deep solitude and emotional turmoil.

This chapter masterfully sets the stage for a tale of resilience, showcasing Faith’s strength in the face of betrayal and physical pain.

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Denying the Alpha Chapter 2

Chapter Two delves deeper into Faith’s emotional turmoil. Ignoring her sister Sammie’s pleas from outside her door, Faith grapples with feelings of betrayal and abandonment. Neither Sammie nor Declan, her mate, show genuine concern, deepening her sense of isolation on what should have been a joyful 18th birthday. Wrestling with her emotions, Faith decides to skip the family dinner, her heartache too raw to face her sister.

The chapter beautifully captures Faith’s anticipation of her first wolf transformation, a moment she had dreamt of sharing with her mate. Despite the betrayal, she looks forward to meeting her wolf, a bond untainted by Declan’s actions.

As midnight approaches, Faith, adorned in a red robe, makes a painful, barefoot journey to the riverbed, determined to transform into a magical setting.

Her transformation is agonizing yet transformative. As her body convulses and bones snap, Faith’s determination is palpable. In these excruciating moments, she hears her wolf’s voice for the first time, a moment of profound connection amid intense pain.

The chapter ends with Faith collapsing, her last sight being a grey wolf’s head emerging from the trees, leaving readers in suspense.

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Denying the Alpha Chapter 3

In Chapter Three, Faith awakens, puzzled about how she returned home and who dressed her after her transformative night. Despite her disappointment at not seeing her wolf form, she feels a connection with her wolf, who is likely recuperating from the shift.

Battling the urge to seek out Declan for acceptance, Faith resolves to maintain her dignity and not succumb to desperation. She firmly decides that she will give Declan a chance, but only if he proves his worth and fidelity.

As Faith cleans herself up, she struggles with her heightened wolf senses, finding even her favorite body soap overwhelming. Dressed in a blue top and black jeans, she bravely faces her family and Declan at breakfast, masking her pain and turmoil.

Her interactions are a blend of forced normalcy and inner turmoil. Declan’s presence and her sister Samantha’s nonchalant behavior add to the tension.

Faith navigates this emotionally charged breakfast with poise, maintaining a semblance of normalcy despite the undercurrents of betrayal and hurt.

Her family, unaware of the full extent of her pain, show concern, but Faith skillfully diverts the conversation.

The chapter ends with a sense of unresolved emotions and questions, as Faith grapples with her new reality and the complexities of her relationships.

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Denying the Alpha Chapter 4

Chapter Four of “Denying the Alpha” is a tumultuous mix of emotions and confrontations. After an awkward breakfast, Faith tries to escape the suffocating atmosphere, only to be forcefully stopped by Declan.

Their interaction is fraught with tension and unspoken feelings. Declan crushes Faith’s muffin underfoot in a show of cruelty, reflecting his inner turmoil and anger.

The chapter escalates when Declan physically assaults Faith, revealing a darker side of his character. Despite his brief apology, the moment leaves Faith shaken and conflicted, torn between her rational mind and the overpowering mate bond’s influence.

Her internal struggle is palpable as she grapples with unwanted attraction and deep-seated anger towards Declan.

Faith’s encounter with Samantha on the stairs further intensifies her emotional struggle. Samantha’s presence ignites Faith’s anger, leading to a sharp exchange where Faith expresses her wish never to speak to her again.

Faith’s retreat to her room, driven by a mix of heartbreak and a barely contained rage, highlights her inner wolf’s growing restlessness and her struggle to maintain control.

Chapter Four masterfully depicts Faith’s emotional whirlwind, showcasing her resilience and determination to stand her ground against Declan’s intimidation and Samantha’s betrayal.

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Denying the Alpha Chapter 5

Chapter Five of “Denying the Alpha” shifts to Declan’s perspective, revealing his inner turmoil and motivations. Six months prior, on his 18th birthday, Declan is overwhelmed by a nervous energy, unaware that it’s the day he’ll meet his mate.

He attends his birthday party, indulging in drinks and flirtations, yet feels an undercurrent of anticipation for finding his Luna.

Declan’s world turns upside down when he senses his mate, Faith, at the party. Despite always finding her attractive, he’s tortured by the fact that she is somehow linked to a tragic past event involving his deceased brother, Conner.

This connection makes the idea of accepting Faith as his mate unbearable, leading to a conflict between his desires and familial obligations.

In a moment of frustration and desperation, Declan engages in a reckless encounter with Faith’s sister, Samantha, trying to distract himself from his feelings for Faith.

His actions are driven by a complex mix of resentment, longing, and duty, highlighting the complicated dynamics of werewolf mate bonds and family legacies.

