The Alpha’s Mute Mate Chapter Summary

The Alpha’s Mute Mate

The Alpha‘s Mute Mate by Roanna Hinks follows the life of a mute girl named Brooke, who is trapped in a hellish situation with her stepmother and stepsister.

Unable to express her emotions or seek help, she yearns for freedom. One day, a mysterious stranger appears, claiming to be her mate and protected by powerful Alpha wolves.

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While the possibility of a better life offers hope, Brooke is terrified by this stranger’s presence, and she attempts to escape. The story unfolds as readers wonder whether Brooke will be able to find salvation or if she will continue to be haunted by the unknown stranger.

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Book TitleThe Alpha’s Mute Mate
AuthorRoanna Hinks
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresHorror, Werewolf
TagsAlpha, Kickass, Mate, Mother, shifter, mate, kickass heroine, tragedy, werewolves, pack, betrayal, rejected, stepmother

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The Alpha’s Mute Mate PDF

The Alpha’s Mute Mate PDF

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The Alpha’s Mute Mate Chapter 1

In the darkness of her basement sanctuary, Brooke is a prisoner in her own home. Treated as a s$$$e by her stepmother, Aubrey, and her stepbrother, Austin, she is the main caretaker of the house. Unable to speak since witnessing her mother’s death at the hands of a rogue, Brooke is a mute captive.

Despite the cruelty of her stepmother and grudging tolerance from her stepbrother, Brooke finds solace in their infrequent moments of kindness. Her only wish is for a life free of suffering and confinement which still haunts her to this day.

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The Alpha’s Mute Mate Chapter 2

The Alpha’s Mute Mate Chapter Summary

The protagonist is determined to ensure the safety of his daughter, Brooke, who has been living with an abusive guardian. The pack of werewolves, led by Alpha Marcus, help him watch over her and assist in bringing her back to their pack.

They form a plan to retrieve Brooke while another member of the pack, Hudson, takes Madison, the stepmother, out on a date to create a distraction. Meanwhile, Brooke suffers in silence due to the abuse she has faced and has not eaten in days.

The werewolf pack members, including Brooke’s uncle Austin, share their anger and frustration at the treatment of their loved one, especially since she is a helpless human. They are eager to save her and help her return to a safe and loving environment, where she can finally heal from the physical and emotional wounds she has endured.

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The Alpha’s Mute Mate Chapter 3

Hudson, a Beta werewolf, is reluctantly going on a date with a human as part of a plan to help Jackson, the Alpha werewolf’s daughter, but he grapples with his duty and personal feelings.

Hudson’s appearance is described as having muscles and a six-pack, but his true form is that of a werewolf. He worries about finding his mate, and his wolf, Asher, becomes restless at the thought of the fake date.

Arriving at the human’s house, Madison, a recent meet, is dressed provocatively, and her perfume makes it difficult for Hudson to be close to her due to his enhanced sense of smell.

Hudson is eager to find his possible human mate, fearing she lacks the strength that an Alpha needs, but his father reassures him that his mate will bring strength to him.

As the date progresses, Hudson remains guarded and focused on fulfilling his responsibility to his pack, leaving the date’s and his mate’s future uncertain.

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The Alpha’s Mute Mate Chapter 4

Brooke awakens in a dark room, feeling pain in her wrist and seeing the ceiling through tears. She hears Aubrey, her tormenter, referring to herself as “mother” and finds herself shackled to a wall. She hears Austin protesting from downstairs but is powerless to intervene as Aubrey whips her.

When a doorbell rings, Aubrey shuts Brooke in a dark closet, having whipped her multiple times. Austin sneaks up and breaks her out, but Aubrey, armed with a belt and a taser, pursues them. During their escape, she witnesses Austin’s concern for her injuries and the pain she is in.

Austin struggles to understand Brooke’s constant torture and abuse. He is concerned for her safety, especially since she has scars on her body. He and his friend, Beta Logan, decide to confront Aubrey; however, they are interrupted by a sudden arrival. When they reach Brooke, she is weak from the abuse but is conscious.

As they help Brooke, they try to piece together the history of her torment. They begin to think about the pack leadership and the importance of protecting Brooke. Their attention now turns to ensuring her safety and healing, while also addressing the issue of Aubrey’s actions. As they make plans for the night, the pack members come together to support and protect Brooke.

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The Alpha’s Mute Mate Chapter 5

Asher and Hudson are on a date, but feel uneasy and wish to be with their mate instead. Hudson receives a message from his father, who informs him that their mate, Madison, has been tortured by her mother and is fighting for her life in the pack hospital.

