Daddy’s Little W$$$e Chapter Summary(Steamy)

Daddy’s Little W$$$e

Daddy’s Little W$$$e by Lucy Stone follows the story of Kiera, a rebellious young woman who has always been her father’s “little bad girl.” In an unexpected encounter at her father’s golf club, Kiera finds herself in the restroom with a mysterious, hot, and much older stranger.

Despite their significant age difference, Kiera is drawn to him and is willing to take risks. The story delves into Kiera’s adventurous and scandalous affair with the stranger, exploring themes of temptation, desire, and the allure of forbidden love.

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Book TitleDaddy’s Little W$$$e
AuthorLucy Stone
Where to ReadAmazon | Webnovel | Dreame | Goodnovel
TagsKiss, Love, Mate, Passion, S$x, R18+, Modern, Secret relationship, S$$$$l s$$$e, Doctor, One-night stand, Lust/Erotica

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Daddy’s Little W$$$e PDF

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Daddy’s Little W$$$e Chapter 1


In this chapter, Keira attends a golf event with her father, feeling out of place among middle-aged men. Her attention is drawn to an attractive, athletic man wearing a pastel blue hoodie, white shorts, and white sneakers. Her attraction towards him grows as he confidently moves around the room.

The man, later introduced as Clint Homer, eventually speaks to Keira’s father and becomes acquainted with the group. He later engages in a game of golf and displays impressive skills. Meanwhile, Keira’s attraction to Clint intensifies, and she becomes increasingly turned on.

Desperate to alleviate her s$$$$l tension, Keira retreats to the restroom and proceeds to massage her nipples and touch herself. Her thoughts drift to her encounters with the fantasized Clint, and she imagines him as her s$$$$l partner while she nears o$$$$m.

However, Clint unexpectedly enters the restroom and witnesses Keira’s intimate moment. Although she initially feels shame, he calmly remarks that he finds her attractive and continues to engage her with a seductive tone. The chapter concludes with a sense of tension and curiosity about their potential future encounters.

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Daddy’s Little W$$$e Chapter 2

In the chapter, Keira finds herself in an intense situation with a stranger, Clint. Keira’s desire becomes clear as Clint commands her to say his name. With each step he takes, her anticipation grows.

He instructs her to spread her legs, and as she obeys, their passion intensifies. Clint’s touch leaves Keira breathless, unable to resist his advances. The two of them share a fervent moment of pleasure, leaving Keira feeling overwhelmed by desire. The scene showcases raw desire, intimacy, and passion between the characters.

Keira’s experience with Clint pushes her limits, exploring new depths of pleasure and intimacy. As they both give in to their desires, their connection deepens, leading to an unforgettable experience for Keira.

The CC2093 provides a riveting atmosphere that captures the heightened emotions of the characters and draws readers in, expanding on their shared passion. The story delves into the explorations of desire and intimacy, blurring the lines between love and lust for the characters.

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Daddy’s Little W$$$e Chapter 3

In this chapter, Keira encounters Clint at a golf course, where they share a passionate and intense encounter in the bathroom. Clint’s d$$$$$$t nature arouses Keira, and they engage in rough s$x, which leaves Keira yearning for more.

Despite the intensity of their moment, they remain conscious of the time and continue with their scheduled activities. As the chapter ends, Keira is left with a deep desire to see Clint again.

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Daddy’s Little W$$$e Chapter 4

Kiera’s phone call from her best friend, Natasha, wakes her up and reminds her of a scheduled therapist appointment. In the midst of her morning routine, Kiera recalls her recent encounter with Clint, whom she believes could be a potential distraction from her high s$x drive if she gets help.

Despite her hesitations, Kiera decides to attend the appointment, partly urged by Natasha’s support. As she arrives at the clinic, Kiera brushes past her chauffeur and enters the elevator, leaving herself a moment to admire the man in the therapy office, only to find out he is none other than Clint.

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Daddy’s Little W$$$e Chapter 5

The chapter begins with the protagonist, Keira, reconciling her feelings as she meets a man she had a previous intimate encounter with. She is, however, taken aback by the discovery that he is now her therapist, a role he had taken without her knowledge. Confusion and anger fill her, while he tries to assure her that their encounter had happened before he was assigned as her therapist.

He reaffirms that he never intended to touch any of his clients. To reassure her further, he asks her pointed questions and maintains a comforting demeanor. Keira explains that her high s$x drive leads her to seek intimate releases with whomever she can find. She mentions her best friends, Natasha and Brendon, have pressured her to seek help.

The men discuss practical matters, all the while Keira can’t stop reacting physically to his nearness. They conclude the meeting by considering how Keira might move forward in identifying and managing her libido. The chapter ends with an implied promise of a continuing relationship between Keira and her new therapist.

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Daddy’s Little W$$$e Chapter 6

In this chapter, Keira struggles with s$$$$l frustration after her therapy session with Clint Homer. Her desperation leads her to approach her course advisor, Professor Lewis. Once in his office, she seduces him, eventually pleasuring him orally.

Afterward, they have s$x, satisfying both of them. Keira felt a combination of desire and frustration throughout this chapter, focusing on both her immediate needs and the lingering memory of her earlier encounter with Clint.

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Daddy’s Little W$$$e Chapter 7

In this chapter, Keira’s exhaustion from school becomes evident as she waits for class to end, the lingering feeling of a session with her therapist further exacerbating her frustration. Her mental exhaustion is apparent as she faces dagger stares from her lecturer, who hands her numerous assignments and paperwork.

After meeting Brendon, Keira discusses her therapist experience which led to her sleeping with her professor. Natasha attempts to console Keira, reassuring her that positive results require time and patience. Despite struggles, Keira remains hopeful and grateful for the support of her friends.

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Daddy’s Little W$$$e Chapter 8

In this chapter, Keira visits Clint, a s$$y Greek god figure, for a second appointment. Unable to contain her desire, she urges Clint to fulfill her wishes. As the tension between them builds, Clint eventually suggests making the session more interesting. Keira agrees and prepares herself for his touch, though their progress is interrupted when Clint begins probing about her jealousy and attachment towards her previous s$$$$l partners. Amidst the fun and anticipation, the conversation turns serious and the atmosphere becomes complicated.

Keira meets Clint for her second appointment, overwhelmed with desire for him. When Clint begins questioning her about previous encounters, she gets defensive. Despite the tension, Clint proposes an interactive exercise. Their session, initially fun and flirtatious, is disrupted by Clint’s questions. Both characters now face the challenge of balancing their desires and discussing their past.

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Daddy’s Little W$$$e Chapter 9

In this chapter, the protagonist becomes increasingly aroused as Clint teases her with his fingertips, provoking her desire for physical release. Clint’s dominance awakens her deepest desires, and she pleads for him to take control, even as he increases his grip on her neck.

They engage in passionate, rough s$x, with Clint driving her to the brink of ecstasy before finally granting her the release she desperately craves. As they both succumb to their primal instincts, Clint showers her with praises and affirmations, reaffirming their connection as master and submissive.

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Daddy’s Little W$$$e Chapter 10

In this chapter, Keira engages in intense s$$$$l activities with Clint, exploring various forms of pleasure. She starts by pleasuring him orally, taking his entire shaft in her mouth, and making him e$$$$$$$e.

The man then instructs her to ride him, leading to a passionate and pleasurable experience. Throughout the encounter, they push their limits and indulge in taboo desires, resulting in a cathartic release and an intense emotional connection.

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