Pregnant And Rejected: His Wolfless Mate Chapter Summary

Pregnant And Rejected: His Wolfless Mate

Pregnant And Rejected: His Wolfless Mate by Scarlett revolves around Melody, the daughter of the second strongest Alpha who was born without the ability to shift into a wolf. Being seen as a stain on her father’s image, she was easily discarded from her pack when she got pregnant after a one-night stand.

Five years later, Melody returns to her pack with her two pups only to discover that they appear exactly like the Alpha King, who had rejected her years ago. She starts to question if the Alpha King was actually the stranger who took advantage of her on the night she was exiled. The story follows Melody as she tries to find the truth about her mate and regain her place in the pack along with her children.

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Book TitlePregnant And Rejected: His Wolfless Mate
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TagsAlpha, Mate, Pregnant, Rejection, Wolf

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Pregnant And Rejected: His Wolfless Mate PDF

Pregnant And Rejected: His Wolfless Mate PDF

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Pregnant And Rejected: His Wolfless Mate Chapter 1

Melody discovered that Derek, the prince of Mallory kingdom, was her mate. Overcome with joy, she ran to the palace to tell him, not considering how he might react. When she told Derek, he grew angry and pinned her to the wall, demanding to know if she told anyone else. Derek made it clear he already knew and did not want Melody as his mate, rejecting the bond. He tossed her out and his harsh words left her crying in the rain.

A few days after her 19th birthday, Melody was summoned by her father to his study. He warned her to be on her best behavior for his upcoming coronation, where many important guests would be in attendance including the royal family. Her father singled her out, knowing of her past clumsiness, and she left feeling scared. At the coronation, Melody welcomed the guests including Prince Derek and Princess Sophia. Derek’s hatred for her was clear on his face. After drinking too much wine, Melody decided to take a walk in the garden but suddenly heard a voice from behind before everything went dark.

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Pregnant And Rejected: His Wolfless Mate Chapter 2

Derek feels he has been drugged with an aphrodisiac while visiting the Shadow Pack for a coronation banquet. He asks his friend Donovan to bring him a random woman to relieve himself with. In the dark room, Derek engages in passionate s$x with the woman, unable to control his desires. Though he intends to compensate her, he leaves before dawn without learning her identity. Back at the palace, Derek becomes obsessed with the woman and asks Donovan who she was. However, Donovan admits he does not know, having brought a random woman as instructed. Derek is furious at Donovan for his carelessness.

Derek attends a coronation banquet for the Shadow Pack’s alpha, who is a close friend of his father’s. While there, Derek believes he has been drugged with an aphrodisiac that intensifies his s$$$$l urges. He asks his friend Donovan to bring him a random woman so he can relieve himself. In the darkroom without lights, Derek engages in passionate s$x with the unknown woman, unable to control his drugged desires.

When Derek returns to the palace, he becomes obsessed with remembering the woman and his time with her. Days later, he asks Donovan who the woman is. However, Donovan admits he does not know her identity, as he had simply brought a random woman as instructed by Derek in his drugged state. Derek is furious that Donovan was so careless.

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Pregnant And Rejected: His Wolfless Mate Chapter 3

Melody awoke in the infirmary to find Malcolm worriedly standing beside her. She was confused as to how she got there until Malcolm revealed that she had fainted in the dining hall during dinner. Upon learning that she was pregnant, Melody was stunned and denied it could be true. Her brothers were angry and demanded to know who the father was so they could kill him, but Melody truthfully did not know as she had only been intimate once and did not think one time could result in pregnancy.

When her father arrived, he flew into a rage. He disbelieved Melody’s claims that she did not know who the father was, accusing her of sleeping around. Despite her brothers defending her, her father was unmoved. He formally disowned Melody and banished her from the family and pack, declaring she was no longer his daughter. Though her mother and brothers protested this harsh punishment, her father would not be swayed. He ordered her to leave his sight immediately.

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Pregnant And Rejected: His Wolfless Mate Chapter 4

Dorian Flame is the Alpha of the Dark Flame Pack. He has been Melody’s best friend and support since she arrived pregnant and homeless. They have now been together for two years, though Melody still struggles with opening her heart after being rejected by her mate. Dorian wants her to marry him.

