Fated To The Lycan Brothers Chapter Summary

Fated To The Lycan Brothers

In Fated to the Lycan Brothers by Saku, Suri Nightingale, a hardworking and determined student, finds her life turned upside down when she is sent to the exclusive Thorne Academy. There, she encounters the powerful and enigmatic Lycan brothers, who seem to have an unusual claim over her. As the plot unfolds, it is revealed that these three brothers are Lycans, capable of transforming into wolves.

As tensions rise and secrets unfold, Suri must navigate the complex world of the academy, where wealthy and powerful students indulge in parties and forbidden love. Caught in the middle of this turbulent environment, she realizes that her life is slowly turning from a fantasy into a reality she never expected.

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Together with the powerful Lycan brothers, they uncover a secret that will forever change their lives and the lives of those around them.

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Book TitleFated To The Lycan Brothers
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresBillionaire, Romance
TagsBrother, Kickass, Lycan, Mother, S$x, billionaire, dark, HE, good girl, kickass heroine, heir/heiress, bxg, campus, pack, polygamy, wild

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Fated To The Lycan Brothers PDF

Fated To The Lycan Brothers PDF

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Fated To The Lycan Brothers Chapter 1

suri Nightingale, from the novel Fated to the Lycan Brothers.

Atlas Wolfe, a Lycan, feels a confusing attraction towards Suri Nightingale, despite her impolite and assertive nature. Suri somehow manages to evoke a range of emotions in him that he hasn’t experienced before.

However, Atlas’s attraction to Suri is complicated by the fact that his brothers, Wesley and Devon, are also Lycans and, according to Moon Goddess, are mates with Suri. Atlas’s strong character and competitive spirit make it difficult for him to accept this situation and he is determined to claim Suri as his own

Wesley Wolfe, another Lycan brother, is used to pursuing women with ease and confidence. However, Suri has captivated him and he is willing to put in extra effort to win her affection, even though she doesn’t fit his usual preferences. He remains adamant that he will be the one to secure Suri’s heart and enjoy her company.

Devon Wolfe, the third Lycan brother, has opted for a more gentle approach in his pursuit of Suri. Despite his peaceable manner, he is not ready to give up on his desire for her and is determined to prove that nice guys can finish first. The Wolfe brothers must navigate their intertwined relationships with Suri and rely on their strengths to secure their desired outcome.

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Fated To The Lycan Brothers Chapter 2

Suri Nightingale lives in a small town with her drained savings, low-paying job, and a meager existence in a run-down room. Her struggle is compounded by her hostile stepfather, Anderson Michales, who is determined to extract what he believes to be the money stolen by Suri’s mother, Stella.

Despite her financial struggles and the physical abuse from Anderson, Suri manages to attend school every day, where she endures bullying from her classmates, including Justine Myers. Suri’s world takes a shocking twist when a mysterious man confronts her at a bus stop, demanding that she take an envelope and warns her not to follow the contents of the letter.

Unbeknownst to Suri, the man is Keith Whitford, who knew Suri’s mother when they were young. He left her a sizable sum of money in her obituary after her death. Keith contacts Suri, hoping to provide her with a stable life and support.

However, Anderson is determined to get his hands on the money that he believes belongs to him, even resorting to threats of physical harm and dangling a knife over Suri’s face. Despite these challenges, Suri remains resilient, determined to make it through high school and take control of her future.

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Fated To The Lycan Brothers Chapter 3

Keith Wolfe, known as Atlas Wolfe, is a teenager who lives with his stepfather, Keith. Atlas reluctantly follows his stepfather’s order to give a letter to a girl named Suri Nightingale. According to Keith, there is a strong connection between him and Suri, and he wants her to live with them. However, Atlas despises the idea and decides not to threaten her by following the stepfather’s orders.

Eight hours later, Atlas arrives at Yorkville and finds Suri at an inconvenient store. At first, he scans her features in a crowded area to find the best time to approach her. He fits an unusual feeling of connection when he touches her; it is familiar from his dream the previous night. As he goes closer to her, he feels a connection through her strange eyes, but he doesn’t give it much thought. Suri seems to be a loner, but he eventually follows her to a bus stop.

At the bus stop, Atlas maintains a safe distance while he tries to intimidate Suri with the task handed down by his stepfather. After giving her the letter, he is confident he has fulfilled his task. However, the connection he felt with Suri appears to linger. As Atlas drives home, he feels conflicted about the encounter. Suri seems to be a girl who may not leave his life easily.

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Fated To The Lycan Brothers Chapter 4

The chapter begins with Suri Nightingale hearing her name spoken by a man. He smiles and mentions that her mother used to call her “princess” while telling bedtime stories. Suri admits she is scared but not confused, as this is a new experience for her.