Chapter Five offers a deeper understanding of Declan’s character, painting a picture of a young Alpha torn between his heart and his perceived responsibilities, setting the stage for future conflicts and emotional turmoil.

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Denying the Alpha Chapter 6

The chapter begins with Faith apologizing to Sapphire for keeping her away from Declan, their mate. This emotional moment reveals Faith’s empathy and understanding towards Sapphire’s desires and needs.

The chapter captures the uniqueness of Faith’s relationship with Sapphire, illustrated through their conversations and shared feelings.

Faith learns that Sapphire, named by the moon goddess, shares her dislike for the chocolate and peanut butter combination, adding a touch of humor to their interactions.

As Faith grapples with the recent events and her feelings towards Declan and Samantha, Sapphire expresses a primal desire for exclusivity with their mate, a reflection of the intense and possessive nature of werewolf bonds. Faith, however, is torn between this desire and the moral implications of acting on these instincts.

The chapter closes with a tender moment between Faith and her mother, showcasing the strong bond they share. Faith’s mother’s concern highlights the family dynamics and Faith’s struggle to maintain normalcy amidst the turmoil.

Ultimately, Faith seeks solace in her room, dreaming of the grey wolf, a symbol of her longing for freedom and escape from her current predicaments.

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Denying the Alpha Chapter 7

After waking up rejuvenated, Faith is awestruck by the beauty of the moonlit night and eagerly communicates with Sapphire, sharing their mutual admiration for the moon.

Their bond is beautifully illustrated in their conversation and shared experiences.

Faith decides to shift into Sapphire, embracing the freedom and excitement of being a wolf. She dresses in old clothes, anticipating the transformation, and runs towards the forest, eager to experience the joys of being a wolf.

Faith’s transformation is a moment of liberation, as she shifts effortlessly into Sapphire, feeling an unparalleled sense of freedom and power.

As Sapphire, Faith experiences the world with heightened senses and pure joy, marveling at the beauty and details of nature that she never noticed before.

This chapter wonderfully captures her first run as a wolf, full of excitement and wonder. She eventually returns to the river, the site of her first painful transformation, now reveling in her strength and beauty.

Upon seeing her reflection in the river, Faith is mesmerized by Sapphire’s unique deep blue fur and yellow eyes, feeling an immense sense of pride and connection with her wolf.

The chapter ends with Sapphire howling at the moon, a moment of pure, unadulterated joy and freedom, as Faith contentedly allows Sapphire to take control and bask in the moonlight.

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Denying the Alpha Chapter 8

The chapter opens with Faith reveling in her newfound freedom and confidence after spending the night in her wolf form. Her joy is evident as she playfully dances alone in the forest, embracing the simple pleasure of her transformation.

As Faith returns home, she contemplates confronting Declan to understand his actions better, reflecting her desire for closure and perhaps reconciliation.

This internal debate showcases her struggle between the pull of the mate bond and her sense of self-worth.

The tension escalates when Faith encounters Declan in the hallway. Their interaction is a complex dance of emotions – Faith’s attempt to maintain her composure, Declan’s snarky indifference, and the underlying s$$$$l tension driven by their werewolf instincts. Faith’s struggle to balance her wolf’s desires and her dignity becomes increasingly evident.

The chapter ends with a poignant moment where Faith, feeling overwhelmed by her emotions and Sapphire’s desires, retreats to her room.

She grapples with the fear of rejection and the challenge of staying true to her principles, revealing the depth of her character’s strength and vulnerability.

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Denying the Alpha Chapter 9

The chapter opens with Faith experiencing intense physical pain and emotional turmoil due to her mate, Declan, mating with another woman. This agony is so overwhelming that it causes her to shift involuntarily into her wolf, Sapphire, and she desperately tries to claw out her own heart to end the pain.

Amidst her agony, Faith learns that Declan is mating with her sister, Samantha. Fueled by both physical pain and a sense of betrayal, Faith drags herself to Declan’s room, only to find him and Samantha in a compromising position. This sight triggers a seizure in Faith, and she collapses, unconscious.

The scene shifts to two weeks later, where Faith awakens in a hospital bed, weak and disoriented. Her mother is by her side, showing deep concern for her daughter’s well-being.

The chapter takes a tense turn when Samantha and Declan enter the room. Faith’s raw and emotional confrontation with them highlights her feelings of betrayal and disgust. She accuses Samantha of sleeping with Declan, her rightful mate, causing shock and tension in the room.

Faith’s condition and the confrontation leave her emotionally and physically drained.

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