Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter Summary

Scarred Alphas by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas by Norisha May revolves around a pack of werewolves, where the alpha brothers, Liam and Ethan, are torn apart by a dark past. As they navigate the challenges of their pack and their own personal struggles, they must confront their demons and find a way to heal their scarred relationship.

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Book TitleScarred Alphas by Norisha May
AuthorNorisha May
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresEnemies To Lovers, Opposites Attract Abuse
TagsWereWolf, Norisha May, Cass and Alexis

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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May PDF

Scarred Alphas by Norisha May PDF

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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 1

The chapter opens with a young child, Cassiopeia, finding her mother unresponsive by a river. Concerned, the child tries to wake her, but realizes her mother has passed away. A kind woman finds the child and takes her in, noticing a necklace the child is holding.

The story then shifts to a young woman, also named Cassiopeia, who is being punished by being whipped. She refuses to submit quietly, angering the guards. They take her to the forest, where she sees her sister Lauren, who worries about Cassiopeia’s temper and the consequences it brings.

Cassiopeia is a field worker in her pack, considered the “Runt” – the lowest status. She has a history of being bullied by the Alpha’s sons, which led to her being punished in the past. Despite her sister’s pleas, Cassiopeia struggles to control her anger, unwilling to be the “broken shy little girl” that others want her to be.

As the warriors return from the fort camps, Cassiopeia watches the gathering, feeling sympathy for the rogue prisoners being tortured, as she herself is not treated much better as an Omega. The chapter ends with Cassiopeia and Lauren’s lighthearted exchange, highlighting the contrast between Cassiopeia’s internal turmoil and her sister’s attempts to keep her out of trouble.

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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 2

The chapter follows the protagonist, who is tasked with bringing a basket of tomatoes to the kitchen. There, they witness the Luna, the pack’s leader, reprimand the kitchen staff for serving the usual leek soup. The protagonist is haunted by memories of past punishments inflicted by the Luna, who is described as harsh and ruthless, in contrast to the typical nurturing role of the Luna.

The protagonist experiences a sharp pain, which they attribute to their mate. They then return home with their friend Lauren, where they have a brief conversation about intimate matters before heading out for a run. During the run, the protagonist encounters Niles, an older male wolf who makes unwanted advances.

Shaken, the protagonist returns home and prepares for a pack gathering, dreading the prospect of seeing their mate. At the pack house, the protagonist overhears a conversation about the pack’s recent skirmish with the Dark Fang Pack, a rival group. As the protagonist turns to distract themselves, they are faced with the daunting prospect of encountering their mate.

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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 3

Ezra, the mate of the protagonist, has returned home from his training. The protagonist is upset and resentful of their mating bond, as Ezra has always shown disgust and cruelty towards them. During the pack’s festival, the protagonist is verbally attacked by Bryn, the snobbish sister of the Alpha.

In retaliation, the protagonist punches Bryn, which leads to the Luna severely punishing the protagonist by throwing them in the pack’s cells. The Luna is furious over the protagonist’s cruel words about losing a child, as she has experienced this tragedy herself.

The protagonist is now locked in a cell, surrounded by other prisoners, unsure of how long they will be kept there.

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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 4

The chapter follows the perspective of a young woman named Casseopea, who finds herself imprisoned in a dungeon along with several other men. Dash, one of the prisoners, tries to engage Casseopea in conversation, but she is wary and intrigued by the green-eyed man sitting in the cell across from them.

Casseopea reveals that she punched the Alpha’s daughter, which landed her in this predicament. As the days pass, Casseopea becomes increasingly weak and ill due to the lack of food and water provided by their captors. The other prisoners, including Dash, call for the guards until someone finally responds and takes Casseopea to the pack hospital, where she is treated and informed that her punishment will continue for a month, during which she will be tasked with caring for the other prisoners.

Upon her return to the dungeon, Casseopea is relieved to see that the other prisoners, including the ones she was initially wary of, are still alive. She finds herself feeling concerned for their well-being, despite them being her enemies. The chapter ends with Casseopea meeting the green-eyed man’s gaze once again, intrigued by his mysterious presence.

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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 5

The pack members watch Cassandra fill a bucket with water, as she is chained like a dangerous prisoner. The smaller children mock her, but she growls at them, finding joy in their fear. Cassandra feels a bit more decent after bathing and getting clean clothes.

When Cassandra returns to the basement dungeon, the prisoners, Dash and Quinn, interact with her. Dash flirts with her, while the green-eyed man, whose name is revealed as Ezra, shows interest in her unusual name. Cassandra feels bad for the prisoners, realizing their pack does not treat them well either.