Melody lives with Dorian’s sister Claire and her two sons, Aaron and Giovanni. Her sons are special in that they were able to shift into wolves at a young age of four, which has never occurred before. During dinner, Melody receives a call from her brother Malfoy informing her that their mother has fallen ill since Melody left and will only take medication if Melody returns home. Though Melody cannot return to her abusive father, she decides she cannot abandon her mother in her condition and agrees to return.

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Pregnant And Rejected: His Wolfless Mate Chapter 5

Melody says goodbye to Dorian as she prepares to return to Shadow Pack with her twin pups Aaron and Gio. Dorian has asked multiple times if he can accompany her but Melody refuses since he needs to stay and lead his pack, which has been questioning his leadership. They share a passionate goodbye, with Dorian finally convincing Melody to agree to marry him once she returns. Dorian sends guards with Melody and the pups for their voyage back to Shadow Pack. Melody’s POV.

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Pregnant And Rejected: His Wolfless Mate Chapter 6

Pregnant And Rejected: His Wolfless Mate Chapter 6

The chapter is told from Melody’s point of view. She returns to her hometown after four years and is surprised by how much the kingdom has developed under the new king. She feels nostalgia seeing the places from her childhood, like the fields where she used to play with her brothers.

Now traveling with her sons Aaron and Giovanni, she points out the sights to them. When they pass the palace, Aaron is amazed by its size and wants to go inside, which Melody promises to arrange. They arrive at Melody’s family manor, where she has fond memories as well as painful ones of being ousted.

Her brother Malcolm comes out and warmly greets Melody, happy to see her after so long. He takes a liking to her sons.

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Pregnant And Rejected: His Wolfless Mate Chapter 7

Melody is reunited with her mother who has fallen ill. She embraces her mother tightly, overcome with emotion at seeing her after so long. Melody introduces her twin sons Giovanni and Aaron to her mother. Her mother’s health improves as she showers her grandsons with affection.

Malfoy, Melody’s brother, arrives and is shocked to see Melody after believing she would not return. They embrace happily upon being reunited. Melody is reminded of her fiancé Dorian and makes a note to call him about their safe arrival.

Melody’s brothers are surprised to learn that she is engaged. Her guards that accompanied her are revealed to be her fiancé Dorian’s men sent to protect her in his absence. Melody confirms that Dorian is an Alpha, meaning she will become Luna upon their marriage, further surprising her family.

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Pregnant And Rejected: His Wolfless Mate Chapter 8

The chapter is written from Melody’s point of view. She finds solace in calling Dorian in the garden and sharing their longing for each other while apart. Their intimate conversation is interrupted when Melody encounters her past – Sophia, her best friend, and Derek, her rejected mate who is now King. Melody is caught off guard by Derek’s new title and role, quickly adjusting her behavior to suit his status while avoiding the new Queen as a stranger. Her past resurfaces in a way she did not expect.

Melody takes comfort in the peony garden of her family’s manor, a place that brings her peace. She calls Dorian to ease their separation and reassure one another. Their bond is evident in their vulnerability to each other. Her private moment is disrupted by the unexpected arrival of Sophia, her childhood best friend, with King Derek

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Pregnant And Rejected: His Wolfless Mate Chapter 9

Derek and Sophia arrive at the manor to visit the Luna. Derek is surprised to see how much Melody has changed and matured in her appearance. She greets Derek formally but Miranda is displeased by her presence.

Melody explains that she only came to visit her recovering mother and will leave soon since she is no longer part of the pack after being banished five years ago. Derek demands to know what crime she committed but Melody refuses to say and tells him it is not his concern.

She is willing to tell Sophia what happened but Derek cuts them off, using his alpha voice and authority. He orders Sophia to follow him while watching Melody lead the way, noticing her refined figure. Melody shows them to her mother’s chamber and then turns to leave but Derek stops her, demanding to know where she thinks she is going.

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Pregnant And Rejected: His Wolfless Mate Chapter 10

Melody tries to leave Derek’s company but he insists on accompanying her to Luna’s chambers. She reluctantly leads him there while wondering at his strange behavior, as he used to avoid her but now holds her hand tightly.

When they enter Luna’s room, Melody greets her father who barely acknowledges her. Derek continues acting peculiar, still holding Melody’s hand even after she tries to go to her mother. He rubs her palm in a strange way. When Melody pulls her hand free to hug her mother, Derek stares at her hand with an icy gaze. His eyes then glow gold, just as Aaron’s eyes glow, surprising Melody.

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