The 5-Time Rejected Gamma & the Lycan King Chapter Summary

The 5-Time Rejected Gamma & the Lycan King

The 5-Time Rejected Gamma & the Lycan King by Stina’s Pen follows Gamma Lucianne, who has been rejected by five mates and pleads with the Moon Goddess to spare her from any more mate bonds. However, she is reluctantly bonded for the sixth time to none other than the powerful Lycan King, Alexandar.

While King Alexandar is thrilled to have found his perfect mate, Lucianne is determined to sever their bond as soon as possible. Despite his efforts to connect with her, Lucianne remains distant and closed off. As challenges arise, including crushes, jealous suitors, and a past engagement, their relationship is put to the test. Will Lucianne be able to trust again and give their love a chance, or will she endure a sixth rejection? The book is part of the Coalescence Of The Five Series.

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Book TitleThe 5-Time Rejected Gamma & the Lycan King
AuthorStina’s Pen
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
TagsRomance, Protective, Mystery, Strong Female Lead, Powerful, King, Humor

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The 5-Time Rejected Gamma & the Lycan King PDF

The 5-Time Rejected Gamma & the Lycan King PDF

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The 5-Time Rejected Gamma & the Lycan King Chapter 1

We are introduced to the Lycan King, who is attending a meet-and-greet session with Alphas, Lunas, and Gammas from various packs. He is dreading the event and just wants to get it over with so he can focus on his responsibilities as king.

However, when he enters the gathering hall, he is immediately drawn to a woman named Lucianne Freesia Paw. He realizes that she is his mate and feels a strong connection to her. Lucianne is surprised by the king’s sudden presence and shows him respect by bowing, but he insists that she stand and not bow to him.

The chapter continues with Lucianne explaining that she is prepared for rejection, assuming that the king would reject her because she is not good enough or doesn’t meet his standards.

This angers the king, who growls and questions why they would reject each other. Lucianne explains that her previous mates told her similar things before rejecting her, which upsets the king even more. He demands to know who told her those things and if she wants to reject him. Lucianne clarifies that she doesn’t want to reject him but was merely giving him an idea of what she was talking about.

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The 5-Time Rejected Gamma & the Lycan King Chapter 2

Lucianne and Xandar have a conversation about their relationship and the upcoming ceremony. Lucianne expresses her uncertainty about whether she wants to be rejected by Xandar, citing her past experiences with previous mates.

However, Xandar firmly states that he will not reject her and emphasizes that they are mates. They then discuss Lucianne’s scar, which she dismisses as a normal occurrence among warriors.

Xandar becomes upset and protective when he learns about Lucianne’s scar, and he questions how she can be okay with it. Lucianne explains that scars are common among warriors and tries to downplay its significance.

This interaction showcases Xandar’s growing admiration for Lucianne’s resilience and bravery. The chapter ends with Xandar deciding to personally thank Lucianne’s pack leaders for their assistance in the past, and he offers to walk Lucianne back to her quarters, leaving her feeling slightly panicked.

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The 5-Time Rejected Gamma & the Lycan King Chapter 3

In this chapter, Xandar and Lucianne have a conversation about her recent border duty and her reluctance to accept praise for her previous year’s success. Lucianne explains that she fought for the sake of protecting innocent wolves, not for the approval of her superiors. Xandar is filled with pride and admiration for her selflessness, but he also realizes that she keeps herself at a distance and has reservations about their relationship. He is determined to never let her go.

Later, Xandar walks Lucianne back to her hotel room and kisses the back of her hand before bidding her goodnight. He listens to the sounds in her room, getting aroused by the thought of her showering, but he resists the temptation to barge in. He then goes on to interact with other pack leaders and warriors, expressing gratitude and taking an interest in their scars.

One warrior recounts a story of a rogue attack and how the alliances between their packs saved them. Xandar learns that Lucianne is the warrior from Blue Crescent and realizes her involvement in the fight.

The chapter ends with Gamma Raden, the warrior from the Blood Eclipse Pack, having a conversation with Xandar, expressing his gratitude for the help of the other packs. Raden mentions Lucianne’s name, which catches Xandar’s attention.

