Death Wolf Saga Chapter Summary

Death Wolf Saga

Death Wolf Saga by Suzan Gill follows the story of Thora, an orphan raised by a weak wolf who feels betrayed by her mate and their entire kind. Thora, known as the girl who betrayed, is reincarnated as a unique individual with the power to lift a curse buried in time.

As she unravels her true identity and taps into her hidden abilities, Thora becomes the bearer of the saga of the death wolf, unleashing an untamable power of chaos and death upon the world.

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Book TitleDeath Wolf Saga
AuthorSuzan Gill
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresMystery, Werewolf
TagsDeath, Mate, Parent, Wolf, dark, opposites attract, curse, mystery, loser, pack, polygamy

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Death Wolf Saga PDF

Death Wolf Saga PDF

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Death Wolf Saga Chapter 1

Thora Valentine, the main character from the 'Death Wolf Saga'

In a world of werewolves, Thora Valentine is an Omega witch, bound by magic to the strongest known wolf. Abandoned and left to die, she perseveres despite her weak Omega status. Her strength lies in her indomitable will, as she faces the torment of the Alpha, Landon Anderson, who continually tries to break her spirit.

Thora’s courage and defiance push her to the brink of death, but she refuses to yield to her captor’s relentless attempts. As Landon continues to stalk and dominate her, Thora’s story shines with a resilient strength that refuses to be crushed.

This tale of perseverance in the face of unimaginable cruelty reveals the true essence of a powerful and unyielding spirit.

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Death Wolf Saga Chapter 2

Landon awaits the Alpha king‘s arrival, while Thora serves drinks and food. Thora is dressed in a maid dress that reveals her figure, and Landon forces her to serve them despite her reluctance. In desperation, Thora pushes Landon away and discovers her inner wolf.

As the Alpha king arrives, Thora feels overwhelmed, and Landon whispers orders in her ear to serve the drinks. She hesitates, struggling with her emotions, until the Alpha king speaks, causing Landon to order Thora to greet him. Landon’s stern expression and warning for Thora to avoid disrespect deepen Thora’s despair.

Meanwhile, the Alpha king observes the interaction, his gaze burning and suffocating. As Thora, distracted by the Alpha King’s presence, retrieves the drinks, she experiences a whirlwind of emotions, fearing that the Alpha King may hate her and wondering if he may be involved with Landon.

Thora’s heart races as she returns, the tension in the room palpable. The Alpha king maintains his silence as Thora greets him, leaving her feeling exposed and vulnerable.

Landon, unable to contain his emotions, storms out, leaving Thora with a heavy heart, unsure of her alliance with the Alpha king and her future with Landon.

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Death Wolf Saga Chapter 3

A she-wolf named Thora recounts working as Landon’s servant in a kingdom ruled by the werewolf King Volkan Knight. Thora has feelings for Landon, but has not enemies of her mate, fearing rejection.

Thora is surprised when Landon does not punish her for a minor accident. When King Volkan appears, Thora feels a shiver down her spine. She confesses to having been his mate for 26 years, but Landon reveals he never gave in to his instincts, showing restraint for Thora’s sake.

Thora confesses to kissing another man, and Landon reveals she betrayed him by doing so. As Thora fears for her life, Landon kisses her in an act of vengeance. Thora is left hoping that Landon will eventually accept her as his mate despite her betrayal.

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Death Wolf Saga Chapter 4

In the chapter, Landon hesitantly asks Alpha King Volkan to take the Omega Thora with him, as a part of a deal to gain control of the Redwood territory. Volkan accepts but warns Landon to keep the nature of their relationship a secret.

Upon realizing Thora is Volkan’s mate, confusion arises in the narrative. Landon reflects on Thora as he likens her to a burden, though Volkan’s actions betray a deeper connection.

Thora, on the other hand, expresses a mixture of apprehension and intrigue as she finds herself in unfamiliar territory with Volkan. The details surrounding her early life paint her as a vulnerable character, found as a mere infant by Landon’s mother and subsequently treated as an outcast.

