The Alphas Possession: A Tale of Desire, Authority, and Unspoken Bonds

The Alphas Possession by Andria Reed

The Alphas Possession is an immersive novel that masterfully blends romance, tension, and werewolf themes into a captivating storyline. Authored by Andria Reed, the story focuses on the complex dynamics between high school students who are also part of a supernatural community. It’s a compelling read that will leave readers intrigued and yearning for more.

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This novel is completed with 52 Chapters and has 2.5 million reads. This story mainly explores the protagonist’s life from high school and explores her growth through many hardships.

The Alphas Possession By Andria Reed Review

The Alphas Possession Review

Summary of The Alpha’s Possession

The story revolves around Aubrey Collins, a powerful and assertive individual with a knack for leadership, navigating her life within the werewolf society. The story commences with Aubrey’s life revolving around her brother Michael, her best friend Chelsea, and a flirtatious character named Jake. The arrival of Dominic, a character who Aubrey finds annoying yet intoxicatingly attractive, adds a further layer of complexity.

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Story/Plot Progression

The novel starts with interactions and events that take us on an adventure through the characters’ lives, their werewolf culture, hierarchy, and personal dynamics. Aubrey’s character evolves and adapts as Dominic, the freshly trained Alpha, re-enters her life.

The potential mate bond between Dominic and Aubrey propels the plot forward, intertwining their destinies and creating an electric undercurrent of anticipation. A security breach at their border adds suspense to the storyline, ensuring that readers are kept on their toes.

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Characters and Romance

Aubrey is undeniably the centerpiece of the novel, a character with a strong personality, leadership qualities, and a sense of humor. Her potential mate Dominic balances her character well with his Alpha dominance and their love-hate dynamic.

Their palpable chemistry makes the readers curious about their evolving relationship. Other characters such as Michael, Chelsea, and Jake bring a multifaceted depth to the storyline. The playful, flirtatious dynamic between Jake and Aubrey, the evident mutual respect between Aubrey and Chelsea, and the love-hate relationship with Dominic contribute to a story that is teeming with life and emotion.

The tension-filled romance between Aubrey and Dominic is the story’s heartbeat, with their confrontations and interactions driving the plot. Despite their mutual annoyance, the undeniable attraction they have for each other stirs an intriguing mix of romance and suspense that will keep readers hooked.

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The World of Werewolves

The author cleverly integrates the supernatural elements of werewolf culture, hierarchy, and traditions into the narrative, adding a unique twist to the tale. The concept of Alpha training, the significance of mates, and the idea of the Beta children holding authority make the narrative rich and compelling.

This supernatural layer brings an exciting and distinct angle to the story that sets it apart from typical romance novels.

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In conclusion, The Alphas Possession is a riveting blend of romance, tension, humor, and supernatural themes that are sure to captivate readers. The beautifully flawed characters, intriguing plot, and uniquely crafted werewolf culture make it a must-read for fans of the romance genre.

The love-hate dynamic between Aubrey and Dominic, coupled with their potent chemistry, keeps readers on the edge of their seats, anticipating their every move. It’s a thrilling novel that is sure to captivate and engage the readers, leaving them eagerly awaiting the next twist and turn in Aubrey and Dominic’s complex relationship.

The Alphas Possession Prologue

The prologue of The Alphas Possession novel starts three years prior to the main timeline. The protagonist Aubrey, a young woman, is shown in a heated conversation with an irritating person, Dominic “Nic” Steel, who appears to be the future Alpha of their werewolf pack. The protagonist’s brother Michael and her best friend Chelsea are also introduced.

Dominic announces that he’ll be leaving for Alpha training for a few years, leaving his Alpha duties to Michael, the Beta of the pack, in his absence. This news elates the protagonist, who views Dominic as a constant annoyance in her life. However, Dominic steps into her personal space, teasingly claiming that she will miss him when he’s gone, which only flusters her more.

After sharing goodbyes with everyone, Dominic departs, and this was the last time the protagonist saw him. The prologue sets a stage of mixed emotions, tension, and the hint of an unfinished relationship between the protagonist Aubrey and Dominic.

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The Alphas Possession Chapter 1

In Chapter One titled “He’s Back”, we jump forward in time to when the protagonist, Aubrey, is happily spending time with her twin brother Michael and their friend Chelsea at school. They have a playful rapport, hinting at a strong bond, but their status as the children of the Beta of their werewolf pack sets them apart from their peers.

Jake seems to share a flirtatious and teasing relationship with Aubrey, though she quickly dismisses his advances.

The chapter takes a sudden turn when Dominic, the Alpha who had gone away for training three years prior, returns unexpectedly. Aubrey is taken aback by his reappearance, expressing discomfort and shock. The chapter ends on a cliffhanger as she fears that Dominic may be her destined mate, according to werewolf customs. This notion clearly upsets her given their contentious history.

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The Alphas Possession Chapter 2

In Chapter Two titled “Mates,” Aubrey grapples with the reality that Dominic, the returning Alpha, and her past tormentor, is her destined mate. She’s in disbelief and does not wish for this to be true, given their previous tumultuous interactions.

Dominic enters her class, looking physically transformed and more mature than when he left, and Aubrey finds herself involuntarily attracted to him, much to her own disgust. When Dominic sits next to her and makes various attempts to grab her attention, Aubrey tries her best to ignore him, even when he moves her legs onto his lap. Throughout the class, Dominic keeps teasing her, provoking her into snapping at him, which earns her a reprimand from their teacher.

When the bell rings, Aubrey is quick to leave, but Dominic corners her in the hallway. The tense moment between them is interrupted by the arrival of Claudia, another werewolf who seems to have a flirtatious interest in Dominic and openly ignores Aubrey. Despite Claudia’s attention-seeking behavior, Dominic seems bored and uninterested.

Annoyed and determined to escape the situation, Aubrey leaves for her next class, which happens to be gym, thinking that she can use the opportunity to vent her frustration.

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