The Unwanted Luna by Eva M Chapter Summary

The Unwanted Luna by Eva M Chapter Summary

In The Unwanted Luna by Eve M, the story revolves around Amelia Solace, a woman who is emotionally burdened by her mate’s rejection and hatred. Her mate, who is in love with another woman, plans to take away their unborn child. Struggling with a decaying bond, old enemies, and a deep sense of unfulfillment, Amelia faces a critical decision that could change her life.

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TitleThe Unwanted Luna
ReadAmazon | Drame | Goodnovel | Hinovel
AuthorEve M.
ThemesAlpha, Love-Triangle, Arrogant, Badboy, Kickass Heroine, Drama, BXG, Pack, Cheating

The Unwanted Luna PDF

The Unwanted Luna PDF

In Chapter 1 of The Unwanted Luna, we delve into the heart-wrenching saga of Amelia Solace, a young woman who grew up believing in the sacred bond of mates, a bond specially made by the moon goddess.

The Unwanted Luna Amelia Solace

Amelia dreamt of an idealistic mate bond, filled with love, companionship, and a profound connection. However, her reality shatters when her mate, Xavier, is in love with another, despising Amelia to the point of wishing she hadn’t been born.

Despite his wolf marking and mating her against his human will, Xavier’s loathing knows no bounds. Amidst this emotional turmoil, Amelia discovers she’s pregnant, a twist that saves her from immediate rejection but intensifies Xavier’s hatred.

Pregnant and unloved, she holds on, hoping against hope for a change in his heart.

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Moving to Chapter 2, Amelia’s plight deepens. She observes Xavier from a distance, longing for a semblance of the affection he shows others. Her pregnancy, a stark contrast to the supportive experiences of other she-wolves, further isolates her within the pack. Amidst this loneliness, a devastating revelation occurs.

Amelia encounters Xavier passionately involved with another woman, only to discover it’s her long-lost sister, Bianca Solace. This revelation compounds her misery, as not only does her mate not love her, but he also cherishes the person she once held dear.

The chapter paints a vivid picture of Amelia’s alienation, both within her pack and family, as she struggles to cope with this betrayal.

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Chapter 3 explores Amelia’s torment in excruciating detail. Confronted by the love between Xavier and Bianca, she’s overwhelmed by a sense of betrayal and loss. The mockery and cruelty she faces from the pack, especially from her tormentor, Raya, add to her agony.

Flashbacks reveal a tragic past where Amelia, once adored by her sister Bianca, becomes vilified for a crime she didn’t commit – the mysterious death of their parents. This past tragedy and her current predicament intertwine, creating an unbearable emotional burden.

Haunted by voices and a shadowy, sinister figure from her past, Amelia loses control, attacking Bianca in a moment of desperation, only to be violently subdued by Xavier.

Her world, filled with rejection, hatred, and unresolved mysteries, leaves her in a state of despair and isolation.

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In chapter 4, Amelia wakes up alone in her room, still reeling from the shocking events. She’s horrified to realize Xavier physically harmed her, a new low in their already strained relationship.

Her unexpected aggression towards Bianca, driven by betrayal and hurt, leaves her shocked, especially as her werewolf features manifested for the first time. Amelia, who has never shifted into a wolf due to a broken link with her wolf spirit, reflects on the absurdity of being blamed for her parents’ deaths.

As she tries to gather herself, Xavier confronts her with cold, menacing threats, forbidding her from approaching Bianca and ensuring her continued isolation. His cruel words, expressing his wish for her non-existence and plans to take away their child after birth, leave her shattered.

Xavier imposes a harsh punishment, confining her to her room without sunlight, further isolating and tormenting her​​.

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In Chapter 5, Trapped in her room, Amelia suffers immensely both physically and mentally. She endures excruciating pain known as “betrayal marks,” a result of Xavier’s intimate betrayal of her sister.

Her loneliness and the darkness of her confinement push her toward the brink of insanity. Amelia’s former best friend, Sophie, visits, but their interaction ends bitterly as Amelia is unable to overcome feelings of betrayal. Her room becomes a scene of destruction, reflecting her inner turmoil.

Amidst her pain, she is tormented by voices and hallucinations, further driving her into despair. A mysterious attack and a cryptic message leave her unconscious, adding another layer of mystery and fear to her suffering​​.

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In Chapter 6 of The Unwanted Luna, Amelia finds herself waking up in complete darkness, symbolizing her deep despair and isolation. Her first instinct is to check on her unborn child, whose presence offers her some comfort.

Suddenly, she’s confronted by a bright light and the appearance of a beautiful, otherworldly woman, whom she recognizes as the Moon Goddess. Amelia confronts the goddess, questioning why she’s been subjected to such suffering and pain. The goddess speaks cryptically of Amelia’s destiny and the powers working against her, urging her not to give up.

Amelia then wakes up in a hospital room, confused and disoriented.

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In chapter 7, Amelia reflects on her complex feelings towards Xavier, oscillating between love and hate. Confined to her room, she’s grateful for the small mercy of sunlight after the barricades on her windows and balcony are removed.

Her bond with Xavier feels like it’s rotting inside her, a process that is slowly killing her. She understands that the rotting bond leads to two outcomes: either the wolf dies, or they become forsaken, feral wolves. Amelia desperately doesn’t want to become feral but feels death may be her only escape from this fate.

Venturing outside for fresh air, Amelia’s plans are thwarted when she encounters Bianca. Their exchange is bitter, with Bianca gloating over her relationship with Xavier and predicting a grim future for Amelia’s child. Amelia’s retort hints at her hope for retribution, wishing Bianca would experience the same pain she’s going through.

As Amelia ventures deeper into the forest, she senses something sinister stalking her. She feels hunted, and despite being within the safety of pack borders, she doesn’t feel secure.

Confronted by mysterious, fast-moving entities, Amelia is left terrified and vulnerable, especially due to her pregnancy and lack of fighting skills. The chapter ends with a mysterious whisper urging her to run, heightening the sense of danger and uncertainty surrounding her

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