Through her eyes, we witness Volkan’s casual disregard for her wishes and overwhelming dominance, stirring up feelings of resentment and frustration. There’s a sense of suspense as we await further developments in their relationship and the potential for mending past mistakes.

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Death Wolf Saga Chapter 5

They struggled to open the car door and later encountered a magnificent castle, where they followed a fast-moving mysterious figure inside. Unsure about the name of the place, they felt both amazed and intimidated.

The protagonist’s power seemed weaker, and despite being treated as a servant, she courageously searched for answers about her relationship with the master of the castle, known for seeking his destined mate.

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Death Wolf Saga Chapter 6

Thora watches the children play, feeling lonely and isolated. She meets Elora, a young werewolf girl who shares her struggles and introduces Thora to her world of mysteries and legends.

Thora learns about the death wolf, a figure from Elora’s stories who is considered both antagonist and hero by the young girl. As the two form an unlikely bond, Thora’s curiosity leads her to question her own identity and the truth behind the tales she has just been introduced to.

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Death Wolf Saga Chapter 7

Amid an intense heat, the protagonist, Thora, is overcome with pain and desperation as she flees into the forest, determined to save her virtue and prove a point to Volkan, a male wolf she deeply respects.

Thora transforms into her wolf form and traverses the lush green garden, her spirit resilient despite the physical pain. As she runs, her scent attracts unwanted attention from rogue wolves, leading her into a dangerous situation.

Having crossed into Volkan’s territory, Thora finds herself surrounded by rogue wolves, many of them with blood-red eyes, indicating their hunger and fervor. She makes the difficult decision to face her destiny, and in a final act of bravery, she challenges the wolves in front of her before making a daring jump to escape them.

As she submerges herself in a nearby river, Thora holds on to the hope that her choice will lead her to safety and a peaceful end.

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Death Wolf Saga Chapter 8

A wolf, struggling to stay afloat in the water, finds herself trapped by rogue wolves. Though the pain and fear are overwhelming, the presence of a powerful alpha, Volkan, provides hope.

After saving her from the rogues, he carries her to land, tendering to her wounds and offering her protection, though he expresses significant annoyance and resentment. This powerful, complex interaction sets the stage for a visually and emotionally vivid clash of love, rebellion, pain, and redemption.

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Death Wolf Saga Chapter 9

In this chapter, the Alpha Volkan is enraged at the sight of Thora’s wounded thigh and the claw marks on her stomach, caused by rogue werewolves. He is furious at the thought of these rogues touching his mate, and his anger grows as he imagines the vulgar thoughts they might have had about her. Despite his initial dislike for Thora, he realizes how much he hates the rogues for harming her. The pack doctor informs Volkan that Thora’s healing is slow due to an infection and her weakened wolf.

As Thora wakes up in Volkan’s luxurious bedroom, she feels scared and unable to believe her situation. She is shocked to find herself covered in silk sheets, wearing nothing but an oversized shirt belonging to Volkan. Suddenly, he emerges from the bathroom, causing Thora to feel uneasy. Volkan demands Thora to repeat the second rule he had given her before.

Despite her fear, Thora hesitantly repeats the rule. Volkan, although disappointed with her disobedience, decides not to punish her further and instead says, “Good.” Despite this, Thora remains uneasy, unsure of what to expect from her Alpha and whether she is truly safe in his presence.

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Death Wolf Saga Chapter 10

In the chapter, the protagonist is overcome with the sudden threat of her werewolf protector forcing intimacy on her during heat. The werewolf places his hand on her neck, calming her fears and then touching her, causing tingling sensations throughout her body.

The protagonist hesitates, realizing that a more serious wound from the previous day needs attention. The werewolf is concerned about her safety and makes her remain still as he examines the wound. He wraps a bandage around it, causing immense pain, but treats it with antiseptic and eventually finishes dressing the wound.

The werewolf’s caring side is revealed, and he orders her to rest in bed, leaving for an important meeting. He then reminds her of their rules and hints at punishing her later for past misconduct.

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