Submitting to My Best Friend’s Dad Review: A Bewitching Exploration of Forbidden Desires

Submitting to My Best Friend’s Dad, written by Scarlett Rossi, is an ongoing e$$$$c romance novel that immerses readers in a stimulating narrative filled with secrets, passion, and a scandalous relationship.

With over 300 chapters currently available, this novel on the Dreame platform delivers an engaging and captivating reading experience.

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You can read the chapter summary here: Submitting To My Best Friend’s Dad Chapter Summary

In this review, we will delve into the various aspects of the novel, including the intriguing story, well-developed characters, and the author’s skillful writing style.

Submitting to My Best Friend’s Dad Review

Submitting to My Best Friend's Dad


The story unfolds as Becca visits Miami for a summer vacation with her best friend, Tally, reigniting her long-time fantasies about Tally’s father, James.

After breaking up with her boyfriend, Becca’s desires for James start to overwhelm her. However, she keeps them a secret from everyone, especially Tally. As Becca spends more time at Tally’s house, the mutual attraction between her and James intensifies, leading to a moment of confession and surrender to their desires.

James reveals his d$$$$$$t side to Becca, who willingly submits to him. Their relationship is filled with secret encounters, intense passion, and the constant fear of discovery.

Initially, filled with guilt and hesitation, this secret relationship becomes a pleasure-filled routine that both Becca and James find irresistible. As the story progress, the plot explores the complexities of lust, desire, and secrecy, along with the potential repercussions of their actions.


Submitting to My Best Friend's Dad characters

Submitting to My Best Friend’s Dad presents a diverse cast of characters that adds depth and intrigue to the story.

The story’s protagonist, Becca, has changed over the years and is no longer the “dorky girl” she used to be. She recently went through a breakup with a person named Chad. As she visits his house, Becca is intrigued by James Valentino. She finds him incredibly attractive, even though she knows a relationship with him would be inappropriate due to his role as Tally’s father.

Becca’s attraction to James Valentino, her best friend’s father, introduces a web of internal conflicts. Her thoughts oscillate between desire and guilt. These conflicting emotions create tension within Becca, as she grapples with her attraction while trying to maintain her friendship with Tally. This internal struggle complicates Becca’s character and intrigues us with her choices and decisions.

Despite the large age gap and his paternal relationship with her best friend, James, Tally’s divorced father, is equally drawn to Becca. He is incredibly attractive, charming, and older. James is portrayed as an old-fashioned gentleman who knows how to treat women. There are hints of a potential mutual interest between James and Becca, although at first, their interactions are flirtatious but limited.

Tally is a self-centered young woman, spoiled by her divorced parents’ wealth, and oblivious to her father’s secret relationship with her best friend. Tally is depicted as a party girl who enjoys going out and having fun. She can be demanding and sometimes throws tantrums when things don’t go her way.

The complex dynamics among these characters contribute to the forbidden nature of their relationships and keep readers engaged.

Forbidden Love and its Consequences

One of the central themes of the novel is forbidden love. Becca’s attraction to James Valentino, her best friend’s father, adds tension and suspense to the story. The exploration of this taboo relationship raises questions about loyalty, boundaries, and the potential repercussions of their actions.

The author skillfully navigates the complexities of such a relationship, highlighting the characters’ moral dilemmas. Readers are kept on edge, eagerly anticipating the outcome and consequences of their forbidden desires.

Engaging Storyline and Descriptive Writing

Scarlett Rossi’s writing style is descriptive and engaging, allowing readers to vividly imagine the story’s settings, characters, and intimate moments. The author carefully crafts scenes that build anticipation and evoke longing and desire.

The author does an excellent job of creating tension and anticipation through the interactions between Becca and James. The flirtatious exchanges and subtle touches add layers of forbidden romance to the narrative, making it impossible to put down.

The poolside encounter, the conversation in the kitchen, and the intimate moments between Becca and James are examples of well-executed scenes that heighten the tension and deepen the connection between the characters.

Longing Moments

For example, in one of the scenes from the novel, Becca finds herself alone in the kitchen with James late at night, making tea. As they exchange pleasantries, their conversation turns toward Becca’s recent breakup. James compliments her, saying that her ex-boyfriend didn’t deserve her. This exchange creates a tension-filled atmosphere and hints at their potential connection. Moments like these keep the readers glued to the story, waiting to see what will happen next.

As the conversation progresses, James moves closer to Becca, and they share intimate moments, such as making suggestive remarks and becoming aware of each other’s physical presence. Their interactions suggest a growing mutual attraction and a willingness to explore their desires, despite the boundaries they should uphold.

Throughout the story, Becca’s inner thoughts reveal her fascination with James and her longing for a romantic connection with him. She imagines scenarios where James treats her well and expresses her willingness to make him happy. However, she also acknowledges the situation’s complexity, as James is her best friend’s father.

Exploration of Themes

Submitting to My Best Friend’s Dad explores several themes that add layers of complexity to the narrative. The novel delves into the social class differences between Becca and Tally’s families, highlighting the contrast between their upbringings and the potential impact on their relationships.

The story also delves into personal growth, as Becca confronts her insecurities, grapples with her desires, and evolves as a character. Additionally, exploring desires, particularly in the context of BDSM, adds an element of sensuality and intrigue to the plot, appealing to fans of the e$$$$c romance genre.


Submitting to My Best Friend’s Dad is an enthralling e$$$$c romance novel that skillfully explores forbidden desires, complex relationships, and the consequences of acting on one’s passions. Scarlett Rossi’s descriptive and engaging writing style brings the story to life, captivating readers from start to finish.

With well-developed characters and a captivating storyline, this novel is a must-read for fans of the genre. If you seek a narrative that combines suspense, secrets, passion, and e$$$$c themes, Submitting to My Best Friend’s Dad deserves a spot on your reading list.

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