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The 5-Time Rejected Gamma & the Lycan King Chapter 4

Tensions rise as the King, Xandar, encounters Gamma Raden, who expresses concern for Lucianne, Xandar’s mate. Xandar, feeling insulted by Raden’s interference, seeks to assert his ability to protect Lucianne.

Meanwhile, Sasha Cummings, the daughter of the Defense Minister, attempts to flirt with Xandar, angering him and leading him to warn her father about her behavior. As Xandar continues his conversations with pack leaders, he encounters Alpha Juan and Luna Hale, who also express concern for Lucianne’s well-being.

Xandar reassures them of his commitment to Lucianne and his intention to court her and make her his queen. Later, as Xandar settles for the night, he longs for Lucianne’s presence, feeling the absence of their mate bond.

In this chapter, the complex dynamics between Xandar, Lucianne, and those around them are explored. Xandar’s possessiveness and protectiveness over Lucianne are tested as others express concern for her. The interactions with Gamma Raden and Alpha Juan highlight the potential threats and challenges that Lucianne faces, leading Xandar to assert his authority as her mate.

Despite the conflict, Xandar’s love for Lucianne remains strong, and he eagerly awaits their next meeting. This chapter sets the stage for further development of their relationship and hints at the potential obstacles they may have to overcome.

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The 5-Time Rejected Gamma & the Lycan King Chapter 5

In this chapter, the main character, Lucianne, starts her day by going for her daily run as a werewolf. She shifts into her white wolf form and runs through the forest, finding solace and peace in the stillness of nature.

However, her morning routine is interrupted when she is unexpectedly confronted by Xandar, the King. He expresses his worry for her safety and admits he can’t bear the thought of losing her. Lucianne assures him that there are no threats in the area and mentions the hotel guards who could have confirmed her whereabouts.

Their conversation reveals hints of Xandar’s jealousy and possessiveness, but Lucianne remains composed and unaffected by it. They part ways as Lucianne heads back to her room to get ready for breakfast. Meanwhile, Xandar contemplates his appearance, wanting to look his best for her.

At the dining hall, Xandar addresses his subjects, emphasizing the equal importance of wolves and Lycans. He approaches Lucianne, who is speaking to Luna Lyssa, and expresses his displeasure at her bowing to him, as he sees it as a painful reminder of their unequal status. The chapter ends with Xandar lifting her chin and expressing his admiration for her beauty, inviting her to sit with him for breakfast.

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The 5-Time Rejected Gamma & the Lycan King Chapter 6

In this chapter, Lucianne asks for a few extra minutes with Luna Lyssa to finish their discussion. Xandar, the King, grants her request and is proud of her selflessness. Lucianne assures Luna Lyssa that the Blood Eclipse Pack is not as bad as the rumors suggest and offers to introduce her to the Alpha. She also suggests collaborating with the Midnight Pack in the future. Luna Lyssa is grateful and takes her leave.

Afterward, Lucianne and Xandar go to the buffet table together, where they invite Alpha Juan and Luna Hale to join them. Conversation is initially polite, but they become more relaxed and discuss Alpha Juan’s efforts to challenge ruthless Alphas and Luna Hale’s care for orphaned pups.

They share laughs and jokes until Cummings, the Defense Minister, interrupts and accuses Xandar of being a traitor. Xandar defends himself and Luna Hale with a show of force, demanding Cummings apologize to her. Cummings tries to play it off, but Lucianne corrects him and Alpha Juan speaks up as well. Xandar successfully diffuses the situation and tensions ease.

Later, Lucianne thanks Xandar for his actions, and he tells her it was the right thing to do. They share a sweet moment, with Xandar kissing her cheek and causing her to blush.

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The 5-Time Rejected Gamma & the Lycan King Chapter 7

In this chapter, Lucianne and Xandar are dining with Alpha Juan and his Luna, Luna Hale, when Minister Cummings approaches them. He apologizes for his previous behavior and asks if he can sit with them. Alpha Juan defers to Lucianne’s decision, and she agrees, though she is clearly uninterested in Minister Cummings.

Sebastian, Minister Cummings’ son, also approaches Lucianne and tries to engage her in conversation, but she responds flatly and dismissively. Xandar, feeling protective of Lucianne, steps in and confronts Sebastian. The chapter ends with Xandar inviting Lucianne to sit with him at the ceremony, much to Sasha’s anger.