Madison lies to Hudson about the emergency, and they head to her house. Hudson learns about the break-in at Madison’s house and sees her at the packhouse, where she is being treated for her injuries. Hudson loudly declares Madison as their mate, surprising everyone in the room.

Hudson and Asher attend a date with Madison, feeling increasingly anxious and frustrated. Their unrest is intensified by the sudden, urgent message from Hudson’s father about Madison’s dire situation. Despite Madison’s deception, Hudson and Asher hasten to the packhouse, where they find their mate gravely wounded, yet alive.

Hudson proclaims their mate claim, shocking those present and fortifying their commitment to protect and care for Madison.

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The Alpha’s Mute Mate Chapter 6

In this chapter, Hudson discovers that his mate, Brooke, is part of the family, but he initially doesn’t recognize her. Daisy reminds him of their friendship when they were young, and shows him an old photograph of the three of them together. However, Brooke has a scar on her neck, hinting at a traumatic past.

The chapter shifts to a flashback of a tragic event, where Brooke and her friend Danica, who were part of Hudson’s pack, were attacked by rogues. Danica died, and Brooke was severely injured, losing her ability to speak. The present-day shows Hudson, now the Alpha, trying to care for his mate as she recovers in a hospital but struggling with the memories of the past.

Daisy and the pack doctor discuss Brooke’s condition, and how they need to be cautious with her injuries. Hudson remains by her side, hoping she will recover and remember their connection. The chapter ends with a feeling of uncertainty and hope as they await Brooke’s healing and possibly regained memories.

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The Alpha’s Mute Mate Chapter 7

Hudson reflects on the traumatic events of the past month. He shares how his mate, Brooke, has been recovering from her injuries, with no memory of her attacks, and how their pack is tirelessly searching for the culprits responsible.

Hudson’s determination to bring justice to Brooke and Aubrey’s attackers fills the air, and he reveals the pack’s cooperation with the neighboring packs to help find them. He also discusses the various people who have visited Brooke and the hope of her becoming the pack’s new Luna.

Brooke wakes up from her injuries, facing an unknown environment and remembering her attackers. However, she is still foggy on who Hudson is and why he is there. Puzzled and frightened, she experiences a panic attack.

Doctors and the people she knows try to calm her, but her past with her father and her mate’s intervention lead her to a mix of confusion and sadness. Despite their intentions to help, Brooke still struggles with feeling abandoned by her father and wary of Hudson’s presence.

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The Alpha’s Mute Mate Chapter 8

Hudson is hurt by Brooke’s fearful behavior, struggling with her confusion and refusal to accept him as her mate. While he tries to be understanding, he is tormented by the fact that she doesn’t know who he is. Alongside him, Jackson is also rejected by his daughter, Alanna. A pack doctor delivers the harsh reality that Brooke doesn’t want either of them involved in her life yet.

Hudson and Jackson are advised to give Brooke space to process her feelings and experiences. Despite Asher’s desire to be near their mate, they choose to wait patiently. In the meantime, they learn that Brooke blames Jackson for abandoning her. Despite his guilt, Hudson reassures Jackson that they will reveal the truth eventually. However, their method of approaching Brooke is disrupted when they find her fleeing, fearful of them, and their challenge to connect with her continues.

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The Alpha’s Mute Mate Chapter 9

Brooke wakes up in a hospital room and removes her tubes, feeling sore from her surgery. She decides to escape through a broken window and encounters a giant wolf. Terrified, she relies on her instincts and manages to run away from the hospital. However, she falls and cuts her leg, which causes her to panic. Suddenly, a wolf approaches her, curiously sniffing her leg. A woman named Sophia reassures her that the wolf is harmless and will protect her. Despite her injuries, Brooke is reluctant to trust anyone.

Sophia takes Brooke back to the hospital while the wolf ensures nobody comes near them. Brooke tries to recall memories of her past but is held back by fear. At the hospital, they meet a doctor named Frank, who stitches Brooke’s leg. As they talk, Brooke and Sophia discover that they used to be best friends and that Sophia is close to Brooke’s late mother. Brooke struggles to remember her past and becomes distant from Sophia, who leaves to speak with her father, leaving Brooke with a myriad of questions and a wolf-shaped mystery.

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The Alpha’s Mute Mate Chapter 10

In this chapter, Jackson struggles with the realization that Brooke, his daughter, has been abducted. The pack searches for her frantically, while they also encounter Lesley, Jackson’s sister, who reveals she has discovered Beta Logan as her mate. Amidst the chaos, it is revealed that Brooke’s attacker has gone into hiding, leaving the pack scrambling to find her. The emotional weight of the situation weighs heavily on Jackson as he grapples with his guilt and constant worry for his daughter’s safety.

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