Alpha Asher Chapter Summary

Alpha Asher

Alpha Asher by Jane Doe follows the life of Lola, a member of a werewolf pack with her boyfriend, Alpha Tyler. Lola always assumed that she was mates with Tyler, but her world turned upside down on his 18th birthday when he revealed he wasn’t her mate.

Heartbroken, she ran away from her pack for a year. When she returns home, Lola discovers Alpha Asher in charge, the infamous Alpha known for his brutish and uncaring demeanor. However, Lola might just have the chance for happiness with him. But everything takes a turn when she finds out who her true mate actually is.

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Book TitleAlpha Asher
AuthorJane Doe
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
GenresBillionaire, Romance, Werewolf
TagsAlpha, Kickass, Kiss, Love, Mate, Vampire

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Alpha Asher PDF

Alpha Asher PDF

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Alpha Asher Chapter 1

The chapter begins with Lola narrating about the moment her life changed. She had been in a long-term relationship with Tyler, but everything started falling apart when she discovered that he had found his mate. Lola was gullible and believed she was destined to be with him, but her delirious state was shattered when Tyler picked her up from her house and didn’t even open the door for her. She felt humiliated and lost.

Tyler had been promised to Alpha Gabriel’s grandson before the incumbent decided to take over. Lola had not seen the new Alpha but knew the Crescent pack held the most territory and was the baddest pack in the region. Lola was scared, but Tyler only time and time again dismissed her reservations, which infuriated her further.

Tyler took Lola to a nightclub with their friends, where he forced her to confess her feelings. Lola thought she was going to give him her virginity, which Tyler had been persistently asking for. He teased her and researched, while Chelsea, the other pack in the club, tried to flirt with Tyler. In a fit of jealousy, Chelsea derided Lola for saving herself for her mate.

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Alpha Asher Chapter 2

In the forest, Lola is running from her pack after finding out they had conspired to attack Tyler, her mate. Maya, her loyal wolf, is furious with Lola for turning on her brothers. Lola allows Maya to take over and leads the way deeper into the woods. As they run, Lola is overwhelmed with emotions and finally comes to a stop. She collapses onto the ground, gasping for breath.

Hours later, Lola wakes up and realizes she is in her grandma’s cottage. She had run away from her pack to come to her grandmother’s house, where she hoped to find peace and forgiveness. Lola’s grandma is not upset with her for coming, but is grateful for her presence.

Lola stays with her grandma for a year, living a simple life picking herbs and making pastries. She is training with Chris, a werewolf like herself, who teaches her how to protect herself. Lola becomes strong and agile, able to handle herself against larger opponents.

One day, Lola receives a call from her brother Sean, telling her that their mother has passed away. Lola is devastated, but her grandma offers to go with her to explain the situation to her father. Lola agrees and they set off.

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Alpha Asher Chapter 3

In this chapter, Lola returns to her old pack after leaving her mate, Tyler. Upon her arrival, they are guarded by wolves who are unfamiliar to her. Lola reveals to her grandma their plans to find out what happened to her mother and why the pack left. She is shocked to discover that there have been a lot of changes while she is gone and is even more disturbed to learn that her mother has passed away.

The chapter then moves on to Lola meeting with her brother, Sean, and their father. Lola is curious about Sean’s position as Beta and finds out that Tyler saw him as a threat and orchestrated the Alpha’s downfall. She is also surprised to learn that her mother had died in the process.

Lola is introduced to the new Alpha, Asher, and the changes he has brought to the pack. She is left feeling conflicted and depressed about her family’s secret. The chapter ends with Lola expressing anxiety and fear at her new training schedule under Alpha Asher.

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Alpha Asher Chapter 4

Lola wakes up late for her training session and is reprimanded by Alpha Asher. Despite his gruff attitude, Lola is immediately drawn to his physical presence and trains with him. During the training session, Lola often fumbles with her words, causing frustration for both herself and Alpha Asher.

Lola and Alpha Asher have an intense training session, with Lola’s stunning appearance stoking his interest. Despite his rough exterior, he quietly takes note of her quick thinking and bravery. Lola finds herself drawn towards Alpha Asher, but he remains focused on the task at hand.

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Alpha Asher Chapter 5

Chapter 5 begins with the underground fighter, Lola, her school year had ended and she was back home in mother’s care, who was giving her a dinner. They jokedly discussed Lola’s gone long since high school, and her nervousness before heading off to her Alpha’s for riding lessons explained better by her tired body.

Lola’s Alpha had recently returned home, and it proved perfect timing as she could clearly see his hard work. He trained his Alpha heirs with formidable will, including Lola herself. She couldn’t help but feel a little excitedly anticipating what she must endure.

As the night went on, a mishap happened when Lola got lost while wandering home from Alpha’s Hellhole, she was pushed and shoved into her front yard where her body limply landed while she lost consciousness.

When Lola woke up, she found herself forming a close relationship with her trainer, though she admitted to embarrassment. She came to know she wasn’t training alone, and the early years of marriage with the trainers turned out to surprise her.