This chapter showcases the growing tension between Xandar and Sebastian as they both vie for Lucianne’s attention. Xandar is clearly enamored with Lucianne and wants to protect her, while Sebastian is desperate for her affection. Lucianne, on the other hand, remains indifferent to Sebastian’s advances and focuses on her own priorities, namely her training and responsibilities.

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The 5-Time Rejected Gamma & the Lycan King Chapter 8

In this chapter, tensions rise as Xandar, the king, confronts Minister Alfred Cummings about his past behavior and lack of concern for the well-being of their subjects. Lucianne, a member of the Blue Crescent Pack, supports Xandar’s claims, recounting instances where Cummings had neglected the needs of the packs. Despite Cummings’ feeble attempt to defend himself, Xandar warns him to take his position seriously or risk losing it altogether.

Feeling the strain of his anger, Xandar is comforted by Lucianne’s touch, which helps to calm his animal instincts. However, their connection is interrupted when Lucianne, Luna Hale, and Alpha Juan excuse themselves to use the restroom before an important ceremony. Xandar eagerly awaits Lucianne’s return, reflecting on the relief he felt when she soothed him earlier.

As Lucianne exits the restroom, she unexpectedly encounters Sebastian Cummings, who is presumably a member of the Cummings family. The chapter ends, leaving readers eager to discover the outcome of their interaction.

This chapter skillfully builds suspense and adds depth to the relationship between Xandar and Lucianne. It also introduces a potential new conflict with Sebastian Cummings, hinting at future complications for the characters. With intricate character dynamics and a captivating plot, this chapter keeps readers engaged and eagerly anticipating the next development in the story.

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The 5-Time Rejected Gamma & the Lycan King Chapter 9

Sebastian tries to explain himself to Lucianne, but she is filled with rage and refuses to listen to him. Alpha Juan and Luna Hale then come out and question if there is a problem. Lucianne insists that she can handle it herself and they reluctantly leave. Sebastian continues to plead with Lucianne, but she coldly tells him that there is nothing between them anymore.

Sebastian tries to defend himself, but Lucianne accuses him of lying and betraying her trust. She reveals that she caught him cheating with another female Lycan. Sebastian desperately tries to explain himself, but Lucianne refuses to listen and attempts to walk away. However, Xandar, a large figure, appears and growls at Sebastian. Lucianne steps in and manages to calm Xandar down, avoiding a fight.

Later, Lucianne feels guilty that their encounter with Sebastian caused a delay in a ceremony. Xandar reassures her and they try to enjoy the rest of the event together. Sebastian enters the ceremony and looks longingly at Lucianne, but she ignores him. As the speeches continue, Lucianne grows frustrated with the hypocrisy of the minister. Xandar notices her biting her lip and comforts her, asking if she is okay.

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The 5-Time Rejected Gamma & the Lycan King Chapter 10

In this chapter, Lucianne, a werewolf, is chosen to speak at the annual meeting of Lycan officials and werewolves. She delivers a powerful speech about the high death toll and devastation caused by rogue Lycan attacks in the previous year.

Lucianne emphasizes the importance of unity and cooperation among packs, urging them to stop relying solely on outside help and instead train their own warriors. She proposes that her pack, the Blue Crescent Pack, will offer training sessions to any interested pack members.

After Lucianne finishes her speech, the werewolf audience responds with resounding applause, while the Lycan officials offer polite applause. However, Tobias, the Gamma representative, decides to revive the ancient practice of howling instead of clapping to honor Lucianne’s speech. This gesture is a rare and significant honor for both werewolves and Lycans, symbolizing unity and respect.

Xandar, the King of Lycans, is overwhelmingly proud of Lucianne and embraces her after she steps off the stage. However, Sasha Cummings, a rival, and Sebastian, another werewolf, are jealous and angered by the affection between Lucianne and Xandar.

Overall, this chapter highlights the challenges faced by werewolves in the face of rogue attacks and emphasizes the importance of unity and self-reliance. It also showcases the growing relationship between Lucianne and Xandar, which generates jealousy and tension among other characters.

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