Chasing His Kickass Luna Back Chapter Summary

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“Chasing His Kickass Luna Back” by Jane Above Story revolves around Abby, a divorcee whose alpha ex-husband thought she was heartbroken, but in reality, she is dating a series of attractive men every day. The ex-husband unexpectedly interrupts one of Abby’s dates, demanding to know how she dares to move on, to which Abby responds … Read more

Reclaiming The Rejected Omega by Dammylizzy Chapter Summary

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Reclaiming The Rejected Omega by Dammylizzy revolves around the story of Jane, an omega, who is betrayed and cast aside by her own mate, Alpha Prince Damien. Seeking comfort elsewhere, she finds herself pregnant with triplets and kidnapped by a dangerous werewolf assassin. Meanwhile, Damien realizes his mistake and begins a relentless pursuit to win … Read more

Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s Counterattack Chapter Summary

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Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s Counterattack by Southern Wind revolves around Bai Qinghao and Fang Xinxin, whose relationship is challenged when Fang is manipulated by a scheming man and left blind and paralyzed. After being given a second chance at life, Fang regains her health and beauty and cherishes her loving husband. Related: The Greek Billionaire’s Indecent … Read more

His Luna’s Already A Luna Chapter Summary

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His Luna’s Already A Luna by Jennifer Francis revolves around Lucinda, an 18-year-old wolfless Luna who survived an attack on her pack by an invading Alpha eight years ago. She rescued the remaining females and children and was given sanctuary by another pack. Lucinda is now an expert in weapons who finds herself fated to … Read more

No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter Summary

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No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost revolves around Elisa Bennett, who gets divorced by her husband Gareth Wickam after he decides to marry his cousin Linda instead. The novel follows Elisa as she comes to terms with her divorce and builds a new life and career for herself as an independent woman. Elisa initially struggles … Read more

Can’t Win Me Back Chapter Summary

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Can’t Win Me Back by Ginger Sue revolves around Alice White and her husband Jasper Beckett. Alice discovers that Jasper has signed divorce papers to marry his first love, Liana Gardner. Jasper is cold towards Alice and offers her compensation to finalize the divorce. A heartbroken Alice signs the papers hoping to save their marriage. … Read more

The Luna Trials Chapter Summary

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The Luna Trials by Marissa Gilbert follows a woman named Savannah who faces immense hardship when her mate betrays her and her family. Offered as a bride to the Lycan King of the Northern Kingdom in exchange for his support, she reluctantly accepts the proposal, only to discover upon arrival that the king never anticipated … Read more

Chasing His Rejected Wife Chapter Summary

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The story of Chasing His Rejected Wife by Rose revolves around a woman who discovers her pregnancy but hides it from her husband due to his lover returning. She must navigate the challenges of her unreciprocated love for him, and the complexities of their marriage as she decides how to handle her pregnancy. Related: The Alpha … Read more