The Pure-Hearted Princess and the Kiss of Darkness Chapter Summary

The Pure-Hearted Princess and the Kiss of Darkness

The Pure-Hearted Princess and the Kiss of Darkness by Moonlight Muse revolves around Kataleya Tamia Rossi, a twenty-year-old she-wolf who has been searching for the boy who protected her when she was enslaved to his pack. When they finally reunite, the boy has become the ruthless and cold-hearted Alpha of the most powerful pack, and Kataleya must navigate their complicated relationship.

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Book Title The Pure-Hearted Princess and the Kiss of Darkness
Author Moonlight Muse
Where to Read Amazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Werewolf Romance
Tags Emotional, Shy, D$$$$$$t, Hate to love, Alpha, First love, Angsty, Humor

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The Pure-Hearted Princess and the Kiss of Darkness PDF

The Pure-Hearted Princess and the Kiss of Darkness PDF

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The Pure-Hearted Princess and the Kiss of Darkness Chapter 1

Kataleya is haunted by her past, specifically her encounter with a young boy she once knew. She struggles with the guilt and pain of their final interaction, which has left a lasting impact on her. Despite the time that has passed, the nightmares and memories continue to plague her, and she finds it difficult to move on.

As Kataleya prepares for a trip, she is confronted with the image of the same boy, now a young man, on her cousin’s tablet. This sudden reappearance of the past triggers a flood of emotions within her, and she is forced to confront the mistakes and consequences of her actions.

Kataleya’s journey is further complicated by the involvement of her powerful father, the Alpha King, who has insisted on her having a companion for the trip. This added presence adds a layer of complexity to Kataleya’s personal mission, as she must navigate her own internal struggles while navigating the dynamics of her family.

As Kataleya prepares to embark on her journey, she is determined to rectify the mistakes of her past, even if it means facing her deepest fears and confronting the young man who once protected her from his own father. The weight of her past choices continues to haunt her, but she is resolute in her desire to make amends and find closure.

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The Pure-Hearted Princess and the Kiss of Darkness Chapter 2

Kataleya, the daughter of the Lycan King, reflects on her past and the connection she has with Enrique, the previous Alpha of the Fuego De Ceniza Pack. She had wanted to find a way to make amends with Enrique, who had lost everything due to the actions of her father’s pack.

With the help of a brilliant scientist, Kataleya creates a powerful bionic bracelet that she hopes to give to Enrique as a gesture of goodwill. Kataleya ventures out to a local café, where she encounters two men who make her feel uncomfortable.

Trying to avoid them, she stumbles upon the delightful aroma of baked goods and decides to indulge. The café owner, noticing Kataleya’s distress, offers to help her find Enrique, and secretly slips her a note with the location of a club, along with some words of encouragement.

Filled with determination, Kataleya now sets out to find the club and, hopefully, Enrique, her heart racing with anticipation and nervousness at the prospect of seeing him again.

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The Pure-Hearted Princess and the Kiss of Darkness Chapter 3

Enrique, a powerful Alpha, visits a VIP lounge in a club, seeking distraction from his duties and demons. He watches the dancers, but they fail to captivate him entirely, as his mind remains preoccupied with work. His Delta, Carlos, accompanies him, but unlike Enrique, he refuses the free services of the women.

Enrique’s attention is drawn to a particular woman who steps onto the bar, her body captivating him. He claims her as his own, much to Carlos’ surprise. Enrique then leaves the lounge, his anger evident, and approaches the woman, drawn to her scent and appearance.

However, her British accent triggers an unpleasant memory, causing him physical pain. Enrique dismisses the woman, unwilling to engage further, and leaves the club with Carlos, intent on finding and eliminating someone who has encroached on his territory. The chapter highlights Enrique’s powerful and possessive nature, as well as the lingering effects of his past experiences.

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The Pure-Hearted Princess and the Kiss of Darkness Chapter 4

Kataleya, the protagonist, is at a bar when she encounters the man she has been yearning for, a ruggedly handsome individual. Her heart races as she takes in his presence, but their interaction is not as she had imagined. Kataleya becomes flustered and dizzy, and after accepting a drink, she begins to feel unwell, suspecting that something has been added to her drink.

Panicked, she tries to leave, but she is pursued by a group of men with malicious intentions. Kataleya fights back, using her powers, but she is overwhelmed. Just as she is about to be caught, a familiar figure, Enrique, arrives and intervenes.

The chapter ends with Kataleya being pulled into Enrique’s embrace, her consciousness fading.

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The Pure-Hearted Princess and the Kiss of Darkness Chapter 5

Enrique, the Alpha, interrogates a group of his pack members who claim a woman took them all out. Enrique is skeptical and notices one of the men is injured but not healing properly. He suspects they tried to assault the woman and warns of consequences.

Enrique then discovers the woman, who is under the influence of a powerful werewolf aphrodisiac, in his office. He decides to take her upstairs to keep her away from others, and as he places her on the bed, he finds himself buried between her breasts.

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The Pure-Hearted Princess and the Kiss of Darkness Chapter 6

The chapter focuses on Enrique, a powerful Alpha, who is struggling with his past and the sudden urge to be intimate with a woman in his custody. He retreats to his office, where he is reminded of the scars and the robotic hand that are a constant reminder of his troubled past.

When he returns to the woman’s room, he tries to use his Alpha command on her, but it doesn’t work, leaving him confused and irritated. The woman, who has not given her real name, seems unfazed by Enrique’s attempts to intimidate her.

Enrique’s heart races as he wonders if he recognizes her from his past, but he pushes the thought away, not wanting to confront the demons he has tried to bury. Meanwhile, Carlos informs Enrique that a woman who was with the foreigner the previous night has been found dead, adding to the tension and mystery surrounding the situation.

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The Pure-Hearted Princess and the Kiss of Darkness Chapter 7

Kataleya slowly wakes up, her body aching from the wolfsbane-laced ropes binding her. She removes the ropes and contacts her sister, discussing a plan to get the item they need. Kataleya is now in the Alpha’s pack house, where she is guarded by two women, Alondra and Gabriela.

The women bring Kataleya food and clothes, and inform her that the Alpha wants to see her. Kataleya takes a cold shower and dresses, then follows the women to the Alpha’s office, feeling both curious and afraid.

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