The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story Novel Chapter Summary

The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story Novel

The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story revolves around Piper, who sacrifices her dreams to raise her sister’s abandoned baby, working as a waitress. Unexpectedly, she encounters her ex, Nicholas, in a peculiar Luna choosing game.

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Tensions rise as Nicholas accuses Piper of hiding their child, but Piper denies the claim, revealing she had a child with someone else after their breakup.

The story delves into themes of independence, revenge, pregnancy, humor, comedy, tragedy, and youth, painting a complex narrative of relationships and secrets.

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Book Title The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story Novel
Author Jane Above Story
Where to Read Amazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
Genres Campus, Comedy, Humor, Independent, pregnant, Revenge, Tragedy, Youth
Tags WereWolf, Jane Above Story, Nicholas and Luna

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The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story Novel PDF

The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story Novel PDF

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The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story Novel Chapter 1

Piper worked a long shift at the restaurant while her daughter Elva was sick at home. Her boss sexually harassed her, groping her and threatening to fire her if she did not have s$x with him. Piper needed the money for Elva’s medical bills.

At home, her friend Anna watched over Elva and argued with Piper about continuing to endure the abuse at her job. They watched the news about the royal Luna Selection, where three princes would choose brides, one of whom would become Queen.

To Piper’s shock, she recognized her ex-boyfriend Nicholas on the screen as one of the princes.

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The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story Novel Chapter 2

Piper’s gaze was fixed on the television as footage of her ex-boyfriend Nicholas aired. He had matured into a handsome man and was revealed to be a prince in line for the throne. Though they had dated years ago, she was surprised to learn he had yet to find a mate as required by law.

Piper watched with her friend Anna, who was inspired by the royal family’s selection ceremony meant to boost morale. Eligible women were to apply for a chance to be selected as one of 25 candidates to potentially become Luna. While tempted by a chance to see Nicholas again, Piper knew she could never leave her niece Elva, who she cared for as her daughter.

That night, Piper had a nightmare where she was in danger and cried out for Nicholas to save her. She was comforted by Elva, who gave her a stuffed toy to help fight bad dreams. Though the selection offered an escape, Piper knew her place was with Elva rather than chasing dreams of becoming Luna.

She had no time for silly hopes and focused on providing for her family.

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The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story Novel Chapter 3

Piper worked her last shift at the restaurant, where Boss had been harassing her for days to sleep with him or lose her job. On the televisions, a broadcast of the royal consort ceremony played, and the female patrons excitedly discussed the handsome princes, particularly Nicholas.

Piper was still drawn to Nicholas despite their breakup three years ago. During her shift, Nicholas gave an interview where he said he wanted a wife who was loyal, strong, and liked children – reminding the patrons of Piper. Later, Piper discovered she was alone in the restaurant after closing.

Boss cornered her by the sink, groping and biting her despite her struggles. Suddenly, soldiers intervened and knocked Boss out. They showed Piper her picture, saying she had been selected for the royal consort ceremony and they were there to escort her to the palace.

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The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story Novel Chapter 4

Piper, a single mother, arrives at the palace with her daughter Elva to withdraw from the Luna Choosing competition, having been unexpectedly selected. At the social gathering, Elva is entranced by the elaborate dresses of the other potential queens. When Elva accidentally spills parfait on a woman’s dress, the woman reacts harshly, shoving both Piper and Elva.

As Piper tries to defend her daughter, the woman pushes her to the ground. She then turns on Elva, pushing and yelling at the crying child. Their confrontation draws the attention of Nicholas, the King, who catches the sobbing Elva as she runs to him.

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The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story Novel Chapter 5

Nicholas discovered a young girl named Elva had sneaked into the Selection ceremony. He comforted the crying child, which drew attention from the other participants. When Piper approached to claim Elva, Nicholas did not seem to recognize his ex-girlfriend. Piper followed Nicholas and Elva into a private room.

Nicholas angrily accused Piper of hiding his child from him for years. However, Piper insisted Elva was not his daughter. With Elva asleep, Nicholas led Piper into the bathroom for a private conversation. Nicholas was enraged, his body tense and eyes darkened.

For the first time in three years, he said Piper’s name with a dangerous low tone. Though Piper feared Nicholas’ anger, she knew he was still the man she had loved. Nicholas accused Piper of getting pregnant by another man soon after their breakup years ago.