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Alpha Asher Chapter 6

Lola is walking home from a workout when she runs into her former flame, Ethan. They have a brief, hostile encounter, but when Breyona appears, Lola confides in her about the awkward circumstances surrounding the encounter with Ethan. Lola learns that her former best friend has moved in with Ethan, much to Lola’s disbelief and guilt.

The friends have a heart-to-heart conversation about Lola’s life since they parted ways, and Breyona tells Lola how her older sister has found her mate and is pregnant with her first child. This revelation makes Lola think more deeply about her own future and her desire to find her own mate.

Breyona tells Lola about the bad experiences of other members of the pack who were involved in the conflict, including the death of Lola’s mom. Lola expresses her anger towards Alpha Asher, and Breyona tells her that he is not responsible for her mother’s death.

The chapter ends with Lola expressing her excitement about the prospect of finding her own mate.

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Alpha Asher Chapter 7

* Lola is awakened from sleep by the sight of Alpha Asher sitting in her room.
* Alpha Asher reproaches Lola for talking in her sleep and reminds her of the events of the previous night.
* Lola is unable to control her reaction and starts to become excited at the prospect of being punished by Alpha Asher.
* Alpha Asher becomes increasingly frustrated and pulls Lola into a passionate embrace.
* Lola attempts to resist Alpha Asher’s advances, but is unable to do so.
* Lola becomes increasingly attracted to Alpha Asher’s strength and dominance and starts to yearn for his punishment.
* Lola’s parents become worried about her safety and try to intervene, but Lola insists that she is fine.
* Lola ends up returning to the pack to continue her training and starts to develop a resistance to Alpha Asher’s authority.
* Lola finds herself drawn to the rogue Alpha and starts to question her loyalty to the pack.
* Lola’s relationship with her fellow she-wolves is tested, and she must choose between her loyalty to the pack and her attraction to the rogue Alpha.

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Alpha Asher Chapter 8

In this story, a group of female characters are living in a small town, where they have had to deal with many challenges. They are living in a town where alpha males have taken over and they are no longer in charge of their own lives.

One day, the girls are out and about, and they stumble upon a hidden swimming hole. They decide to go for a swim, but Alpha Asher, the alpha male in the town, finds them and is extremely angry.

The girls try to leave, but Alpha Asher chases them and eventually catches up to them. He is extremely possessive of his pack and will not let anyone disobey him. He punishes the girls for disobeying him, but they continue to fight him and his alpha males.

Despite the challenges they face, the girls continue to resist the alpha males, and eventually win back their independence.

Overall, the story is about the difficulty of living in a small town where alpha males have taken over and how the girls choose to resist and win back their independence. The story also focuses on the importance of standing up for what you believe in, even when it is difficult.

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Alpha Asher Chapter 9

In this web novel chapter, the protagonist Lola has just come back from training with Alpha Asher and is feeling both excited and nervous about their upcoming patrol duty. She runs into her best friend Maya on the way home from training, and they catch up on their lives and gossip about the pack.

As Lola gets ready for the night, she meets her patrol partner for the evening, Kyle, and they set out to make sure the area is safe. Along the way, they encounter a sinister scent that is circling the clearing where they are supposed to be on patrol. The scent is too powerful for a human nose to detect, and the two of them exchange worried glances.

As they continue on their patrol, Lola’s curiosity gets the best of her and she decides to investigate the scent on her own, leaving Kyle behind. She follows the scent deeper into the woods and soon comes across a small natural swimming hole. As she approaches, she sees a silhouette in the water and realizes that it is a human body.

The sight of the dead body sends shockwaves through Lola’s body, and she turns to run back to Kyle, but as she turns, she is frozen in place. Something about the body feels familiar to her, and she can’t shake it off.

Just then, a figure appears from the darkness behind her, holding a weapon.

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Alpha Asher Chapter 10

This chapter of a web novel takes us on a journey through the experiences of the protagonist, Lola, a she-wolf who is part of a pack of werewolves, and her training in the art of hunting and self-defense. The chapter begins with a description of a battle between the protagonist and a rogue wolf that led to the discovery of the dead body of a female wolf.

The chapter’s narrative focuses on the aftermath of this event, where the protagonist and her pack shift from human form to wolf form and train for the following day’s patrol. The protagonist, Lola, is revealed to be a highly skilled hunter and fighter, and her training with the Alpha of her pack, Asher, is a crucial aspect of the story.

The chapter also explores the relationships between the protagonist and other characters in the story, such as Maya, a fellow she-wolf who is Lola’s best friend, and Sean, Lola’s former lover, and a fellow werewolf. It is also revealed that Lola is the daughter of the pack’s Alpha and that she has been training to take on this role since she was young.

Throughout the chapter, the protagonist faces various obstacles, including the discovery of her pack’s past and the struggle to balance her emotions and past with her duty as Alpha. The chapter ends with the protagonist

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