Ezra, Cassandra’s mate, confronts her about her imprisonment, surprisingly offering to help her get out. However, he then reveals he only wanted to torture her more. Cassandra refuses his offer and returns to the dungeon. The guards later come and take Cassandra away, leading her to the interrogation room, a place the pack members were warned to never approach as children.

The smell from the room makes Cassandra want to throw up.

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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 6

The guards lead the protagonist inside a cemented structure, where they find Green-eyes strapped to a chair. The guards inform the protagonist that they are to help torture Green-eyes, as per the orders of the Luna. When the protagonist refuses, they are forced to participate in the interrogation, with one guard striking Green-eyes’ hand and another using a whipping stick with blades.

The protagonist is distressed and tries to resist, but the guards overpower them. Green-eyes remains calm throughout the ordeal, and the protagonist is struck for disobeying. Later, the guards throw Green-eyes back into the protagonist’s cell, and the protagonist tends to his wounds.

They are both silent, but the protagonist is aware of Green-eyes’ intense gaze. When the protagonist asks for his name, he reveals it as Alexis. As the protagonist tries to clean his wounds, Alexis suddenly catches her hand, and they have a brief, charged moment before the protagonist is overcome by pain in her chest.

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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 7

The chapter follows Cass, the Omega Runt, who is mated to one of the sons of the Alpha, much to her displeasure. Ezrah, the Alpha’s son, hates Cass, and Cass struggles to understand why. Dash, another prisoner, is outraged upon learning about Cass’s mating situation.

Alexis, a fellow prisoner, shows unexpected kindness and concern for Cass. Cass takes risks to secretly bring food to the starving prisoners, leading to a confrontation with Bryn, the Alpha’s daughter. Niles, an unpleasant guard, continues to make unwanted advances towards Cass, despite her refusals.

Cass feels a sudden surge of power from Alexis and Dash’s cell, which quickly dissipates. Later, Alexis unexpectedly grabs Cass and makes advances, hinting at the possibility of a kiss. However, their moment is interrupted by Niles, who angrily drags Cass out, claiming the Alpha and Luna want to see her, though Cass suspects this is a lie.

Niles becomes increasingly aggressive, and Alexis desperately tries to intervene, leading to a confrontation.

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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 8

Cass finds herself in a dire situation as Niles, a dangerous man, attempts to assault her in the prison cells. In a moment of desperation, Cass somehow causes Niles to have a heart attack and die. Alexis and Dash, fellow prisoners, witness the event and are shocked.

Alexis takes matters into his own hands and kills Niles, protecting Cass. Cass is then returned to her home, with the pack leaders claiming that a guard had saved her from Niles. Cass is confused, as she remembers Alexis being the one to kill Niles.

She worries about what might have happened to Alexis and the other prisoners. Cass rushes to the pack house, determined to clear Alexis’s name, but is surprised to find the Alpha family and other pack members gathered for a private dinner.

Ezra, the Beta, pulls Cass aside and warns her not to cause trouble, revealing that he is glad Niles is dead. Cass is left perplexed by the pack’s actions and the fate of the other prisoners.

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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 9

Within a few minutes, the protagonist returns home to find that a sudden celebration has been called by the Alpha. After getting ready, they attend the event with their friends. The protagonist spots Dash behind the stage and questions him about Alexis, but Dash only cryptically says they will see.

The protagonist then encounters Ezra, who warns them not to talk to Dash again. As the protagonist tries to avoid Ezra, they are suddenly pulled aside by Alexis, who is hiding. Alexis reveals that the protagonist was willing to give themselves up for him, and then unexpectedly asks to kiss the protagonist.

The protagonist is flustered but doesn’t refuse. Just as the announcement is about to begin, the Alpha takes the stage and shockingly reveals that his son, Colt, who was presumed dead nine years ago, is actually alive. The protagonist is stunned to realize that Alexis is in fact Colt, and is overwhelmed by conflicting emotions – anger, sadness, and attraction.

The chapter ends with the protagonist trying to process this revelation.

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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 10

The Alpha makes an announcement, and Colt’s return sparks excitement among the pack members. Curls, however, is conflicted, having previously been attracted to Colt, who she now realizes is the same person she knew from her childhood. Curls angrily confronts Dash, accusing him and the others of lying to her.

Seeking solitude, Curls shifts and runs into the forest, where she is stalked and chased by a large, unfamiliar wolf. The wolf turns out to be Colt, who gently confronts Curls and apologizes for his past behavior. Colt expresses his admiration for Curls’ kindness and reveals that he still owes her a kiss.

Despite Curls’ protest that she has a mate, Colt disregards this and continues to pursue her, suggesting that he will take her away from his brother, Ezra, who he believes does not deserve her.

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