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The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story Novel Chapter 6

Piper had applied to be one of the King’s potential brides without knowing. When she arrived at the palace with her daughter Elva, she came face to face with her ex Nicholas who was cold and accusatory towards her. They argued about their past relationship.

Piper was drained from the trip and arguing with Nicholas and fell asleep with Elva. She was awakened by an official who told her the royal family had arrived. In the parlor, the King addressed the potential brides and singled Piper out when he noticed her with Elva.

The royal family conferred privately. When the King asked Piper to explain, she apologized for the misunderstanding. Despite a laughing reaction from one girl, the King insisted Piper and Elva stay after conferring with his family. Nicholas watched coldly as the three princes each regarded Piper differently.

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The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story Novel Chapter 7

The selection candidates were shocked to learn of the dire consequences for breaking the competition rules. After being commanded to stay by the king, the main character watched as Nicholas glared at her, still trying to intimidate her into leaving. Nathan then took over to explain the serious rules, mentioning that rule breakers could face execution.

This led little Elva to ask what that meant, prompting an annoyed look from the main character at another girl who told Elva it was a “permanent nap.” Nicholas and Nathan then argued quietly about frightening the child with talk of punishment.

Once divided into groups, the candidates were searched and had their phones confiscated. Personal items would be returned upon departure. After the royal family left, Nathan gave the group a tour of the palace, showing the dining hall, ballroom, and their individual rooms in the east wing.

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The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story Novel Chapter 8

The group of Selected girls were given a tour of the palace by Nathan. He showed them the wing where the royal family lived, pointing out the elaborate doors belonging to the King, Queen and three princes. One of the girls, Elva, commented that the princes’ doors looked “pretty”.

The protagonist stared at Nicholas’s green gemstone door, wondering where he had disappeared to. Nathan warned the girls strictly against seeking out the princes alone, saying any inappropriate advances would result in expulsion. He passed by some corridors, telling one curious girl those areas were off limits and to not enter or face consequences.

Nathan then introduced the girls to their assigned maids. The two maids assigned to the protagonist and Elva seemed disappointed and frowned. The head maid, Lena, told Nathan she didn’t need the maids yet and could prepare them for another task.

Confused, Nathan left with Lena and the maids. Lost, the protagonist and Elva eventually found their way back to the east wing on their own. By process of elimination, they found the last open door was theirs. But when the protagonist entered, she found a man already inside and her heart raced at the thought it could be Nicholas.

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The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story Novel Chapter 9

Piper walked into her assigned room and found not Nicholas, but his brother Julian. She knew Julian from the Royal Academy but avoided interacting with him much due to Nicholas and Julian being arch-enemies. Julian jokingly told Piper she should refer to him as ‘Your Royal Highness’ now, reminding Piper how much had changed.

Piper was careful not to offend the princes as any slight could cost her life. Piper set Elva down to play with her toys as she turned to Julian for answers. She had many questions but didn’t know where to start.

Julian explained that while the royal family considered making Piper leave, when they learned of her unique circumstances of being wolf-less, unemployed and a single mother, they decided to let her stay to avoid embarrassment. Julian said Piper had a compelling story that helped portray the royals in a positive light for being generous enough to let a commoner like Piper participate.

Piper realized she was really just being used as a PR stunt to paint the royals as magnanimous and willing to lead the country in a new era of unity. Julian confirmed no one actually thinks Piper will win, but keeping her placated the public.

Their conversation made clear Piper was only being allowed to stay for the royal family’s public image.

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The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story Novel Chapter 10

Piper has reservations about staying at the royal palace after being summoned by Prince Julian. While her daughter Elva plays nearby, Piper expresses her desire to avoid the palace’s political games and focus on caring for her sick daughter. Julian convinces her that as guests of the royal family, they will have access to the best medical care and resources for Elva.

Piper is skeptical of Julian’s motives for his apparent generosity. When she asks, Julian laughs and says he simply wants to stir up drama and see how Piper and his brother Nicholas, who has feelings for Piper, will respond to the situation.

Piper insists she and Nicholas are over, though Julian seems unconvinced, saying he aims to further test the bond between them during the princess selection contest. Piper is torn by her lingering feelings for Nicholas but believes she must focus on her daughter’s wellbeing above all else.

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