Keith, the man, tells Suri that he knows her and insists he’s not a stalker. He reveals his team of detectives tracked her down and claims that he’s there to help her. Suri becomes angry when she learns that Keith has a letter from a mysterious man threatening her.

With growing tension, Keith’s motives are called into question as Suri releases she might be living in a dangerous situation. Keith reveals that he wants Suri to live with him and his sons in the hopes of offering her a good life. Despite her hesitation, Keith makes it clear that he is her legal guardian and that she will leave his club under his custody.

Suri feels kidnapped as she is forcefully taken out of the club. Keith assures her that he is not a villain and genuinely wants to help her, but Suri is unprepared for this sudden change in her life.

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Fated To The Lycan Brothers Chapter 5

As Suri was almost kidnapped, a driver named Keith took her away with his pink duffle bag. Confused and scared, she found her possessions including fake IDs, some cash, a few clothes, and a cherished picture of her and her mother.

As Suri adjusted to her new surroundings and negotiated her first big deal with Keith, she formed a connection with the billionaire and learned more about her late mother.

The overwhelming emotion of leaving her old life behind, along with the feeling of being cared for by a loving family, made Suri realize that this was a big step forward for her to become the person her mother had always wanted her to be.

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Fated To The Lycan Brothers Chapter 6

Suri Nightingale finds herself in an unbelievable situation, whisked away from her squalid twenty-square-foot home and transported to a mansion filled with grandeur and wealth. Despite having only snuck chocolates and gummies from Keith’s private jet, all while longing to stay and work there, Suri is overwhelmed by her new surroundings.

As she tours the luxurious room where she’ll be staying and meets the help, Suri tries to adjust to her surreal circumstances. Throughout the story, Suri experiences a myriad of emotions, from excitement to fear and bewilderment, as she navigates her relationships with those around her, including the mysterious Sir Atlas.

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Fated To The Lycan Brothers Chapter 7

Suri Nightingale, a young woman unaccustomed to luxury, finds herself in a posh, hotel-like mansion with three wealthy and handsome brothers. She is overwhelmed by the opulence of the mansion, the walk-in closet filled with expensive clothes, and the grand pool area.

As the siblings introduce themselves, Suri struggles to maintain her calm in the face of Devon’s captivating presence and Atlas’s arrogant demeanor. Amidst the tension and chaos, Suri tries to find her footing in this new, extravagant world and navigate the complex relationships with the brothers.

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Fated To The Lycan Brothers Chapter 8

In this chapter, Suri Nightingale encounters unusual situations at a wealthy family’s lair. Wandering around, she encounters different rooms and takes note of their opulence. She decides not to use the included perks, which allows her to maintain a degree of detachment from the rich environment. However, her exploration leads her to an enclosed dining area and an impressive futuristic elevator.

Suri is also observant of the architecture and amenities, rating her impressions on a scale. She is amazed by the sheer luxury and size of the place. Through her exploration, she accidentally stumbles upon a conversation between one of the brothers and a girl, who Engages in sexually charged talk. This shocks Suri, making her realize that the residents of the lair are more unhinged than she initially thought.

Suri witnesses a struggle between these brothers when she sneaks a peek through the elevator’s transparent walls. There’s a sense of rivalry, but the atmosphere quickly shifts to one of danger and tension when one of the brothers appears naked, matching Wes’s earlier prediction.

Suri escapes from this intense situation, leaving before she can face the consequences of her discovery. However, her curiosity is piqued, leaving her with a lingering sense of unease and a desire to understand the dynamics of the wealthy family further.

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Fated To The Lycan Brothers Chapter 9

Suri Nightingale finds herself in a house filled with the brothers she has never met: Atlas, Wes, and the youngest, Devon. Despite the tension and animosity between them, Suri soon discovers that Devon is kinder than the rest, giving her assurance and taking notice of her unique eyes. As they converse, Keith, a fourth brother, appears, lifting the tension even further and planning something involving both Suri and Devon.

Suri’s frustrations are evident as she continues to argue with the other brothers, trying to make them understand that she never wanted to be in this situation. Despite her best efforts, she finds herself drawn to Devon, who seems genuinely interested in getting to know her.

They share a brief moment of connection when Devon tucks a loose strand of Suri’s hair behind her ear, complimenting her eyes and making her heart flutter. Keith interrupts their conversation with a request for a favor, hinting at an unknown, possibly intricate plan involving all of them.

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Fated To The Lycan Brothers Chapter 10

In this chapter, Suri Nightingale is hesitant about being stuck with Devon Wolf for a task. Keith Wolf asks Devon to bring Suri to the mall for a time-sensitive reason, but Suri tries to do it herself.

After realizing she needs to convince Keith to let Devon handle the task, she stammers and finally calls Devon her “brother.” Devon agrees to take Suri despite her initial reluctance, and they head out together while Suri starts to feel attracted to Devon’s charm and charisma.

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